(video) French Connections to A Happy New Year: The Voice Sings for World Mayors in Paris & Guided Meditation on Eiffel Tower

C40 Cities -2015 Climate Change
The C40 Cities Awards provide global recognition for cities that are demonstrating climate action leadership – having Bloomberg Philanthropies as partner. The 2015 C40 Cities Awards took place during the pivotal COP21 meeting in Paris, sharing highly replicable ‘best practices’ across cities, while drawing attention to outstanding performances that have achieved a high level of environmental success in a challenging context.

(video) Paris Eiffel Tower- Global Meditation in English

(music video) Mayor Bloomberg & Yoann FreeJay –  The Winner of  The Voice of France @ C40 Cities Awards 2015

(VIDEO) Guided Global Meditation – 1Tree1Heart Project (FRENCH)


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  1. Colleen

    I love this meditation on the Eiffel Tower, I followed along and felt very cool vibrations. It would have been really something to have been there!!

  2. Shulin

    What a coincidence! this backdrop we made this year is exactly One Heart One Tree!

  3. Mohinder Sidana

    Meditation on Eifel tower is full of vibrations and I shared with so many friends who cannot go to classes so that they can meditate at home

  4. Claudia

    Wonderful meditation! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Jon

    We watched the video showing the meditation and projection on the Eiffel Tower in the Barrie class this evening, very strong vibrations were felt! Thank you for sharing this!

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