Kartikeya’s Video Presentation on Vishuddhi Chakra (Sahaj Guru Game)

Recorded Live SYMN Session – Kartikeya’s Video Presentation

Leaf Heart Chakra – discovered by Ioana iin the heart of the forest (Hamilton/Halton region of Ontario,Canada)

The first Sahaja Guru Gamhttps://www.free-meditation.ca/recorded-guided-meditation-videos-chakra-workshops-yoga-sessionse presentation in 2021 came from Kartikeya. He introduced the Vishuddhi chakra, also presented his introspective journey and even created an online SYMN Quiz Game. Enjoy the Guided Collective Meditation, as welll the special treat of Live Flute & Tabla music in the form of 2 beloved sahaj bhajans. This is a recorded SYMN online session. Get ready for a very special enjoyment!

Sister and brother are performing 2 bhajans (bamboo flute and Tabla). Enjoy the video below!

Note: the following video is suitable for both beginners to Meditation as well to those that practice any type of meditation or spiritual practice. Lots to learn, experience and enjoy!

(VIDEO) Kartikeya’s Special Presentation, Introspection and Live Music Performance (Sahaj Guru Game – Vishuddhi Chakra & Principles – May 2021)

Feel free to drop a comment – How was it for you?! Join our classes and you can be “there” for the Next Sahaj Guru Presentation. 🙂

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  1. Helen

    This is amazing!!! Such enthusiasm and joy helping to open us to Reality, to know who we really are.
    Great!! Very inspiring!

  2. Doina Mira

    Thank you Kartikeya! Beautiful presentation, well done! Very joyful and very good vibrations!

  3. isabelle

    This was so great! So much knowledge. Your introspection was very helpful and the game was so much fun.

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