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What is the Source of Stress?

 “.. A common disease in the West, is Stress. What is the source of stress within us? The source of stress is very simple that when we think – I mean, these days the amount of thinking we do ..”

Ego is a Source for Stress

 This Ego makes you feel that – ah, yes, you are perfect, you know everything, whatever you are doing is the best. But with all that doing, what happens? You become restless, you cannot sleep. Now with the problem here is that people have this so-called tension, stress. In our young age we never heard of this word, what is tension, stress is. Even now in India very few people know about it. Because you yourself, you are destroying yourself. So with this money, say, you want to entice some woman – take a very low-level thing. Then you’ll run after her, give her this, give her that, and spend all your money till you become bankrupt. And then you’ll start sitting and crying. And this is a common story. I don’t know why don’t they make films like this, to show actually what happens to a person who runs after money, and he goes on then spending that money. He doesn’t know what to do, you see; money also eats him, I think. On the other side we have people who are extremely miserly. So all their – with the money only, they become so much greedy that they keep their money in seven locks and keys. Now, they see in the world there are people who are suffering so much, who have so much problem. Why not spend some money on them?”

How can we get rid of Stress? The anti-stress solution is ..

“People have Stress. After doing all kind of nonsensical things you will have stress, no doubt about it. But when the ‘hole’ is made here (i.e. when the Crown chakra is pierced by Kundalini energy and the limbic area is open creating like  a hole for the cosmic energy to flow in and for Kundalini energy to reach out and connect to the divine cosmic energy)all your stress goes out. There’s no more stress. We don’t know what Stress is. People don’t go to doctors, even the doctors don’t go to doctors, they come to me. 🙂 I’m not a doctor, but they come to me – surprising. This is meta-modern science, meta-modern – above modern science!”

“(When) ..you feel settled, you feel blissful, you feel happy, you feel cheerful, you feel on top of the world, naturally everything drops of. When you have got the highest you don’t want to indulge into all these things, which are sensational, for the time being, work out for a short period. But you start enjoying that is what is eternal within you, flowing all the time. Stress and all that also disappears. Because supposing- I give an example always of a car which is about to finish its petrol, everybody it is in a stress –the car as well as the driver is worrying that the petrol is going to finish. But supposing by some chance, you are connected to the mains and all the time the energy is flowing into you, then, then you have no worry, you have no worry and just you get over all these things. “

What is the Science behind the Stress and Anti-Stress Solution 

 Psychosomatic Medicine and Human Physiology

“The Sympathetic nervous system prepares us for action, increasing activity, exertion, or Stress, and may speed up the heart and increase the metabolism.”

How to Manage the Stress Factor ? Find the Link between the Behavior and the Disease

““Because as it has been hypothesized in Sahaja yoga that there are 7 main plexuses and their functioning is dependent upon the individuals psycho social behavior. This is advancement in the understanding of psychosomatic medicine and human physiology. For the first time it is possible to find the links between the behavior and the disease. Because up till now it was only thought that stress can cause a variety of diseases from diabetes, hypertension, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. etc. cancer even. But it was not known why a particular individual will get a particular disease.” “ if you read disease in medical literature you find you could say that it is psychological stress which is responsible for increasing incidence of hypertension in most of the western countries, developing countries as well as the developed countries and we found by our first thesis you see on which work was done that this could be a very important if a person practices sahaja yoga this stress factor can be managed very nicely. Because all the parameters you see for testing whether a person is in a state of stress, tension..

 Mind is the Problem – Kundalini is the Solution

 “This mind, whatever we decide, we know, is very limited, illusive and sometimes shocking. The mind always move in a linear direction, and because there is no reality in it, it recoils, and move back. Thus all the enterprises, all the projections so far we have done, it seems, come back to us. Whatever we discover comes back to us as a big destructive power or a very big shock. So one has to decide what to do, how to be out of this track of our mind. Kundalini is the solution. When She is awakened, in that awakening, She takes you beyond the mind. The first thing is to go beyond the mind. With mind, you’ll do many things, but it will not be satisfying, it will not be a solution, it will not help you. And when we start depending too much on our mind we develop all kinds of physical, mental, emotional problems. Now the latest is the stress, and this stress has no solution they say.

