Forgiveness Recorded Meditation ENGLISH SPANISH Special Program

Let’s Meditate on Forgiveness

Enjoy our “Forgiveness” Special Public Program in the video below! We recorded it live in April during the streamlining of the program. The presentation was offered in both English and Spanish. You might find it helpful, soothing and hopefully transformational.

(video – must watch) Forgiveness – Public Program

In the video above  the Agnya chakra is explained in remarkable details; there are many meditative moments, powerful prayers and exquisite music. You will be pleased to also discover video-clips with profound knowledge on Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Specifically, the advices on Forgiveness offered by the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation have a lasting impression on one’s heart and mind.

We were surprised how everything worked out so beautifully! Proof that it came from pure hearts and  pure intentions. 🙂 So it happens that we are able to share with you this video program, precisely Today when there the Orthodox Easter is celebrated around the World.

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All flower photos are ‘fresh’! These were captured by Ioana during this Orthodox Easter weekend in the beautiful Halton region’s nature (ON, Canada). Please, kindly let us know your impression about the video or any of the articles shared with you. 🙂

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