Paula’s Course in Subtle Miracles -Part 1


Profile of a Sahaja Yogini:Paula Erskine

• Flight attendant 12 years
• Plus Size Model 20 years
• Make-Up Artist 10 years
• Sahaja Yoga student 1 and a half years
• Visited 26 Countries and counting!
• Speak English, Croatian, French and 385+ Russian words
• Learning casual Spanish, Italian, German through my travels (the more languages I get to know the more I see the connections that thread them all together)
• Love photography, travelling, discovering new cultures, scuba diving, the ocean, make-up artistry, writing, colouring my world, improvisational comedy, my friends and family.

Paula has a wonderful basket full of lotuses-stories to share with all of us.

Let’s take the journey of their blossoming, one at a time, one for each day.

You can meet Paula at any of our Halton classes, either Burlington or Oakville, whenever she is not travelling. Now, let’s take a beautiful flight with Paula’s Course in Subtle Miracles.

Let’s begin with The Beginning

check: The Bits of Yoga Miracles shared by Miranda (Barrie class)

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  1. Chandra Sekhar

    Hi our Sahaja Yogi group,
    I read Ioana’s email in which Shri Mathaji in essence said “always be aware you are connected”.
    Since just yesterday after reading the email and Shri Mathaji’s words, I effortfuly worked on that thought that I am connected. Yes, it works! above all it is easy, it is Sahaja.
    If I can do, then all of you can do too because I am so much “chanchala” (one with unsettled mind).
    In the next meeting let us share our efforts and results of “being connected all the time”. Pretty sahaja indeed.

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