But in Sahaja Yoga, we find the Solution, by crossing over this mind. It’s like a barrier for our advancement. So when you get your realization, you must understand that your Kundalini has taken your attention beyond the mind. Now, this reaction to outside has come because we human beings have a prism like brain, or you can say a prism like skull. When the energy passes into it, I’ve explained it in my book, it goes into bifurcation, or you can say refraction, by which our attention goes out, and we react. If we react too much, then these bubbles create a horrible mind which can lead to any kind of thing. It justifies itself, it pampers your ego. The ego and the conditionings that create this mind start using it for the purpose of their fulfillment, of all the accumulation of ideas and thoughts which has no backing, which has no reality with it.

“Free-Stress” Maintenance for our Computer – in Three Stages

First Stage: Thoughtless Awareness

“It’s like we make the computer and ultimately we become slaves of the computer, we make the watches ourselves and then we become slaves of the watches. That’s how it dominates your being, and when a person who has a very strong mind decides to destroy like Hitler did with some idea, he can go on destroying which has a very far fetched effect on our culture, on our spirituality. Now the first step is to become thoughtlessly aware where you cross your mind, you go above your mind, mind cannot affect you. This is the first stage as we call it : Thoughtless Awareness.”

How to Reach and Maintain the Thoughtless Awareness? Attention!

“Now this happening of achieving thoughtless awareness is very simple and easy, but to maintain at that point is difficult, we still react and we think. Anything you see, you react. To get to that point of thoughtless awareness is first to change your attention. Now, for example, once we were climbing a very high mountain to see one temple called Palithana (?), myself, my son-in-law and my daughter. And we were really tired because we had to climb I don’t know how many steps and when we went up we were tired and there was a little canopy made of beautiful marble carving, so we just lay down there sometimes. They were very tired and they said : “What is this kind of a temple ?” …While I looked up and I saw lots of beautiful elephants were carved. So I told my son-in-law : “Look at these elephants, they all have tails of different types.” He said ” Mummy, we are all dying, how can you see the tails of the elephants ?” But it is just to divert their attention from that tiredness. :-)”

Second Stage: See the working of the All Pervading Power (Paramchaitanya)

Second one is where you start seeing the working of this Paramchaitanya, of the All Pervading Power. And you start becoming aware that there is lot of truth in what Mataji says. That there is this Power that works out many things. It works miraculously so many things for you. It gives you blessings, It guides you, It helps you in so many ways : It gives you good health, good wealth, and also a very good society of very beautiful people in the collective. All that you can see clearly is happening here.

“The third nature of the spirit is that it is Love. Because it is love it gives you joy. But Nirvajya–this love–doesn’t want anything. It just gives such a soothing, beautiful feeling… all your stress goes out. This is meta-modern science, above modern science. But do we who are Indians know we have this heritage of ours? We believe more in the English language and knowledge. We should believe in our own culture and our own knowledge. Sahaja Yoga is very ancient. Nanak has said, `Sahaja samadhi lago.’ Every saint has described it. Spirit is what we have to be. That’s the ultimate goal of our life. All the rest of them fall in line, and that’s what we have got from every scripture, from every incarnation, from everywhere. Let us now just think that, `Let us become the Spirit and then let us become a realized soul, a master.’ May God Bless you.

When you are a Realized soul  (i.e. the person that has the Kundalini energy awakened and flowing continuously ) you should see through the Maya. Everything that I’m doing or that you are doing should be understood very well if you are really the reflection of Shri Krishna’s brain. So in your brain there should be no worry, there should be no stress. There should be no problem. Because you are just watching everything in thoughtless awareness. So when you are thoughtless awareness, means when your brain is just in the state of witness you understand everything that is Divine.

I’ll give an example just now, happened: I got into the car, and Dave didn’t know where to go. And we went onto wrong road, then I told him, go this way. So he was wondering how Mother knows. I said: vibrations! Through vibrations I could feel that they are all there sitting there. And we came down. Unless and until you are thoughtlessly aware, you cannot grow, that is first thing. And secondly unless and until you are thoughtlessly aware you do not know the absolute truth. Through your brain only you will know – you don’t have to put your hands, you don’t have to ask questions, but it’s like a computer that works, just gives you an answer. In that state you are completely one with the Divine. ()

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