Why We Invite You All to The First Annual Tribal Memories Festival & Pow-Wow ? (March 21 – March 24)

Next week is a very special one for sahaja yogis from everywhere as we celebrate on March 21st, the birthday of the beloved founder of sahaja yoga meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She is our grand mother and grand teacher. She helped us respect and honor the Grand Mother of us all, the Mother Earth — by connecting us to her energy that does exist in all human beings as a living nourishing healing intelligence, ready to ignite the further evolution in all of us, once that is awakened and passing through the very last subtle energy centre within – the crown chakra.

Same week our Halton team of sahaja yogis are invited on March 22nd to teach about the benefits of meditation to interested highschool teachers and meditate together for peace on Earth; on March 23rd to we had been asked to share a guided meditation with the employees from a business enterprise based in Georgetown. There are truly blossoming times. 

Therefore, for us, the sahaja yogis n Canada it is only natural to join in the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people in their public celebrations and festivals, especially that March 21st represents as well  We also encourage all young people to participate!! Check here Samantha’s first experience at a Pow-Wow to understand better our call….

Message /Invite from Paula – who is teaching (always free and and open to all) sahaja yoga classes in Winnipeg:

“I had the pleasure of meeting Dakota, Marty and Cody who were inviting everyone passing through Portage Place in Winnipeg to their wonderful, powerful event. They were very warm and brotherly, and I am extending this invitation out to their festival, open to the public, it is a great opportunity to enjoy our oneness and connection with everyone and Mother Earth.  More info here or contact the organizers at the email and phone provided in the flyer below.

  In addition, please join  Sahaja Yoga Winnipeg for Free Meditation Classes from March 24th to March 28th, 2017 to also connect to Mother Earth through a simple, guided meditation known as “thoughtless awareness” with no hard poses, you can sit in a chair or on the floor, and feel the connection, joy and peace.  Achieving the yoga state is a great tool for students during exam pressures, relieving anxiety, emotional balance, harmony and better health. A great way to de-stress and connect to your higher self. All ages are welcome, and it is always free, in 100 countries, world-wide.  I encourage everyone to drop in!

Check:the following article  for links to more classes and great articles celebrating oneness and respect for each other and this planet we share.  Sahaja Yoga also celebrated their R.A.I.N. (Realize Awareness in Nations) to Heal M. E. (Mother Earth) events in Ontario, Canada, with Aboriginal Prayers and many cultural traditions of many backgrounds that are rooted in the truth and essence of our beings. Check out this article for your enjoyment of beautiful vibrations coming from people and music — pure collectivity!

We salute the light in all of you, namaste, miigwetch, thank you. ” Check out further experiences — filled with vibrations & knowledge!

(click!)  Answers in Aboriginals’ Seeking & Primordial Taboos Reflected in Chakras

(click!) Photos from International Meditation Retreat/Seminar on Native Indian Land (Canajoharie,USA)

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  1. paula

    I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone at the Pow Wow (I am bringing my flight crew, it did not take any convincing at all!)

    And the same flight crew are very excited to join all the Sahaja Yoga meditation sessions in Winnipeg, starting with Louis Riel Library on Friday from 1-3pm.

    Interestingly, one of the crew members is a descendant of Louis Riel, and looks like she will meet another regular class member with the same descent who is enjoying Sahaja Yoga classes in the Heart of Manitoba too!

    I look forward to both opportunities to connect to mother earth, everyone and everything.

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