Students, Teachers and Parents Enjoy Sahaja Yoga Meditation @ Diversity Night (photos and impressions)

Learn about Students, Teachers and Parents Enjoying Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Photo taken by the school’s principal when our team was about to leave the event! THANK YOU!

Our team of volunteers responded the organizer’s call and we introduced teachers, parents and students to sahaja yoga meditation at this lovely school event in Halton.

Enjoy some photos and feedback we’ve received that night.

The first group of students that tried our meditation and energy balancing workshop described the cool breeze sensations and the state of feeling peaceful within; no thoughts, mental silence; were also able to let go of the worries.

They understood how the chakra system works after we explained about the mapping of the energy centers to the central nervous system.

We were granted a beautiful collective experience when it was announced by the end of the event, that everyone is invited to join a Circle Meditation guided by a sahaja yogini volunteer instructor. Parents, teachers, even the school principal as well the remaining students stepped into our circle and followed the meditator that was leading; our attention was on the essence we share with the planet, with each other, with all nature.

Actually some of the children that already tried sahaja yoga meditation by our booth and that were still around with their parents showed such enthusiasm that were given a chance to experience it again with us! 

Some of the feedback we’ve collected in written from the students that came by our booth and that received a “mini-class” in sahaja yoga meditation:

  1. “I felt a lot of cool air on my tips and felt warmth in the middle” (Nasmah A.)
  2. “I felt like everyone I made sad I want to hug them all and forgive everyone. Then on my hand the fingers were cold and my palm was warm” (Iman R.)
  3. “I felt cold air on my palms and on top of my head” (Elena)

The parents reported they felt very relaxed and a peaceful feeling had settled within during our collective meditation; even that it was a long evening for everyone, children followed all the instructions and their attention and participation was remarkable!

Few days after this event, the teacher who organized this wonderful event wrote us: ” Anytime! A great experience for everyone! All positive comments!

It’s important to say that all students were able to meditate in that noisy busy room and enter into a profound state of mental silence – they were also able to identify clearly the changes in their perception after we did a  5 min energy clearing. Their feedback was wonderful and we were so pleased to meet such bright and communicative kids!


Kudos to the organizers!! Thanks again for inviting our team of volunteers! See you Next Time!

(click!) A Teacher’s Thank You Letter and Feedback about Sahaja Yoga Meditation Experience

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  1. Bhavià

    thank you for sharing ! even the words describing the event and the pictures are so powerful creating joy AND coolness again !!

  2. Kruti

    So nice to see the little ones so much interested in the meditation. Amazing.

  3. Karen

    What an amazing event to bring realization to young minds and they in turn became aware of it’s powers!!!

    Feel the vibrations from all the photo’s and words….thank you for sharing.

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