(video) The Divine Feminine in Romania – “Ziua Doamnei & Shakti Powers”

The Divine Feminine in Romania

Enjoy this article dedicated to the Divine Feminine in Romania. Watch the video capturing the Live Online program in English and Romanian featuring Romanian folk music from various regions interpreted only by women, as well artwork by women artists. In addition, explore the connections to the Yoga system’s energy channels and energy centers (chakras) and experience the awakening of the feminine kundalini power with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation meditation. We offer you a real treasure of various subtle connections offered on March 7, 2021.

VIDEO – The Divine Feminine in Romania – Celebrating Women as Powers

Drop a comment if you like –– let us know what you’ve enjoyed the most; you can scroll through it and revisit it many a times as it is a very rich program, filled with treasures. We provide some highlights with timelines below, so you can choose where to go in the video + two recommended articles. Enjoy!!


7:07′: About SHAKTI in Romania 1st connection + Romanian traditional music #1 (Maramures region)

19:30′ : “Cetera si Zongura” – Romanian folk music #2 (Maramures region)

26:48′ : Meditate on Silence with Flute music and quotes

32:06′ Shri Mataji in Romania (1996): About Blossom Times, Romanians and Self Realization (bhajan)

59:28′: Ballad by Romanian composer and Paintings by Romanian Yogini (Steluta Nistorescu)

1:08:04′ The Divine Feminine with VIRGO Constellation video

1:14:06′ Shri Mataji talks about The Incarnations of Shri Mahalakshmi Principle and Virgin Mary

** Romanian subtitles **

1:27:42 :”Doina Stancutei” interpreted by Cleopatra David (soprano and Sahaja Yogini)

1:34:16: Virgin Mary in Romania (EN + RO): in art and traditions

1:41:05: Romanian folk music interpreted by women singers 2 samples of musical emotional intelligence

1:54:42: Women as Leaders: First Female Lawyer and First Female Architect

1:57:50 Shri Mataji’s interview in 1996 (Bucharest, Romania): “I knew My Job”; also Sahaja Yoga in Brasov

2:11:26: Women as Leaders: First Female Lawyer and First Female Architect .. came from Romania

2:13:28: Romanian child singer: ” Mother I adore you” -“Mami, Te Ador” – Martisor on March 8

2:18::01 Live Impressions 🙂

(CLICK!) Bouquet of Wisdom on Women’s Real Powers for March 8 – The International Women’s Day

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(CLICK!) The Subtle Origin, Order and Manifestation of the Five Elements Within – Paramchaitanya & BINDU Definitions (VIDEO too)

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