Soul and Spirit in A Glass – An Impromptu Sahaj Lab with “The West Australian” and “Il Personaggio”: Obituaries from Australia to Italy (Newspapers)

Of course, there are many articles that appeared in newspapers around the world  but these were the first to be shared in the sahaj community. Not many know that Shri Mataji had revealed to us that countries as well have a subtle role related to their own subtle energy that contributes to a subtle energy centre (chakra) or specific attribute within the Cosmic body. About Italy, Shri Mataji had mentioned that represents the Soul in the cosmic level. So it is no coincidence that in this land her ‘departure from Earth’ had started and ultimately happened, also that Shri Mataji was felt so genuinely by the people of this country, not only by those that were her followers in the practice of yoga and meditation. Before the next article from an Intalian Newspaper is presented and translated (again, thanks go to Anna Mancini!) .. let’s have an impromptu sahaj lesson on Soul, Spirit and the Elements. A short but significant excerpt from the series of books: ” Collection of Eternal Recollections of our Divine Mother” by Linda Williams.

The Soul and The Spirit – What’s the Difference?!


This is the photo taken at the actual place, when Shri Mataji was sitting at the table in the restaurant, with few sahaja yogis, talking about these deep cosmic matters as casually as always. No pretense.. the Divinity penetrates everything and everywhere and all the time. Enjoy!

“This talk took place at Volterra, on the 25th of July, 1986. In this extract, Shri Mataji is defining the relationship between Soul and the Spirit. The analogy She uses involves light, water and the glass that contains the water. The light would be the Spirit, the glass the body and the water which reflects the light, would be the soul. We pick up the talk when Shri Mataji has just given the analogy. One can see an image of chakras reflected in the glass.

Shri Mataji: “Then it (the light) comes in there. This (the glass) is the body. All the five koshas, the five auras, koshas, are there. So these five koshas are managed by the five elements, the essence of which can be called the causal element, the causal of the …”

Gregoire: “The causal of the five elements. What we know as Atma in Sanskrit, is it the soul plus the Spirit, or only the Spirit?”

Shri Mataji: Jivatma is the Soul but Atma is the Spirit.

Gregoire: So jivatma is the Spirit but individualized; belonging to one person?

Shri Mataji: No, no, jivatma is the Soul, means with these five elements, and these five elements give you your own identity, your own character, your own particularities etc. These five elements – the way they are placed in you. That’s the causal element, the causal of the elements that are within you. Then these causals act on the chakra and through the chakras these causals act on the other, on the grosser side. So from the subtle to the subtler to the, you can say the subtlest. The subtlest we can say is the Spirit, supposing, then the subtler is the soul, and the subtle you have the chakras. And the gross is the body.

Gregoire: “So England should reflect on Italy then?” (Mother, on a previous occasion, had told us that while England is the Spirit, Italy is the soul of the Universe).

Shri Mataji: “That’s why all the art grew from here (Italy). Now soul is the essence of all the elements of this Europe, which is here, and England is the reflection. So England has to reflect on Italy.”

Another Sahaja Yogi: “See, the water in the glass is reflecting the light. England is the light and the light has to shine out of Italy which is the water. I mean the five elements in a way.
( Gregoire de Kalbermatten and others had shared this recollection)


Anna Mancini’s translation of this article “Il Personaggio” to English is below with some more photos from Cabella.

“In 1970 she founded the Sahaja Yoga Movement which has its  basis in  meditation techniques.

The Indian guru Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,  founder of numerous  Sahaja Centers in Italy and throughout the world, has died from cardiac arrest last Thursday  in Genova.

She passed away in the Montallegro Clinic where she had been  treated some days ago. Almost 88 years old (she would have celebrated her  88th birthday March 21)  she founded the movement of Sahaja Yoga in 1970. This  is a meditation technique which allows one to achieve internal balance.

The foundation, which is named after Shri  Mataji, has established centers in over 100 countries. It has opened hospitals, schools, and various health centers which all use the same meditation techniques. In Italy, the foundation is located in the medieval town of Cabella Ligure. It has become an “ashram’ with followers coming from all over Europe. That is where the great saint had her residence and where she stayed during the summer months.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was born in 1923 in Chindwara,India,  into a Christian family.She was called “Nirmala,” which means “pure” in Sanskrit. Her father, Prasad Rao Salve, was a direct descendent of  the royal Shalivan dynasty. In 1920 he married Lady Cornelia, the first Indian woman to receive a degree in mathematics from  Ferguson University. Mr. Salve knew Mahatma Gandhi. When it was time for the young Nirmala  to choose her field of studies, she chose  medicine. She wanted to focus her interest on human anatomy and physiology.

Just like her father, Shri Mataji’s heart was in the fight for the liberation for India. Many times she was imprisoned for participating in the students’ peaceful movements, the “Quit India Movement” (1942). She was banned from further studies due to her activities in the fight for independence. After India’s Independence Proclamation, Shri Mataji married the young diplomat Mr. Chandrika  Prasad Srivastave on April 7, 1947. Later he was named in important official in the United Nations. Shri Mataji and her husband had two daughters,  Kalpana and Sadhana. Shri Mataji then began to work for the benefit of society. She started the “Youth Society” to promote young talent in the field of cinema. At the same time she fully respected morality and all  moral customs.

Shri Mataji also founded the P.K. Salve Music and Art Academy, a center for abandoned women (Nirmal Prem), a hospital  in Belapur, India. The hospital treats patients only with Sahaja Yoga meditation techniques, (International Sahaja Yoga Research and Health Centre) and TEV, the Theater of Eternal Values.

