Amazonian Rainforest on the Sky – Experience of God’s Mind

You might enjoy this Personal Story about the Amazonian Rainforest projection on the Sky as an Experience of God’s Mind

Photo took during our walks in nature, felt inspired as it represents that actual Reality that everything is a Leela (game) of Illusion, Beauty and Truth, and we need to observe it while we play the Game.

In this article there is wisdom and knowledge from Sahaja Yoga Meditation teachings, intertwined with a Personal Story about the Amazonian Rainforest found “projected on the sky”. It’s offered as an Experience of God’s Mind shared by a sahaja yogini from Canada with Shri Mataji’s quotes on Ritambhara Pragnya. Let’s dive in, learn and enjoy!

The sign of a Sahaja Yogi is to respect Love and Truth. When a person loves he slowly becomes pure. All the attachments, greed, etc. get destroyed. A person has attachments because there is no selfless love in him. He gets pride because he thinks, ‘I have become a very big man.’ A person who thinks like this is mad. But when he loves he never thinks that he is bigger than another. With love a person starts knowing each one very finely. He knows his wants, what will keep the other happy. When this Divine Love starts flowing through you, then you start knowing and feeling that you have known all the people since thousands of years. When you get that love in your Atma and become satisfied only then this can happen to you. All the satisfaction is in that love. Human beings give the worst things as gifts and keep the best for themselves, the cheapest for others and the best for themselves. But when a Sahaja Yogi is entrenched in his position then he becomes a king and stops cribbing and crying for minor things. He becomes engrossed in the joy and love of the Spirit.”

“This love gives us Joy. It keeps pouring down from all directions. Then there is nothing left to be sad about. We get fully convinced that God loves us and we are His elder children. Then there is no worry or problems. Everything is just happening, getting done and you will be amazed how it happened. ‘I never even asked God, never even desired in my heart and God gave me.’ Afterwards one will understand that, ‘I needed it at that time, but it had not entered my mind.’ It entered God’s Mind. How does He know such subtle things? Each particle of His love becomes Vibrations and spread everywhere. They know everything, understand and act according to God’s love. The all pervading nature is also His love. We call it Ritambhara – Pragnya i.e. ‘Shakti (the power) by which the seasons change’. Pragnya means – “Pra” means enlightened, conscious; “Gnya” means knowledge. All these beautiful different colored flowers, sceneries, clouds in the sky changing every moment, and each day we see one more beautiful scene than the other, is the Ritambhara Pragnya. That is the Param Chaitanya.”

“What is this power that changes the seasons?”

“Sometimes the sky is filled with clouds; sometimes the heat comes and sometimes such a beautiful picture is painted in the skies.”

Here there is such an example:

(Photo taken by our friend Ioana P. in the Halton Forests ; while meditating on South-America (the fires in the Amazon rainforest, especially in Brazil at that time were in the news), the exact shape of South-America’s map appeared on the sky and one can see ‘the focus’ is somewhere in Brazil

“Then sometimes all the leaves fall. If the leaves do not fall then how will the earth get Nitrogen? That’s why the leaves must fall and the Sun’s rays must reach the Earth. Nature is surrendered to all things. Even the animals live in an orderly way in the jungle. Where a lion is seated, not even a bird makes noise. The lion also does not eat an animal daily. Only once in fifteen days or a month he kills one animal. Then in a proper manner he will eat first, followed by his children and then one by one other animals. Lastly the crow and then the vultures. The whole creation is in the bondage of God. That is why it is called Pashu or bonded. It is moving comfortably, but has no knowledge because it is bondage. But humans have all freedom.  “

“Freedom was given because you are going to get the Higher Freedom and you should know it.”

“But afterwards you lose that freedom in the same way as creation lost it. You come into the bondage of God in full awareness that it is His bondage. You get the experience and comfort of joy like a child hiding in its mother’s veil. After Knowledge comes Surrender. Such a surrender takes you to that state which is full of love. Kashish, the longing or pull, is also a thing that goes on tying that love. In that longing, a person experiences love even more. Like if you feel pain anywhere and if someone caresses that part, you get relief. We remember that relief more than when anyone just caresses like that. Longing makes a person go very deep. That is why those who remembered God, had devotion and longing for Him, kept trying to find Him. You may follow any path, commit any sins, it doesn’t matter because He is the ocean of love. He will definitely give you a place in His heart. He will pull you towards Himself, because He also respects love. In Sahaja Yoga first of all learn to love each other. If someone complains against others I feel great pain. But if someone praises another Sahaja Yogi I feel very joyful. One should not see the faults of others. By seeing the good qualities of others our own qualities will increase. As soon as we see the faults of others their faults enter into us. When someone complains to me about someone I say that he was praising you a lot.”

“Next time I see them hugging each other. :-)”

“So fill yourself with Love and Understanding. Feel love in your sight, in your life. It is a very powerful thing to love someone. This power comes from within. You cannot understand the blessings and joy-giving powers of this love. If you do anything with love for someone, then forget about it. If you remember then may be you might have problems. Enjoy the joy of loving but without any purpose. Love only for Love’s sake. That is Divine Love. What I have said today of Love, is Blessed.”

Give this Love to others with such a Heart by which the whole world may know that the Sahaja Yogis are Prem Yogis.

** Prem means “Love” in Sanksrit, Hindi and other languages.  All above are excerpts coming from the Synopsis of the Noida Public Program with Shri Mataji on April 4, 1991.  While reading them, there was a strong feeling that its content is rich and powerful but also simple and clear for “everyone” and that it is “asking” to be shared.

Same with the two articles listed below 🙂 Enjoy!

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