(video!) dr. Andrei’s PRESENTATION in Burlington: Science & Meditation

The much awaited video is finally here!

(click!) Doctor Andrei was SNAP’d in Burlington & Mississauga Magazine! HOW WAS IT @ the ElevenScience & Meditation” Lectures in Ontario (February 2012)

(click!) Remember Professor Dr. Mishra from McMaster University – How was :“Sustainable Effects of Meditation on Health” lecture?! GREAT LINK to Researching Meditation WEBSITE!

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  1. Aron

    it is a very nice presentation

  2. Agnes

    extraordinary presentation. Joyfull and interesting. Thank you

  3. paula

    Great to hear an expert from the medical profession, explaining studies and proof that Sahaja Yoga meditation has a multitude of health benefits,many of which I can personally attest. Now world, we are waiting for you to “catch up.”

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