“Cabella’s Farewell to The Great Saint” in “Il Secolo XIX” Italian Newspaper, on February 25, 2011

** The Italian newspaper “Il Secolo XIX” had offered a full page cover for this event in 2  detailed articles written by the reporters Irene Navaro and Laura Nicastro. Below we have Anna Mancini translating to English the entire page, article by article (the subtitles were also translated) and we’ve tried to complete the envision of this complex message by inserting photos received from sahaja yogis/ friends from all around the world. Please, take your time to read till the end all the personal experiences that were shared. I was so impressed about the Italian media to offer an amazingly large space, have 2 reporters focusing on this event, while there were “hotter” news with their PM and around the world. But they choose wisely to follow the Divine Cool Breeze instead. Let’s open our palms towards the monitor and experience the vibrations in a serene meditation while feeling Cabella’s Heart in our hearts.

Thousands of followers from all over the world would gather every year in Cabella

Shri Mataji -Newspaper


CABELLA LIGURE- Yesterday morning, as the first rays of the sun rose above the horizon, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of the Sahaja Yoga International Movement,  died from cardiac arrest. She had been in the Montallegro Clinic for some medical treatments. Born in India in 1923, she chose Cabella Ligure to be the international center for  Sahaja Yoga Movement. Thousands of followers from all over Europe and other areas of the world would gather in Cabella every year.

In 1991 Shri Mataji bought the castle on the hilltop of Cabella called Palazzo Doria..

… which became the International center for the numerous gatherings.

The Wake at Palazzo Doria- Thousands wait to give their last Farewell to Shri Mataji

CABELLA LIGURE- No one  is in  mourning.  Instead, one minute of silence was held during the Cabella’s  City Administration’s homage to it honorary citizen, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The great saint chose Val Borbera to establish the International Center of the Sahaja Yoga Movement. It is also the place in which she wanted to be remembered. “The directors of the Foundation have requested for a permit to build a mausoleum on the property of Palazzo Doria. Within the limits of the laws, we are ready to grant the permission,” explains Mayor Manlio Garibaldi. The body of Shri Mataji will be buried in New Delhi.

After the purchase of Palazzo Doria, members of Sahaja Yoga moved near the River Borbera. They purchased homes and lands in the area. Schools were started in  Daglio and Centrassi,  both small areas located within Cabella. The Foundation was in process of building a permanent center for meditation during the winter season.

But the hangar, located near the edges of the very swift river, turned out to be very impractical.  The relationship between the practioners of Sahaja Yoga and the town people of Cabella apparently was a good one. Now many of them are asking what will happen next. Will the “pujas” continue? Will the thousands of followers at the international gatherings flock to the town? “The news was unexpected. It is useless to negate the fact that it caught us by surprise,” states the owner of one of the restaurants. “We knew she was not well. At the recent reunions there were always less and less people and some did not even stop in Cabella. But there were times when it seemed that Shri Mataji had recovered and that once again she  was in good health.”

Shri Mataji would have been 88 years old on March 21,” states Aldo Gandolfi, who is responsible for the  Sahaja Yoga International Foundation in Italy. This foundation is  responsible for all  world wide Sahaja Yoga activities, including financial matters and properties. The residents of Cabella called Shri Mataji “the great saint.” She chose Cabella as her official residence and it was also here that she passed the summer months. Her followers called Shri Mataji “the Holy Mother.” The practitioners of Sahaja Yoga don’t like to be defined as a “cult”, in the 20 years that Sahaja Yoga has existed in Italy, it was always made easily available to the public and to its citizens. In 2006, Shri Mataji was made an honorary citizen of Italy.  Mr. Gandolfi continues, “Shri Mataji felt the same positive vibrations in Cabella that she felt emanating from the River Ganges in India, her native country. She will be honored with a last farewell in Cabella before leaving for India, where the final burial service will most likely take place.”


Dead at 87 years old, Shri Mataji was the founder of the Sahaja Yoga Movement

Shri Mataji’s health had not been the same for quite a while,’ explains Mr. Gandolfi. “During the winter months she would stay  in a villa in Genova to be close to the clinic where she would occasionally be treated. Of course we were always aware that this moment of separation would occur. But one is never really prepared to face this pain.”

The following biographical information has been published on the Sahaja Yoga web sites. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was born into a Christian family in the town of Chindwara in India. Her parents, Prasad and Cornelia Salve, were direct descendents of the royal Shalivahana dynasty.  Upon seeing the beauty of this baby, whose body was luminous and without any spots when she was born, they her  called Nirmala, which means immaculate. Her father, who was very close to Mahatma Gandhi, fought together for the liberation of India. Shri Mataji herself was imprisoned many times for her association with Gandhi. She married Sir C.P. Srivastava, one of India’s most important state officials. He was the only Indian ever to  be knighted by the Queen of England. In 1970 Shri Mataji started her “spiritual experiment, ” Sahaja Yoga, which became the international movement and has its basis in the techniques of meditation yoga and leads to the achievement of full Self- Realization. Towards the end of the 1980’s Shri Mataji arrived in Italy and then to Cabella.  In 1991 she bought Palazzo Doria, the ancient residence for the Doria.