Since the 1980’s,  Shri Mataji has traveled throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia, and in Oceania, permitting thousands of people to experiment  Sahaja Yoga. Since 2006, the movement, which is named after Shri Mataji, has among its holdings homes and land.” Translated by Anna Mancini


Shri Mataji is watching over us

Collection of Four Letters from Shri Mataji to Sahaja Yogis (1972, 1975, 1978)

“Cabella’s Farewell to The Great Saint”: National Italian Newspaper (EN translation & Images)

“Singing, Roses and Bare Feet for the Last Journey of The Queen Of Yoga” says “La Stampa”

Whiter than Snow on February 23, 2011 at Cabella

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  1. medi

    SHE cooked
    SHE watched
    SHE talked
    SHE cared
    “I” always looking at HER

    SHE passed away
    “I” became awake

    1. Mool Chand

      who told that she has passed away??
      Se is with us each at every moment, looking us and giving us her love….

      1. Devaraj P Bhandare sahajayogi


        U R Right sir

  2. Ashok Singh

    You are always with us- sitting in the hearts of universe SYs..we all know your love is flowing th. us .To ALL Brothers and Sisters

  3. abhay

    She is the greatest.
    nothing above her.

    it is no lecture it is the reality
    may mother bless us all
    her smile used to make us smile
    she is the most beautiful personality in the universe.
    Even a white cotton saree looks the best on mother as she is the most beautiful.
    She is the simplest but looks most dashing .
    She is our lough , she is our smile, she was our past , she is our present & She will be our future , She is our guardian, she isour friend, She is the guru , She is our power, She is our determination , She is our protection, She is the comfort , She is the sleep , She is morning for us , She is our knowledge She is the love within us . SHE IS OUR BELOVED MOTHER SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI. OUR VERY SWEET AND VRY VERY LOVING MOTHER, OUR MOTHER OUR SHRI MAA OUR NIRMAL MAA,NOTHING BEYOND HER

    sitting in the heart of the universe,
    we know your will flow through us for the rest of your children,

    YOur small son, Abhay jain / vicky chennai

  4. Ravi Teja Sharma

    Shri Mataji
    We love you forever

  5. Anna Mancini

    What can I say to all of this beauty and love? I am so blessed and so privileged! Thank you Shri Mataji and thank you Ioana

  6. Yvon Dion

    I recall that day 2 years ago as if it were yesterday. Shri Mataji never left my life as others who have passed away have. She lingers in my being guiding me as She always has. A True Divinity of infinite and eternal proportions.

    1. Shivangi Mankad

      Yes, so true. Her presence through Param Chaitanya is stronger than ever! I realize and experience – we are not this body, not this mind, not this emotions, not this ego nor conditionings not this intellect…we are the pure spirit. Thank you for the actulization and infinite divine love. Jai Shri Mataji.

  7. Priti

    Shri Mataji we miss You and love You. You are in our hearts and everywhere. I miss Your physical presence. Thankyou for everything. We all bow down and surrender at your Shri Lotus Feet. We are so fortunate to be Sahajayogies and you are our Holy Mother and our Guru. Salutations to You again and again. WE ALL LOVE YOU JAI SHRI MATAJI !

    Thankyou Ioana for sharing this beautiful article.

  8. Rajendra Tosawar

    By HER grace we are blessed and have become realized soul,and furthermore ready to be HER nstrument whatever SHE wants to be to fulfill HER wish.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it.

  9. Raj

    When I first came to know about Kundalini in 1981, I travelled around India to find someone who could awaken this energy for me.There were none – only false gurus and charlatans. In 1994 I went to a Sahaja yoga programme and saw Her programme on video and instantly knew that Shree Mataji was the person I was looking for. Mother’s greatness is Her love for all of Humanity- to give this precious gift of Kundalini Awakening to all who seek it ernestly – an eternal experience that fulfills the promises of all previous incarnations and the Primodial Masters.
    Thank you Shree Mataji for giving us our Self Realisation…

  10. joyce

    Through Shri Mataji,and all her helpers my world finally makes sense..I am home at last. Thank you all that have taught me what I believe … There is only love…She died near Genova ..I have been there and …and as she said Italy is the soul of the Universe… What a beautiful soul,I am crying because we are so blessed she shared her love with us. We are so lucky and have to continue her work…She is always with us to help enlighten our path to ourselves and the Divine … Big hug to all of you xoxoxo and to you Ioana thanks for being our teacher and shining the light for us so we could find our way and caring for us all ….

  11. Kasthurie

    “Thank You Mother” for saving me.

    Have been seeking for a very very long time, which led me to many wrong doors.

    In 2007, a past acquintance mentioned Sahaja Yoga and i knew instantly this is what i have been seeking for so long. When i saw Mothers photo i knew immediately, i finally found my Mother, my Guru.

    “Thank You Mother” for Saving me and my family…

  12. devaraj P Bhandare sahajayogi

    Shree mataji my mahaguru

  13. paula

    Soul and Spirit…a question last Friday was what is the difference between soul and spirit? Shri Mataji explains so well here…hope you can re-circulate this beautiful message.

    1. adrian

      And the similarity…

  14. Niti

    Thanks for sharing this article about Shri Mataji’s journey of Sahajyoga.I really love the analogy she gave to describe the spirit with the example of light ,glass and water.Thanks again and again for her coming to this earth to save the humankind.

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