Vibrant Collective Joy and Meditation celebrating the Energies of the Earth and Sun during the Canadian Winter

Photo by Ioana P. Winter Sun in Burlington.

Let’s enjoy the Recollections of the Makar Sankranti Meditation Seminar on Jan 27th, 2024

Poster caption announcing our Burlington Public Event dedicated to the Makar Sankranti Festival 2024 meant to bring our local community together.

Get ready to feel the various Joys experienced during this event – this is the First Video!

We started dancing after the Potluck and before we went ahead with the PART2 – “Going deeper seminar: Learn & Meditate”

Feedback collected from a few participants that joined our event:

1.Today’s  sessions was just beautiful.  I came a bit late, thought I missed most of it. But it just was so nice being here and I felt so light (mentally) once I was here. Thank you everyone ­čÖé and also for lovely food.

2. Very good inspiring. Lots of fun.

3. Very inspirational and kindness throughout the whole session. I loved the warm and inviting environment.  I will definitely  come back to future  sessions. Grateful  + thankful  ( heart)

4. It was very motivational and insightful. I would definitely go again!

5. It was so nice to connect community and connect on a place of peace.

6. Purple light

7. Total silence within. Thanks for your kindness.

Many did not get a chance to provide feedback, this is mostly collected from “first timers”, but we would love to hear from you “how was it” with a comment by the end of this article.

On Sunday morning while going through the local news, we noticed that we were IN’.

Burlington Today’s Media beautifully captured our event’s Vibrant Energy

Snippets from the article published in Burlington Today media about this special 100 Seeds of Joy event offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network.

What a surprise to see that among the regular Burlington residents that chose to come to our Makar Sankranti public seminar on a clouded Saturday morning, was also the kind reporter who patiently waited as we were setting up the room, and for the participants to settle-in. We were focused on introducing Sahaja Yoga Meditation and guiding everyone through the Energy workshop with Self-Realization affirmations, without paying attention to the photos that were taken.

We haven’t had the chance to chat or give our thanks for this unexpected visit and support! Thank You!

Photo received from one of the participants to our event [this time it shows a moment from the “going deeper”- the 2nd part of the event]

Another surprise was to see the article about our event being published next morning, also on Burlington’s other media (on twitter too!) with beautiful photos that reflect so accurately the serene and enlightening atmosphere that was created during this event.

Enjoy the 2nd VIDEO-CLIP evidence for our Collective Joy and Dancing sample!

Let’s move on to more information and joys! One would think that all we did was dancing, but No, we actually meditated several times, in slightly diferent ways, we shared the meditation experience and learned from it at the chakra level.

Another significant “Left Vishuddhi chakra” moment from the guided meditation and energy workshop that was captured and shared by the reporter in the media article.
We also honoured the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
More snippets from the local news article.and photos captured by this great local reporter. Enjoy!

Enjoy more photos and make sure you are checking the 3rd VIDEO-CLIP when we started dancing yet again!

We enjoyed a wonderful Potluck that was able to provide for all participants thanks to our generous hosts and friends from the Halton – Orchard SYMN Classes

Most of the participants to our event accepted the challenge of joining the rhythms of a Hora Dance from Azerbaijan

Vibrant Collective Joy and Meditation celebrating Earth and Sun Together during the Makar Sankranti Public Festive Seminar offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network in Burlington

That Saturday of Jan 27th, 2024, many Burlington citizens and interested people were coming from Oakville, Hamilton and from further away! They joined together as Seekers of truth: to meditate collectively, learn about our connections to Earth and Sun’s subtler qualities and combined energies; as well learn more about and celebrate again the Makar Sankranti Festival.

We spent almost four hours together in a spiritual and peaceful atmosphere – people from such a variety of cultures and backgrounds. We are truly grateful to be in Canada and for us the live in Burlington – it’s a truly amazing place to Be!

Burlington in the winter time – photo by Ioana.
Makar Sankranti event – Jan 27, 2024

Ready to join our dancing group again, for the last time?! Do you know the steps by now?! Watch this last video carefully!

Enjoy the 3rd VIDEO-CLIP Dancing Collectively on traditional Harvest Rhythms

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Article – drop a comment if you wish!

Stay tuned for our next events booked for the following weeks. Check the Calendar with Free Classes and Events offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network via the 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative that received congratulations from the Government of Canada in 2023. We are committed to continue it (with Joy) in 2024 and further!

Do you want to Learn more about Makar Sankranti?! Watch this video (and meditate):

Enjoy the video; Learn from Shri Mataji and Meditate with Ana-Bianca. By the end of it, drop a comment if you wish.

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  1. Helen

    This is fantastic!! Love reading and listening to the music and watching the dancing!!
    Such enjoyment, wonderful!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing It is great!!

  2. Kruti

    I went with my family and it was such a beautiful event. Not only we learnt about the importance of Makar Sankrati, but also enjoyed deep meditation, cool vibrations, food, dancing, and togetherness. All 4 of us left with big smiles on our face and lots of joy in the heart. It was same for everyone else as well. The local community is so lucky to have these types of meaningful meditation sessions for kids and for adults. Looking forward to the next one. The article pretty much captures all the fun moments. Thank you.

  3. Paula

    Seeing you all dance traditional folk steps made my heart happy. Celebrating Makar Sankranti is a bright moment we can all enjoy in winter. The collective dishes are always lovely and the people are worth getting to know. The meditation makes me feel like I am returning to my true nature, my higher self. Nice to see your shining faces.

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