(FEEDBACK-VIDEO) Burlington World’s Inner Peace Day Public Program & Tribute

The World Inner Peace Public Program – Burlington, March 19

Burlington march 19 2014 Inner peace Public program

(VIDEO – turn ON the speakers!) “How WAS IT?!” Shulin (16, Youth Class)

FEEDBACK from New Participants

Discussions - Sharing IMpressions at Burlington Inner Peace Public Program

“Felt waves of energy rising up in me, spreading through me, strengthening me and healing me.”

“I found this approach to meditation very interesting and an efficient and simple way to achieve some inner peace and better health”.

“I feel the collective energy that enables me to reach a higher self awareness. Today I experienced what it feels like to be in the present not the past or future. Thank you for sharing this gift!”

“I became easily comfortable and felt connected . I felt energy in the room and myself; but also very emotional. Like this is something that I need in my life. Thank you.”

“I felt an overwhelming powerful energy released during the guided meditation (with Shri Mataji). Lots of new concepts that I am excited to explore and learn more about.”

Discussions at Burlington Inner Peace Public program-1
We had open discussions, sharing-learning sessions after the chakra workshop.


“I feel that meditation in class is much more effective as I am able to achieve a higher state of awareness than when i meditate alone at home”.”Agree, gathering learning from others’ helpful experience.”

“I felt vibrations and waves of energy emitting through the top of my head, like energy leaving my body.”

“The classes are very beneficial for my new being. I feel at peace and very happy inside; felt cool breeze on my hands and above my head.” “”Calming + hope”

“It’s when I am away that I know how much I need this. I might not be clear, it might not be easy to get into that state of mind.. but I know it’s there and I couldn’t be more thankful for it from my heart’

Inner Peace Burlington march 19 2014

During the program we watched  the Great Short Movie “The World Inner Peace” – from Rome, the heart of this international movement, then we had experienced the power of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in awakening our Kundalini energy, followed by a chakra workshop and open discussions with sharing and learning; We continued with an amazing Talk on Love & Peace , directly from Shri Mataji and we concluded the event with the Great mantras for the Crown chakra, while listening to the chanting and watching  a short video. We had families joining from Hamilton with their teens children; everyone stayed until the very end of this beautiful public program. Thanks go to Shulin from the Youth program for realizing the video! Please, share your impressions!

Barrie Celebrates The World Inner Peace Day – Sunday, March 23 @ Public Library


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  1. anjali

    Thank you to those who shared their experiences. Your comments are actually testimonials and affirmations that will help many of us to see the truth and strength of Sahaja yoga in achieving peace and much more on a deeper level. Sahaja yoga is a simple spontaneous way anyone around the world regardless of their age, physical, mental, emotional restrictions, regardless of their cast, creed, religion, and other man made barriers can achieve union with their higher self and the higher pure power that gives life. Happy world day for inner peace. Why not make everyday a world day for inner peace?

  2. Ewa S.

    I was there and had enjoyed it very much. During the workshop I had a wonderful experience, I was deep in meditation and all of a sudden my hand got extremely hot!After a few minutes I felt cool breeze.What I did not know at that time someone next to me was getting workshop. When meditating in a big class collectively, you can feel the power of spirit and inner peace

  3. Colleen

    It was an incredible class. The feedback from others brought tears to my eyes. I love to hear other peoples experiences!! Every one is different and yet every one is the same, they all felt something wonderful!! To hear and *feel* others’ experiences opens up my heart so much.

  4. paula

    The video and testimonials are proof that something wonderful is happening during Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes. After realization, we feel similar sensations in our hands, or waves flowing through the body. It is like waves of joy flowing upwards as the motherly energy we are born with, is gently awakened, and rises along the central nervous system. But nevermind the technicalities. One does not have to know or research anything from the limits of the human intellect. It is simply surrending the thoughts, getting your self-realization through a few free classes, and then allowing the energy to flow through thoughtless awareness. After such experiences, this article is so beautiful, I can feel the testimonials and the video through vibratory awareness. I feel their truth like a flow of cool inside. It is really amazing how one can feel the truth absolutely through this method. And the feeling the truth adds is, that extra dimension to our lives to discern what is good for us and follow the path of bliss. Simply life transforming, and life affirming. Thank you all for your beautiful testimonials, so grateful you are all sharing peace and love and good vibrations.

  5. Kathleen

    The World Inner Peace video was fabulous, i can totally relate to it and at the same time i felt more appreciation and admiration to Shri Mataji for giving us the gift of Sahaja Yoga. The group discussions after that was great. We get to meet new people, and it was amazing how powerful the vibrations when we did bandhan to clear our chakras collectively.

  6. Karen

    The World Inner Peace video was amazing, it was nice to see new faces eager to search for their path of bliss. The other video’s watched that evening radiated strong, & beautiful vibrations between us all.


    Mis queridos hermanos
    Va para uds, un cordial saludo desde mi ciudad Valledupar (Colombia), cuanta alegría siento a leer sus comentarios es maravilloso compartir todos estos conocimientos experiencia.
    Como me gustaría estar allá.
    Jai Shri Mataji

  8. anjali

    beautiful video Shulin. Ahhh…..after seeing all of you meditate in the video at our favorite Burlington class…you have no idea how much I missed being there with you all. The video was so good to see many faces I haven’t seen in so long and miss dearly and yes, it is so well put together. such beautiful moments were captured.

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