How Meditation benefits You and the Social Workers too! (testimonials from Beverley and Jeanette)

Find out How Meditation benefits You and the Social Workers too!

Enjoy the following video and the others shared below! This was an impromptu interview that resulted in testimonials from Beverley and Jeanette about “How Sahaja Yoga Meditation helped ‘Me’. It happened after one of our regular weekly sahaja yoga meditation classes in Burlington. Enjoy!

Watch the Video Testimonials from Beverley and Jeanette about “How Sahaja Yoga Meditation helped me”. In fact they are reminders of How Meditation benefits You. Find out who is a Social Worker 🙂

Great to see how people that support directly the well-being of our community: parents, teachers, doctors, social workers, grandparents, artists and employers come to our sahaja yoga classes and events.  Indeed the type of meditation that we share, teach and experience collectively at our classes, is extremely effective with the modern generalized ailments: insomnia, anxiety, depression, self-deprecation, stress, materialism, isolation/insularity, anger, frustration, miscommunication .. and so on.

To get a feeling about the family we are in Halton, Niagara and Simcoe regions and what we call Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network continue explosing our blob. We offered free classes and events for 15 years plus in  Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, St Catharines and Barrie (just to mention a few places). You can learn even more about Beverley and Jeanette and their fellow yogi(ni)s /meditators, from the following 2 very different videos, as well from Jeanette’s Letter about her journey and struggle with cancer — the epidemic of our times.

(video) Easter Egg Knocking (sahaj fun @ Burlington Class)

More fun with a Jewish celebration of the Trees

(click!) Jeanette: “Sahaja Yoga Meditation Enhanced my Healing from Cancer”


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  1. Anjali

    This was a such a delightful sharing from Beverley and Jeanette. They radiate so much peace during their can clearly see the transformation on their beautiful faces. Thank you for sharing. It took me back to feeling grateful for those Wednesday classes that I was able to attend so regularly. I truly miss the collective gathering ..being and growing with everyone.

    About the egg cracking is so cute…you guys are having too much fun without me….lol..

    Shulin your meditation is truly transporting into the silence. Thank you.

  2. anaic

    Hello Beverly and Jeanette!
    No matter how long you are meditating, your faces shine like suns! Keep on meditating and you will look even younger and youger! This is one the effects of joy and inner peace that you display.

  3. Purnima Clifford

    Hello Sisters Beverley and Jeanette,
    It was so nice to watch you in the video and to feel your peace and joy of being alive on Mother Earth.Your faces shone with the Divine Energy of the Mother within you and all those who meet you will feel this within them,and so peace and goodness spreads in the world.Thank you for sharing with us,Love to you both from an Australian sister

  4. Shashidhar

    Am delighted to read how much Beverley and Jeanette are enjoying their connection with the Divine. In fact, the entire collective benefits when true seekers join in.

  5. Colleen

    Beverley and Jeanette it is such a joy to see you at the Wednesday class each week!! You both bring such wonderful energy with you when you arrive. And yes, Sahaja Yoga Meditation definitely helps with giving you a great nights sleep, I can attest to that as well!

  6. Sam

    The growing and changing of beginners in the classes is always a joy to see and Beverley and Jeanette are definitely no exception! It’s always great to see the two of you at classes each week, you’re both such uplifting personalities that really bring a shine to the room and the energy. You’ve both become such a staple to the Wednesday classes, it really wouldn’t be the same without you! Your wonderful, joyful energies are definitely missed any time you can’t make it. I hope we continue to have the pleasure of see your shining faces at the Sahaj classes and events for a long time to come!

  7. Karen

    Hello Sahaja Sisters Beverley & Jeanette,

    It was wonderful listening to your life altering experiences with Sahaja Meditation.

    You both radiate so much love, bliss and peace it shows on your faces and in your words.

    Thanks so much for sharing xo

  8. Karen

    The video of our ‘Easter Celebrations’ at the Burlington Class was wonderful….you can feel the vibrations & the energy all around us xo

  9. Karen

    What a wonderful meditation by Shulin at the RAIN Event. Amazing vibrations!!! xo

  10. Tracy

    I enjoyed both of your testimonials you looked very relaxed while doing them.Good job!

  11. paula

    Beverly and Jeanette I just adore you both and your depth of character, your positivity, so much pure love emitting from your interview. It is a love of one’s self, and a love for all. It is absolutely,positively contagious. You are both glowing. It is the light of the spirit that has been lit within and by nurturing and treasuring this gift of added awareness, we call good “vibes”, you are both exuding a wondrous, pure, child like innocence which is magnetic. Sahaja yoga has given us all the tools to heal, to deal with life, but most importantly, to exude pure joy. Joy is surprising benefit that you can absolutely feel. Joyful faces are the sign that indeed an inner transformation has then place. What a gift! Thank you Shulin for your light and interview skills. Love you all as sisters. Missing you all! See you very soon.

  12. Doris Mendez


  13. Carolyn Vance

    The ongoing sharing thru video and audio and written communication from Halton, Canada is so so so inspiring to we yogis in smaller collectives! Please keep it coming and coming…even if we don’t give feedback, we are enjoying!

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