Happy Diwali with Powerful Diwali Letter from Shri Mataji (1976)

New York Letter – 1976

“My dear Sahaja Yogis, my dear children,

Let this Diwali enlighten you with light of love. You yourself are the lamps which burn high and don’t get pressed by the cover. They become much more powerful than the cover. It is their own asset. When they are hit upon, they are disturbed and extinguished,

Why are our lamps disturbed ? You should think over it. Is there no transparent sheath around them ? Have you forgotten your Mother’s love and therefore you are so disturbed? As the glass protects the lamp, in the same way my love will protect you.

But the glass should be kept clean, How can I explain ? Have I to say like Shri Krishna “Leave all religions and surrender to me” or as Shri Jesus “I am the way, I am the door.” ?!

I want to tell that I am that destination.

But will you people accept it ? Will this fact go to your hearts ?

Although what I say is distorted, the truth will always stand. You cannot change what It is. Only you will remain ignorant and backward. I am unhappy because of that.

Diwali is the day of real aspirations. Invoke the whole universe. Many lamps have to be lit, and looked after. Add the oil of love, Kundalini is the wick and awaken the Kundalini of others with light of the spirit within you. This flame of Kundalini will be kindled and one within you will become the torch. Torch is not extinguished. Then there will be spotless sheath of my love. It will neither have any limits nor any end. I will be watching you.

My love for you is showering as many many blessings.

Yours always loving Mother

Translation of a Hindi letter received from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja yoga meditation – on  October  21st, 1976.

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Happy Diwali 2011 Everyone!

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  1. anaic

    Wonderful letter from Diwali, thank you for sharing these sweet words. I will translate them in French…

  2. Ravindra gaonkar

    Thank you Angi for sending MOST VALUEABLE
    gift for Diwali.

    1. Ravindra gaonkar

      It’s a spontanious. I feel our heart is one
      and that’s why it may be same.

      1. Diana

        Minunat, mulțumim ca a-ți împărtășit cu noi

  3. eduardo martinez

    Espaniol, siempre son muy dulces sus palabras en Diwali incluido, tengo su voz en el de Italia 1985, “una lampara prende otra lampara”

  4. selvi

    thank you for sharing and caring,
    together we are the deepas

  5. Ruth Cross


    I am in Australia and love your site. I go to it all the time for meditation for myself or the children. It is fantastic and I love the letter about New year.

    1. adrian

      Hello Ruth…and Happy New Year down under… just felt to say that.


  6. Priti

    So beautifully explained the real meaning of Diwali by our Holy Mother. Add the oil of love, Kundalini is the wick and awaken the Kundalini of others with light of the spirit within you. Thankyou Ioana May God bless you for doing amazing work of Divine.


  7. Anjali

    Recently I was talking to a mother of a teenager who is a seeker of truth. In his search he went through so much turmoil looking for the answer about life and our purpose. He even tried out drugs but is now convinced that it is not the way to the truth. He knows it exists and he knows he needs to join those who already have it. He is fighing a major depression because of him not able to find it. I told his mother about Sahaja yoga and her kundalini just awakened (merely by the talk of Sahaja yoga). She told me she felt tingling. Her face changed and she was silent and trying to understand what just happened. She will definitely tell her son about it. This experience made me realize the urgency of bringing the truth to the seekers out there. So many beautiful souls looking for answers that only Sahaja yoga can provide. In their search they are doing wrong things and getting away from what they deserve. I do hope that these beautiful (yet lost) seekers will come to Sahaja and realize that Shri Mataji is the one they had been waiting for – She is the destination.

  8. sumer singh

    Dear Nirmalites
    Always many children one better than other chosen by Mother are bringing Her treasures for the sangha Of VND which gets us blessed in Her grace thro such Joy giving efforts.Keep doing more such efforts to make us thankful to our Mother for pleasing Her. Regards

  9. Colleen Burgess

    All such beautiful letters, and all of them carry such a wonderful message. Thank you.

  10. Sahaj

    Very sweetly explains the essence of Diwali, thanks for sharing.

    1. Pradeep

      During Diwali, festival of light, many lamps will be lit. Let’s pour the oil of love into these lamps, make the Kundalini the wick and spirit the flame and let the glow of this flame raise the Kundalini of others too during this festival season. May Shri Mataji provide her limitless and unending pure protection of her love to us and keep glow of this flame within us eternal.
      Jai Shri Mataji.
      Diwali greetings to all.

  11. Kruti

    These letters and the messages are so precious. Thank you Shri Mataji for removing all the doubts we have for ourselves. The love and the vibrations that flow from you is priceless. May we get more opportunities to enlighten more hearts in upcoming days.

  12. Jolanta

    Thank you for posting this letter explaining the true meaning of Diwali.

  13. NITI

    Mother lit all sahajyogis with her light of love and
    She keeps our self realization flame protecting with all her power of love.,and she asked the sahajyogis to lit the lamp of others like we lit lots of diyas in the day of diwali,beautiful message of mother.Thanks for sharing dear Ioana.

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