Surprise! The Burlington Post Newspaper wrote about The Festival of New Beginnings Community Event offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network on March 18, 2023

Such a Nice Surprise to see our Event “The Festival of New Beginnings” in the “Burlington Post” Newspaper

The Burlington Post Newspaper wrote about The Festival of New Beginnings Community Event offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network on March 18, 2023 at the Art Gallery of Burlington to honor “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day” proclaimed by the Mayor of Burlington to be associated to March 21st, 2023 – the 100th Birthday Anniversary of the Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation .The featured artist in the article is Ekaterina Lavrentyeva, Ukrainian by origin, with whom we collaborated in the past for another very successful and beloved event initiated by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network.

Poster for March 19, 2022 online public event featuring Ekaterina and her music.

That event in March 2022 was online.

On March 18th, 2023 we met here in Burlington, and even had the chance to spend more of the weekend together!

Three sisters: Ioana from Burlington (right), and Ekaterina (middle) with Ozlem (left) from Montreal. After the program we went to take a breath of fresh air by the Ontario Lake. Such a beautiful sunny day! Definitely that was the first day of spring in Burlington. We did not know that Shivangna took a photo of our sisterhood, while a Heart shaped cloud was formed above us. Such sweet clues from Paramachaitanya – the all pervading and all-knowing Energy!

It’s really great to see that our online Burlington & Montreal collaboration that started in 2022, precisely 1 year ago, on Saturday March 19, 2022, has led to our in-person meeting here in Burlington, honoring together our spiritual teacher, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

The Burlington Post’s March 23rd, 2023 issue that wrote about Ekaterina and our event.

Surprise, Surprise! Thank your Burlington Post!

We were definitely aware that other media representatives showed interest for our public event and indeed were present during the program. Yes, we were also contacted and told that other media articles will be published in the days to come, however, the Burlington Post succeeded to take us completely by surprise! Thank you!

We were also taken by surprise by the Iranian brothers Yogis and talented musicians that brought us so much joy after the conclusion of the official event that we spontaneously immersed into “horas”,

For those that do not know it, the Burlington Post is the one newspaper that reaches out to EVERY household in Burlington, so it made our day when we received the paper copy in our homes on Thursday, March 23rd.

It also touched our hearts, because Shri Mataji was respectfully mentioned in the note, and that event was offered in Her honor as our spiritual teacher (guru) to us all, Sahaja Yogis that are passing her teachings on and are sharing her love for all humanity.

Family Photo with sahaj yogis from Burlington and across Ontario, with guests artist yogis from Montreal, as well with beginners from our Halton Sahaja Yoga Classes and . with everyone that wanted to take photos with us by the end of this amazing event (200+ in attendance).
A Bouquet of Yogis and Beginners from Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes that contributed to the Festival of New Beginnings. Many more you find in our Photo-Album and in the other articles related to this beloved event!!

Thursday is the Guru Day!

Every day has a subtle significance in Sahaja Yoga, and Thursday is the day when we honor the Guru Principle – The Principle of the Spiritual Teacher (check this link to learn more about it) that guides us from within and that helps us to become a better human being, not only for the sake of the community but also for personal benefits, including the physical and mental health.

Photo with the hand crafted “Shri Mataji” display created by Carmela Erskine, our 81 years young yogini from Burlington. In front of it is our poster advertising the free weekly sahaja yoga meditation classes we offer at Brant Hills Community Centre for the last 18 years!

Therefore, to see that the Burlington Post issue about The Festival Of New Beginnings was published on that day, we found it to be a Good omen for our New Beginnings, the community initiative officially launched during The Mayor’s Speech at The Festival of New Beginnings. We thank the Universe and its all-pervading power known as “Paramchaitanya” for such good signs!

Get a taste of the Joy we planted during this event; More videos from this event are found at this Youtube Playlist: 100SeedsofJoyEvent

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(First NEWS) Burlington Mayor’s Proclamation for SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI DAY 100 Years –

The Mayor attended the event on March 18, 2023 and gave a beautiful heartfelt speech with Felicitations for SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI DAY and offering her support for the mental health initiative launched by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network in the Burlington and Halton communities.

CHECK the Photo-Album “Festival of New Beginnings” – “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi DAY” Event in Burlington, March 18, 2023

Youtube Playlist: 100SeedsofJoyEvent videos (14 videos so far and we keep adding)

Shiva Kirtan – after the event we enjoyed such musical pearls offered by our Montreal yogi musicians – Enjoy!

There are so many aspects to share from this event and the entire day was absolutely spectacular! Enjoy the Photo-Album “Festival of New Beginnings” – “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi DAY” for more photos and the Youtube Playlist: 100SeedsofJoyEvent for many joyful video-clips or “video-treats”. See you soon!

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  1. Paula

    Absolutely a full house of seekers looking for meditation and yoga connection, community, oneness! I can feel the energy from these photos. Looking forward to each every Wednesday FREE Sahaja Yoga Meditation class in Burlington at Brant Hills’ community centre to greet and meditate with more members of our communities. Incredible event and so many amazing “thoughtlessly “ inspired details that made this celebration so special. Sincerity and love for the whole world was and is felt. Thank you!

  2. Helen

    Such joy, such dynamism!!
    The photo album, the love, the smiles, the music, the dancing, the singing, the talks – such a magnificent celebration! What a complete feeling of Oneness, One family.

    Thank you so very much to all that put this Celebration together!! Fantastic!! Thank you so so much!!

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