(video!) dr. Andrei’s PRESENTATION in Burlington: Science & Meditation

The much awaited video is finally here!

(click!) Doctor Andrei was SNAP’d in Burlington & Mississauga Magazine! HOW WAS IT @ the ElevenScience & Meditation” Lectures in Ontario (February 2012)

(click!) Remember Professor Dr. Mishra from McMaster University – How was :“Sustainable Effects of Meditation on Health” lecture?! GREAT LINK to Researching Meditation WEBSITE!

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3 Responses to “(video!) dr. Andrei’s PRESENTATION in Burlington: Science & Meditation”

  1. Aron says:

    it is a very nice presentation

  2. Agnes says:

    extraordinary presentation. Joyfull and interesting. Thank you

  3. paula says:

    Great to hear an expert from the medical profession, explaining studies and proof that Sahaja Yoga meditation has a multitude of health benefits,many of which I can personally attest. Now world, we are waiting for you to “catch up.”

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