Yoann’s Tour @ Glenn Arbour Academy in Burlington

The Stop in Burlington with Awakening Gospels @ Glenn Arbour Academy on October 1st, 2010

Yoann’s  Concert – advertised on the school board of Glenn Arbour Academy in Burlington

After the concert with Awakening Gospels, a group photo was arranged with the students that stayed longer and many of them wanted to have autographs signed by Yoann and they were asking Yoann to “please, come back next year because you are awesome!”. 🙂

Yoann’s feedback about his concert and workshop at this school: kids had an excellent musical training  as they were able very quickly to join and “respond” to Yoann during his  attempts to get everyone involved as in a gospel choir. It will remain as a memorable event for all of us that were able to participate to this event.

Yoann’s Concert with “Enlightened Gospels” Tour @ University of Toronto

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  1. Debbie

    This is so sweet – what beautiful souls!

    Lots of love always.

  2. paula erskine

    Yoann’s talent is a gentle, powerful force!His music appeals to all ages, and opens our hearts to the joy music can bring! His
    music stops the busy-ness of our thoughts,
    and puts us in the “here” and “now”, the present. And in the enjoyment of “now”,
    we evolve to that blissful awareness, that
    life’s purpose is the pursuit of joy through nature and the arts! Thank you Yoann for blessing us with your gifts.

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