Mera Piya Ghar Aaya Sufi Kafi with Anandita Basu

Videos and photos from the first day of Anandita Basu’s tour to Canada with “Art and Spirituality: When Rhythm becomes Meditation”. The opening program was in Burlington, Ontario and the journalist that came from the city’s magazine made sure to publish photos and article in the “Art section”. Enjoy below the first music video with Chello Sahaji Band and Anandita Basu performing “Mera Piya” together. Mera Piya Ghar Aaya was written by the 18th century genius, Sufi poet Bulleh Shah on the return of his spiritual Guru Shah Inayat Qadiri. It’s called a Sufi Kafi or a Sufi poem

Photos & Music Videos from Day 1 of  “Art and Spirituality” Tour


Video: Chello Sahaji Band with Anandita – “Mera Piya” Kawwali 

“O Lord, my beloved has come home” is the English translation for Mera Piya Ghar Aaya

Another beautiful performance offered during the Hamilton Public Program is here.




An Indian Kathak dance performance video is here. Looking forward to read Your Impressions!

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  1. Javad

    I would like to thank you for your broadcasting the link at group. It is very nice and cool.
    By the way, I am Javad from Tehran.

  2. Chandra Sekhar

    I missed nothing…. I missed nothing….
    I watched everything, even that beautiful(?) decoration of the walls!!
    (I wonder who is that great interior decorator!! Those long clothes seems familiar too!)

    Seriously, thanks for this beautiful positing, Ioana.
    I am really happy to see you are all happy and enjoyed the program
    I miss you all so much …

  3. Elsie

    Anandita is a beautiful lady who was able to get us up dancing with her enthusiasm and outpouring of love. The meditation was amazing

    a beautiful evening. the musicians were wonderful.

    Thanks Iona for your hard work organizing this event.

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