Why are We Stressed ?! WATCH KATHLEEN’s ANSWER

Why are We Stressed ?! WATCH KATHLEEN’s Answer (Truthful, FUN and Wise)

This should not be a rhetorical question: “Why are we stressed ?!”. Therefore, we are sharing some tips that you’d find helpful, from Kathleen’s video presentation on this theme. Enjoy the article that shows also glimpses from our beautiful collectivity of Sahaja Yogis from “here” in Halton region of Ontario, Canada.

When Sahaja Yogis take Selfies at Niagara Falls .. Kathleen, Oma and Carmela 

Last month we had a lovely sahaja yoga meditation seminar in Niagara Falls – indoors and outdoors –  where we also have initiated the “Sahaj Guru Game” for the summer. For  Kathleen the subject of ‘investigation’ happened to be, based on the vibrations she felt, The Central Channel (Sushumna Nadi in Sanskrit) and the inner Balance.

The photo above captures Kathleen’s surprise and “aha moment” when she realized that her personal introspection and  Realization on the “balance and stress” subject will be shared with ‘the world’. We had such FUN with Kathleen, the video shared below is our “proof’. Enjoy!!

“Watch the Video – Why are we Stressed?!”


 Music Videos and a basket of TIPS & “Sahaj Guru Game” Presentations

(#1) Destiny MUSIC & YOGI’s Wisdom: Chakras are Impacted by Thoughts

(#2) Little Socrates 

(#3 video transcript) Shri Mataji’s Lecture on Stress and Tension Management for Government Employees 

(#4) 75-Year-Old Grandma Talks about Forgiveness and The Third Eye 

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  1. Sahaj

    Great going Kathleen you nailed it. So much of wisdom like a Sahaj-Guru. Lots of love from your brother from west.

  2. paula

    Kathleen I really enjoyed your enlightened viewpoint of stress reduction through Sahaja Yoga meditation techniques. You have a humble and simple way of explaining anything, and there is a Sahaja Yoga answer for any question we have about who we are at our core (the pure spirit).

    This is the how and why “thoughtless awareness” actually works to remove the thoughts therefore giving us relief from stressful overthinking. Best part is it is not just a temporary fix. Raising our awareness to new heights, we feel the “yoga connection” like a coolness inside, and it gives us joy and a sense of peace.

    I am so proud of how your personality has unfolded such beauty as you grow deeper as a human being. You are reaching out to so many people who are probably looking for solutions to stress. This is like getting a jumpstart to your own personal battery. It is a marvelous experience. With a little patience with your self, a little stillness, one can overcome problems and become…human blooms! One as beautiful as the next.

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