Watch Photos of Great Family Time & Meditation @ Halton Eco Festival

We had vibrated + customized henna tatoos with Kathleen from Burlington at the Cool Kids meditation corner, where children and youth and parents had an opportunity to learn about meditation and chakras and Kundalini energy, while they experienced the cool vibrations of the vibrated henna. Even our new friends from St Catharines loved that peaceful moments of self-realization!

So powerful and calming energy was flowing through all participants to our  collective morning meditation on Mother Earth and the Higher Sky.

The founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – was surrounded by the beautiful Canadian Spring flowers, together representing the Source of our Innate Power: Mother Earth’s Kundalini energy!

Friends that came by our booth loved trying our “Kundalini energy experiment” — as it was real and powerful! 

We had a great group in the morning representing our Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation family!

Children and Parents had shown a constant interest to our “Cool Kids Garden”, most of the times parents wanted to receive a chakra workshop while their children were receiving “Kundalini superpowers” from Mother Kundalini – the Queen of Chakra Garden.

We also offered group meditations with mantras with elements of balancing of the solar and moon energy channels.

We’ve spent a great family time and we made new friends at the 17 Annual Halton Eco-festival!! We are very grateful to all the help we’ve received from the director of the festival and all the young volunteers! No wonder that we were a “phenomenal organization” 🙂 .. as we truly feel that we have a phenomenal sahaja yoga meditation family here in Halton with “yogi relatives” all around in Ontario, further in Canada and to tell you the truth .. all around the world.

As a Good Bye and Farewell — enjoy the photo we took few days ago, in Burlington, behind our family’s home .. Yes, Halton is home to many wonderful founders of truth that continue spreading the light of sahaja yoga meditation to seekers from everywhere .. as well teach the ‘rainbow protection’ that is so effective and powerful. Learn more from the Source:

(CLICK!) “Incredible! A Gale Force!” says BBC reporter on TV, 1985 – Shri Mataji teaching the Bandhan (Protection for Chakras) and talking about the Blossom Time & Kundalini 

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  1. Ryan & Nidhi

    We had a great time today and being part of the collective meditation. We feltl such happiness and joy after we did the kundalini energy experiment.

  2. paula

    We are all indeed spreading peace and joy throughout Oakville, bravo to all the volunteers that give self-realization, the pure knowledge and pure yoga connection that can be achieved so easily from person, to community, to city, to country, to continent, to the whole mother earth. The efforts made to shift the planet’s consciousness has arrived…it is a happening…a joyful, powerful feeling that we share. Humans can be empowered to spread goodness, to put their attention on helping each other…Sahaja Yogis are warriors of the rainbow, creating a bandhan, a protection, all over, Oakville, and everywhere they go.

  3. Kathleen

    Seeing lots of families around, I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of community during this event and Sahaja Yoga team definitely brought the possitive and loving energy around.

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