It’s The Best Way says Jolanta

It’s The Best Way says Jolanta

In this photo Jolanta was sharing her “Sahaj Guru Game Journey” at Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class in Feb 2020.

Let’s get to know Jolanta and Discover Which One she says is “The Best Way

I discovered Sahaja Yoga at the New Toronto Public Library in Toronto in 2009.  Shri Mataji’s vision for humanity and the rationale were explained during the public classes there. She said: There can be no peace in the world until there is peace within. I wholeheartedly agreed with Her, and yet, I remained a little sceptical for some time. 
As I attended those public classes, I gradually realized that practising Sahaja Yoga is the best way to achieve inner peace as well as maintain good mental, physical and emotional health, and grow spiritually. 

I recorded the video about my experience of practising Sahaja Yoga this summer (2021) in order to encourage/motivate others. It must have also been a way of balancing myself after watching (on Canadian television) and hearing (on CBC radio) the interviews with residential “schools” Survivors, and the news about  uncovering of unmarked graves of thousands of First Nations‘ children who died in those institutions run at that time by the Canadian government and Catholic Church. Crimes against humanity have been happening all over the world, and history often repeats itself.
I believe that Sahaja Yoga is the greatest and most precious gift to humanity, and that practising it can help us achieve peace and balance. It also helps alleviate stress and bring joy to our lives.

photo by Sigal from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network classes

In 2015 I met a Sahaja Yoga practitioner who lives in another province in Canada, also a Polish immigrant. She was fortunate to meet Shri Mataji in person, in the early 1990s at Warsaw University in Poland. Shri Mataji gave lectures about Sahaja Yoga, and raised the Kundalini energy of the people in the audience. As a result of this, and countless other travels by Shri Mataji, Sahaja Yoga is practiced in most countries around the world.

From Jolanta: A sincere Request and Advice to our readers

If you attend online meditation sessions regularly you must find them helpful / beneficial, and, if that is the case, you should drop a comment on these articles at least once a week. Shri Mataji said that we should not keep this knowledge of Kundalini awakening to ourselves, but we should share it with others, as it is everyone’s birthright and it is free.

Especially in the present “physical distancing” circumstances, dropping a line at least once a week is a very reasonable request, and it will take less than 10 minutes of your time. Tell the truth, share your experiences and/or thoughts.

Be sincere. Just one sentence / line will do. Don’t be lethargic about it, please.

☺Namaste – Jolanta

Photo taken by Jolanta on her hikes across Ontario – Canada

Check below a sweet 2019 email from Jolanta 🙂 before she became a “contributor” to this blog

“Dear Ioana,
Thank you for the e-mail and the links.  
Sharing this knowledge in the form of Shri Mataji’s transcribed talks is so much needed to develop/deepen the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.
As I mentioned to you earlier, I had been reading the articles on this website in the past, (i think I might have even subscribed for newsletters for a while), and the knowledge I gained from this website was crucial in “sticking with Sahaja Yoga”.  I did not realize, nor was it even important at the time, who posted all this information… I just  felt like reading … I never bothered to leave any comments because that is just how I am…

I look forward to participating in the Sahaj Guru Game: AGNYA CHAKRA and SHRI BUDDHA in January. 
All my love

Jolanta’s meditation place – she shared the photo with us in 2020 when we started the online classes; one can feel Jolanta’s heart in it

Video Testimonial – Jolanta’s Personal Journey (Struggles & Lessons)

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  1. Rebecca

    Thank you so much Jolanta for sharing your personal journey. I agree that Sahaja Yoga is a powerful method to keep us balanced in a world that is very challenging in so many ways. My heart hurts for all people who have suffered from discrimination of any kind. I created my own ceremony this morning to address the horrific treatment of our Canadian Indigenous brothers and sisters and I feel hopeful for a brighter future for all Canadians. Your article was very timely to be posted on this special day of recognition. Indigenous customs are in alignment with Sahaja Yoga as Mother Earth is very much the centre of providing us with healing. I am so grateful for our daily on-line Sahaja Yoga classes and for the beautiful yogis who help us to maintain our balance every morning and evening. I am so much better for having the opportunity to release negative energy and raise my kundalini energy together with everyone. Sahaja Yoga really works. Thanks Yolanta. I’m looking forward to our evening meditation together.

  2. Kruti

    The importance and the benefits of regular Sahaja Yoga meditation can only be experienced when you do it regularly and collectively. The online classes during this pandemic time is a true blessing from the Divine. We can see the difference it brings in one’s life as Jolanta shared it here in this article. To bring that strength to fight against injustice and still have peace within is truly exemplary. Thanks for sharing your experience Jolanta. May we all continue to learn from Shri Mataji and continue to grow spiritually.

  3. paula

    Wow what a beautiful testimonial and I enjoyed the video from Jolanta! I too benefited from the online classes of meditation during the pandemic. I really enjoyed your story. I am sorry that you were harassed in the school system! That is terrible. It is good that you are exposing this bullying. I know that Sahaja Yoga made you stronger to get through it. You are joyful despite the challenges. Me too. The collective meditations helped me immensely throughout the years. I can’t imagine life without that slice of peace in my day that permeates! all the best to you, Jolanta

  4. Anjali

    Jolanta, I really enjoyed learning more about you through this testimony and it is always so exciting to hear how Sahaja Yoga helps in being detached, standing for truth, staying strong through attacks and staying energetic and sharing about the best way to live. A big hug to you dear sister 🙂

  5. Rajnanda

    Thank you Jolanta for sharing your experience with Sahaja Yoga. It is truly the best way to find and spread peace.
    It has helped to keep correcting and staying balanced every day. The words of Shri Mataji continue to guide us how to grow together.

  6. Jolanta

    Dear Rebecca, Kruti, Paula, Anjali, Rajnanda and Everyone else who read this blog. Thank you for your comments and attention. In making a decision to record the video testimonial I followed Shri Mataji’s advice to “turn negativities into positivities.” Of course the word negativity is an understatement in this case, and no words will ever even begin to adequately describe the horrors of the crimes committed by the Canadian government and Catholic Church against the Indigenous Peoples in this country, parts of which were reported on Canadian television this summer- the uncovering of thousands of unmarked graves on the grounds of former residential “schools.” I watched the interviews with the Survivors of residential “schools” on CBC/CTV News and listened to CBC radio in June and July this year. I apologize if reminding anyone about these historical events insults anyone’s intelligence, but, considering that some important Canadian political figures who were in power when those atrocities were being committed, now publicly say that they knew nothing about it, I think it is appropriate to articulate it clearly.
    The word negativity in this case might be used when referring to the feelings I had after watching/listening to this information and the interviews with the Survivors of those institutions. It is possible that many people in this country, and all over the world, watched/listened to the same news and experienced similar feelings. Of course the First Nations have known about these crimes and shared that information long before the summer of 2021.
    It was only watching/hearing the above in the media that somehow motivated me to record the video to share how I survived and thrived, despite the systemic discrimination and cruelty I was being subjected to in the workplace, in this country, and how Shri Mataji helped me maintain balance, good health and spiritual growth, with the hope that this information might help motivate others to try Sahaja Yoga. 
    Thank you Shri Mataji for teaching us how to practise Sahaja Yoga, and, truly and un-hypocritically, dedicating your life to the betterment of humanity, and helping us achieve inner peace, without which there can be no peace in the world.

  7. Heloisa

    Hello Jolanta
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and the Benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation as we
    practice it. It really balances us in time of “crisis”. Let’s keep
    spreading this greatest free gift from our Teacher Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi to all.

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