Sahaja Yoga has centers and followers all over the world, including Europe and the United States. Shri Mataji  started schools for younger children in Rome, India, and France. The last one was built in Centrassi, a small area within Cabella. Over 40 children from all over northern Europe are enrolled in Centrassi. (note- translator states that a Sahaja Yoga elementary school was also started by Shri Mataji  near Albany,  New York and it is fully recognized by the New York State Department of Education.)

The movement has properties which include homes and land and since 2006, it has been directed by the World Foundation which is named after Shri Mataji. “She wants to make sure that the foundation, with all of its knowledge, will continue to spread Shri Mataji’s teachings,” states Gandolfi, a retired engineer from Ivrea. “The spiritual teachings which she has left are immense. Now we are more than ever determined to bring forth her teachings and to spread Sahaja yoga throughout the world.”

The body of Shri Mataji arrived from Genova to Cabella where it was placed in the main hall of Palazzo Doria for viewing. Thousands of followers of Sahaja Yoga are expected from all over Europe to pay homage to the beloved “Holy Mother.” And it was in Cabella where for many years thousands of her followers would gather for “pujas” and meet  collectively in huge international gatherings.

Ever since yesterday morning Palazzo Doria has been constantly illuminated both during the day and  night.’

In Genova the last medical treatments & “She left us alone to follow the path”

“At the Clinic Montallegro, followers arrive from all over Italy.

She rests covered by white flowers, the color of mourning in the Italian tradition”

“To have known her was a profound experience, unique, and unrepeatable. It was a real experience, lived not in the head but which enters the abdomen,” states Danilo, who arrived from Como to pay homage to his teacher. A fragrance of roses permeates the front door to the funeral parlor of the Montallegro Clinic, in Albaro. In front of the clinic there are many shoes that have been left by the devotees. They have arrived from all over the world to give their last farewell to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, or the Spontaneous Yoga. She was almost 88 years old and died after a brief stay in the clinic.

“For us it is a great loss. But she left us with indications on how we must live. And it will be the path that we will follow forever. “

Last night Shri Mataji was taken to Cabella where she has lived since 1991. (note- reporter states 1981 but this is an error- Shri Mataji visited Italy in the late 1980’s and bought Palazzo Doria in Cabella in 1991). It is predicted that over 2000 practioners of Sahaja Yoga will arrive from all over Italy, Europe,  Australia, and the United States.

“She was like a mother to us,” explains Marco Arciglio..

.. as he opens the door to the funeral parlor, “She was unique in this world. She was an incarnation. Her message  has now spread throughout the world. Humanity is now ready a new awakening and a new step in its evolution. It is now ready for the union with the Divine.”

To allow the devotees from all the world to pay homage to Shri Mataji, the funeral ceremonies will last for two days in Cabella Ligure. (note- reporter states that the body of Shri Mataji will be cremated but that is incorrect. Shri Mataji was taken to New Delhi where her body rests in a mausoleum in Nirmal Dham- just outside of New Delhi)

Her “children” have been at the side of Shri Mataji’s body since Wednesday (Shri Mataji died on Wednesday, February 23, 2011). They dressed her in a beautiful red shawl and a white dress. Then they covered her body with white flowers, the traditional color of mourning in Italy.

Shri Mataji’s Sahaja Yoga has now spread throughout the entire world. By meditating and following the teachings of Sahaja Yoga, the individual is able to awaken all of his spiritual powers within. This awakening allows the person to achieve good health, both physical and mental. Whoever has met Shri Mataji has been fascinated and drawn to her.

“I saw Shri Mataji just once in Como,” explains Danilo. “I was spellbound. This was in 1981 and since then I have always followed her. She awakened within me the energy called Kundalini which had been sleeping.

Since then I am a completely changed man.”

Articles translated by Anna Mancini (New York, USA). The photos are mainly from Cabella (thanks go to Cythare, Sankalp, Jasbir, Omar and Ana Bianca) and some represent artwork from Palazzo Doria. Enjoy below 2 more Articles on this event.

Singing, Roses, and bare feet for the Last Journey of the Queen of Yoga”: The Article in the Italian National Newspaper “La Stampa”

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  1. paula

    Thank you Shri Mataji for this pure gift you have bestowed upon humanity. Your message is stronger than ever. You are a spark that awakened hundreds of thousands (possibly millions now) of us to the world of vibrations. It is pure, simple, FREE, and accessible to all humanity. Once the kundalini (sacred energy in everyone) starts flowing, you start to appreciate the meaning of your life. It was a privilege to visit you in Cabella and to know you. The depth of your commitment during your lifetime on earth to communicate to us this universal message cannot be measured. You helped us to discover that inner wealth that completely satisfies. No suffering, just unlimited access to the source of joy.

  2. Rabi

    What a lovely commentary. Just everything is so balanced. It seems like a poetry.Thank you for the second release. Shall be waiting for reading the follow ons.

