Rainbow Brings Great Feedback from Youth Housing, Young Parent, Infant and Children’s Centre: Appreciation Lettter for Inner Peace meditation workshop!

Excerpt from the original letter received for the Inner Peace workshop offered by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation team.

Excerpt - Thank you letter from St Martins  - Youth parents

Our team of 5 volunteers: Cherry, Cherise, Holly, Emma and Ioana had been invited by the Catholic Family Services of Hamilton to offer an intro to meditation and yoga to very young moms.
It was “meant” to be on Tuesday, that in subtle system of yoga is associated with the Root Chakra -> responsible for maintaining  the inner child within.  Tuesday is Shri Ganesha’s Day – quite auspicious and same morning,  first thing, I had seen a beautiful rainbow – I took it to be a good omen indeed!
Cutest Fact of the Day: during our 1 hour program, there was complete silence. Later on we had found out that right across the ‘meditation room’ was the nursery room where babies (could be up to 25 of them at a time!)  usually were crying, calling for their moms!  We were told that the ‘meditation room’ is the worst place to have programs in..because of the noise. Not this time! It seems that the babies indirectly felt the soothing benefits of the meditation program! That was the greatest compliment for us; our team felt completely rewarded that we brought in beautiful energy for moms and soothing vibrations for their babies, making them satisfied and at peace 🙂
Last but not least: our team was invited back, so we’ll be there on November 25 with a 2nd sahaja yoga meditation ‘Inner peace’ program (new format!).

meditation at Young parent and childrens centre - Inner Peace Sahaja Yoga

We are looking forward to this opportunity to serve our community and we are most thankful and grateful to Holly and to the Youth Housing Support team for their amazing care offered to youth in need from Hamilton. The centre looks very welcoming and feels like a truly nurturing home!

Enjoy below a bouquet of 3 articles related to Motherhood and Innocence –  experience Root chakra’s qualities:

(click!) African Children ChoirAwesome Vibes!!

Young Parents Program - Septemebr 30-2104 St Manors -hamilton

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  1. aurelian porumb

    when the most innocent beings feel the peace, then who are we to say NO?

  2. anna

    inspiring story on how to share Inner Peace 🙂 well done everybody!

  3. Rabi Ghosh

    Its just beautiful and lovely to read these experience .Complete bliss. Mother has given us special blessings to each one of us to be Her effective instrument. May more of such programme and opportunity to host such programme help bring peace on earth. All love from India.

  4. Holly

    This was so spontaneous how it came to us to offer this thanks to always having the Divine in our attention to bring peace everywhere:)
    Such a happy loving experience!

  5. payal

    Peace and joy, themselves start blessing you when your inner being is in balance. And, inner balance could be attained only through meditation.
    Effortless, spontaneous~Sahajayoga meditation….you would adore it like all of us!!

  6. Colleen Burgess

    I felt great vibrations when reading this!! Wonderful!!

  7. Jon

    Very nice work ladies! The vibes are cool and it is very nice to hear that the babies could feel the positive energy flowing.

  8. paula

    25 Babies can’t be wrong! They felt complete peace from the soothing vibrations emanating from the meditation practice. If you are looking for even more proof of it’s permeating effect on everyone around, you can’t get better proof than that!

  9. letitia

    Cata bucurie reusiti sa trasmiteti,sunteti foarte activi.Ma bucur ca in 25 noiembrie sunteti invitati,am facut bandhan,vibratii puternice si multa iubire se simte.

  10. Antoinette Wells

    Great work! especially in a Catholic school: shows so much open mindedness, times are progressing towards global understanding of Self Realisation!

  11. anjali

    wish you many many beautiful rainbows in this venture to help the young parents to do something worthwhile for themselves and their child/children. Such a strong need is there and its a calling for Sahaja yoga. And with beautiful instruments as this team of 5, its a beautiful start. Indeed it is a blessing of Shri Ganesha – the inner child within.

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