Canadian VIDEO Presence at Global Health Conference in Heidelberg, Germany – June 2011 (Story too!)

The organizers from the Medicine faculty of Heidelberg university in Germany have invited Rachelle Jeanty from Canada to their international event “Global Health and Preventive Medicine 2011” as Special Artist Guest for the Opening Ceremony. Below there is captured a VIDEO as well a recollection from this event, quite interesting and detailed.

VIDEO Enjoy Rachelle’s live Interpretation of a Gospel as well her words on Sahaja Yoga Meditation that she is practicing.

Important to mention here are the numerous presentations this year that had focused on sahaja yoga meditation as a great alternative solution for the global health, such as the ones introduced by the following participants to this conference: Dr Sandeep Rai from International Sahaja Yoga Research and Health Center(Vashi hospital), Dr. Ramesh Manocha( University of NSW, Sydney, Australia), Prof. Simon Golosheykin(CROMA, Bocconi University, Milan,Italy) and Prof. Maurizio Zollo (Chairman CEL, Bocconi University, Milan , Italy) and Dr. Wolfgang Hackl(CEO, Impact, Austria).

We can see few photos from the sahaja yoga stand place in the exhibition section (sent by our friend Prem from Germany).  The Global Health conference had a vibrant start when our dear Canadian Gospel singer, Rachelle Jeanty, was invited to enlighten the conference with “divine , soulful voice”, tells Pranita .

And she continues with her recollection: “We were in great joy to see her on the stage of this Global set up. Her mellifulous voice left the audience spellbound. I felt goose bumps in her third song “Amen…” and kundalini was dancing. After this followed “Words of welcome ” from various dignitaries. Rachelle was also invited later to sing in the evening during gala Dinner. Day two (Wednesday, June 15th): The first session was based on “Social Dimensions and Consciousness Development for Holistic Health”. Prof Zollo first gave his presentation on “Consciousness development for organizational and managerial well being”. Then came Prof Simon Golosheykin to talk about ” The neurobiology of consciousness development”. Dr. Sandeep Rai came forward for his presentation on “Psychosomatic factors and social determinants of psychological and physiological stress” and the audience in the hall were completely involved in his presentation. In his slide of “Acknowledgements” was Shri Mataji’s Photograph with Vashi hospital and couple of other photographs. In this state of mind and time, he very humbly requested the moderator to give him additional 2 minutes to make audience experience the state of Mental Silence. The moderator obviously allowed him and the audience too agreed. He asked the audience to keep hand on the heart, then on forehead and at the end on sahasrara (the crown chakra)…with  short affirmations. Everybody in the hall did this with all obedience and as a result of which all got their “Self Realisation”. There was immense silence for couple of minutes followed by a loud applause.We were engulfed in pool of Vibrations. Later half of the day witnessed many lectures from doctors and some small sessions of Meditation in the round table conferences. Dr. Ramesh Manocha presentation caught everybody’s attention because of various studies done on Kids with ADHD and various testimonials from kids in form of videos. Dr. Wolfgang made people experience a deep Mental silence in a span of a minute. Definitely it was an “Effortless Meditation”. Many people from audience and couple of people from outside  have tried sahaja yoga meditation at the Exhibition stall.

There were some who were so much interested that they came to us again and again to experience meditative state whenever possible.On day two we also had a Workshop for 1.5 hrs which was lead by Dr Ramesh Manocha. By the end of third day the whole atmosphere was charged with vibrations. During the closing ceremony Dean of Honour, Medical school stated “Meditation ” in his presentation slide of “recommendations to prevent global health risk”. Later Director of the institute Prof Sauerborn stated in his concluding speech: “We meditated with Dr. Sandeep Rai…laughed with…..”, showing the recognition that Sahaja Yoga received during this international conference from the Global intellectual crowd. Everybody became aware of “Sahaja Yoga Meditation” as an alternative Modern meditation and not just a esoteric thing. (reported to us by Pranita, great fan of Rachelle as well a participant to this conference and one that is actively involved with sahaja yoga meditation movement). Below is one of Prem’s photos with Rachelle Jeanty in Heidelberg.

Let’s say “Hi” to Rachelle from Canada! 🙂

(click!) Meditation for Work Stress: Channel 10 News on Sahaja Yoga Meditation -VIDEO 2011 

(click!) VIDEO Introduction-Testimonial & Photos from “Sustainable Effects of Meditation on Health” with Professor Dr. Mishra from McMaster University –  GREAT LINKs to Researching Meditation WEBSITE!


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  1. Prakash S

    sister Rachelle is blessed with Divine Voice, No wonder she performed a Choir in front of Mother during New Year Eve Dec 2010 at Genova, which is still ringing in my Ears, Mother is the answer. If someone has that clipping, please share it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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