Perviz from Milton Class (VIDEO!) on Great Experience with Nabhi Chakra & Surprise Birthday

(Enjoy VIDEO) Perviz’s Experience with Nabhi Chakra

First: Perviz’s VIDEO Testimonial on Blood Pressure, Sugar & Contentment Level

We thank Ahilan for realizing the VIDEO above! Also thanks go to Peter for taking the photos gathered below!

Second: Surprise Bday Party for Perviz & Isabelle @ Milton Class + Chakra Workshop (PHOTO-ALBUM)

The photo-album contains images from our recent classes related to the Sahaj Guru Game journey .. related a bit more with our dear Perviz 🙂 . What to say more .. we always have a great time Together – any Halton Class (Burlington, Oakville, Milton-Mississauga, Oakville) we go to. Join us any time! Enjoy below few more recent experiences from Halton meditation group.

Perviz had mentioned “Pittsburgh” few times during her presentation on Nabhi Chakra journey with Sahaj Guru Game. See how Beautiful that North American Seminar was in photos and feedback from other yogis. Plus another VIDEO Testimonial!

(click!) Photos & Impressions from Mother’s Day Weekend in Pittsburgh @ Tri-State Yoga Meditation “Sahasrara Chakra” Seminar

VIDEO (Surprise!) Testimonial of Swadhisthana Team (Sahaj Guru Game 2011)

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  1. Anastasia Johnson

    This is great idea you had about Guru game. I really enjoyed to read and watched video about this game. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Manisha, France

      Wow, thankyou for your inspiration of how fun and interesting we can make SY courses for newcomers. Your news is always so enlightening and helpful. You give us very good ideas of how we can all be interesting and dynamic gurus for our Divine Mother. THANKYOU SY Halton!!

  2. paula

    I learned so much from you Perviz! Your presentation had such a profound effect on my personal journey. You are transformed, it’s clear! Sahaja Yoga permeates your being. It is great to hear about a Shri Mataji talk (founder of Sahaja Yoga)… that if we take care of our nabhi chakra, (or each of our chakras and nourish our spiritual ascent) we can go beyond our limits, I can’t say it better, it’s all in your video and the talks. You are glowing!

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