  3. Prani

    Thanks for beautiful translation.Thank you mother for giving us this beautiful gift of sahajayoga meditation.

  4. Elsie

    What a beautiful tribute to Shri Mataji. Those who were able to visit this beautiful place and meet with her were truly blessed to stand in her presence. Sahaja Yoga is now in many countries throughout the world. She created a legacy that will continue through her many devoted followers. They attract people with the love, kindness and compassion she taught. Her spirit will live on. I felt the love in the room the moment I came to my first meeting in Halton. Thank you for these beautiful pictures of Cabella.

  5. Prakash Amino

    Shri Mataji… You make us from a common men to a spiritual men ,You have shower lot of blessings to all your childrens, We pray to make us your instrument that we keep our self balanced and keep our kundalini at sahastrar so we meet you every day and night and be with you. And give us the strength so we can your divine message of love as much as possible among the seekers. Mother keep us at your lotus feet so no negativity can separate us from you..Mother be in our heart..We love you much mother

  6. abhay

    thank you from the bottom of my heart for translating everything in eglish
    may god bless you ,

  7. Mary

    Thank you so much for this beautiful commentary. But of course words limit the expression of the feelings in our hearts. Gratitude overflows… We followers have been blessed over and over, well beyond what we could ever imagine we deserved. But Shri Mataji always has a clearer sense of who we are and who we can become, than do we. Now we must live up to theses high ideals and expectations, and make Her proud. Let us help complete Her Divine work.

  8. adrian

    Thankyou for your Love… from Love… and with Love.

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    Shri Mataji,
    Thank you for all the love that you have given us and still giving, for being so patience with us, for loving and tolerating our deficencies and mistakes. Thank you for your ever flowing vibrations that we are feeling stronger. Mother to say thanks can never express our graditude for your love. We promise to show our appreciation by living your words and sharing your love to others by giving realization to those who will not enjoy the priveledge of serving your physical form as we did.

  10. Shalini

    THANKS A LOT for all you have done for us. You’ll be always with us in our HEART!!!

  11. Deo K Kafley

    Shree Mataji, The divine mother has not left us, she is still within us, around us, everywhere talking to us in the holy language of divine cool breeze.
    Mother Adi shakti left her sakar rup to guide us to know her Nirakar rup.

  12. S.P. Subedi

    ..Shri Mataji… kindly guide us …

  13. Debbie

    Shri Mataji will live on forever. She has shown us the light and provided us with a compass on life’s journey. Dear Mother, you will be loved always and forever. Thank you so much for all you have done for us and continue to do.

    Lots of love always.

  14. Adityakumar Varman

    Being handicapped at 82 I could not match those who managed to reach Cabella. Hence it was painful in missing the first hand reports. Please accept my grateful thanks. It has been a yearning wait since Feb 23.

    1. Rajesh

      I was just near to Her body in New Delhi during Mahasamadhi emitting vibrations recalling Her live presence feeling a great gratitude for taking care us like kids.We didn’t feel that She left us that moment.It was complete silence.Great narration by Italian news paper and their recognition.

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    …She helped us all to rediscover the divine Personality in all of Us..she gave us the confidence to believe in this divinity in each one of us!!!
    No amount of gratitude is enough to express the blissful and joyful world she has gifted us with!!!
    Im reminded of the time when we all gathered to pay last tribute to the Physical self of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.all the yogis from all over the world gathered and shared each others shoulders to share pure love in form of Tears.
    Thank you Shri Mataji…Let you always be felt deep inside our heart

    WIth Nirmal Love

  17. Edward Saugstad

    May the whole world soon discover the significance of her advent, which will benefit each and every human being on Earth.

  18. daniela martellato

    this is beautifull…only is better change first photo, …
    thank you

    “dear Daniela, it was done” 🙂 please check .. i still left it there as the photo of Shri Mataji is so very beautiful!, thank you, Ioana”

  19. Antoinette Wells

    Moving account, so appropriate to repost, comforting that so many sahaja yogis are remembering by gathering together, offering pujas or worshipping at the source of the river Thames where She put Her Holy feet, or doing havans or simply meditating together; no rituals, just expression their love in various ways.

  20. Vaishali Raundal

    Thank you Shri mataji for giving me realizasion and i surrender everything to you at your holy lotus feet!!!!!!

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    Divine Mother… I just can say Thanks very much for opened sahasrara and for your patience, for your deep Love, for your presence on earth, for that let us worshiped your lotus feet, for all Daities that protect we and Thank’s a lot for all things that I can’t express them . make us always ready to come to you with clean hands. so when life fades, as the fading sunset, our sprite may come to you. WITHOUT SHAME .

  22. letitia

    Multumesc Shri Mataji pentru ca ma-i salvat.

  23. Jolanta

    Thank you Shri Mataji.
    Thank you Ioana for posting all these articles. This website is amazing!

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    Thank you mother for giving humankind a gift of realization and give all of us the understanding of our mother kundalini,we all are lucky to have Adi shakti herself guiding us in this birth.Thanks for this beautiful article which remind us that the Sun of motherly,
    energy is always going to shine upon us.

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