This Little Light of Mine?! Pass It On and Let it Shine!!

This Little Light Of Mine!

Let’s the Celebration Start!  (VIDEO)

Yes, exactly this way (please watch,dance,listen at the children above!!) is how we all had felt at our Seven Years Anniversary of Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Halton-Niagara when we had celebrated it with yogis from Ontario last Saturday in Etobicoke at Humberwood Community Centre. Actually we had watched this video there too! 🙂 Take your time to watch the photo album below (thank you Kruti!), read the impressions collected from participants, and even listen to us singing “Pass it on!”

Impressions, Experiences .. More

From Aditya – yogi /volunteer instructor at Brampton sister class:

Dear All,

Congratulations on the seventh anniversary of Sahaja Yoga in Halton-Niagara.

It was just like yesterday, when you had sent out a photograph of Shri Mataji to all when the Burlington program was about to begin.

How time flies. Today, we have multiple classes in that region. Thank you very much for the Saturday program at Humberwood. It was a very beautiful way to introduce the new ones to the rest of the collective and get to know the other aspects of Sahaja yoga.. All of us enjoyed it thoroughly.

The video, the singing and the activities were all very great and very different from the usual.

The experiences shared by the new seekers were phenomenal.

It would have been very nice if the whole evening could have been recorded so that it could be shown to those who missed the program. A very big kudos to the whole team who made this enjoyable event a reality. Let the light get passed on & on & on……….
Warm regards. Aditya

From Edda- Oakville (Halton yogini):

It is hard to find words to describe the happiness and peace I felt in my heart. It was very nice to see everyone together passining on the love and light of sahaja yoga meditation. I felt so loved!

Everyone as usually working together hard, to take care of everyone like a big family.

The room was beautifully decorated and vibrations very strong.

We all were pampered by divine mother like little children.
Thank you Sahaja Yoga, For helping me to be a better human being.
All my love, Edda

Holly – Burlington Class:

Dear Ioana and family,Wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart that was at the Humberwood Celebrations for bringing to me an amazing experience and vibrations.

What I experienced from this event coming in fairly new to Sahaja Yoga was nothing that i have experienced before. It was truly joyous and peaceful. I felt that i belonged there not wanting for anything more.

The energy in the room at this event I would say was harmony! Everyone coming together to celebrate in love is how I felt. That we were one!

I am at peace from within when i’m with my Sahaj family. Thank you mother Shri Mataji for this gift and for amazing vibrations from Humberwood celebration.  All my love, Holly

From Helen – Oakville free sahaja yoga meditation class:

It was so much fun to share in the preparations, sing and even dance a tiny bit. It is amazing how quickly and efficiently everyone worked together. The vibrations emitted from the picture of Sri Mataji by the water were crazy. Everyone is so kind and loving and a pleasure to be around. Thank you for organizing and thank you to Steven for offering his car to carpool there.

Jayanthi & Chandra – Oakville (yogini/yogi & volunteer instructors):

Dear Ioana, i got lot of positive feedbacks from so many yogis, most of them said it was so good to see all the new yogis from Halton involving in activities and the food was delicious as most of them were home made, they loved the idea of Candle holders and Diyas, all in all it was a blast!

Humberwood program was success, great success.
Introducing Halton-Niagara sahaja yoga family to Ontario yogis was a great idea. Aditya from Brampton was keep saying, “you should have video taped the talks of Halton new yogis”. I asked many “are you coming on Dec 8th?” Most of them intend to come.-Chandra

Kruti’s Photo Album:

From Paula – Halton yogini and sahaja yoga volunteer instructor:

Our Sahaj Anniversary celebration felt as refreshing and spontaneous as a cool sahaj breeze! I was really impressed and moved to hear the stories of the very new people. From miracles shared to help with making decisions through sahaj principles to the
point of sahaja yoga which was touched…on which is to spread the light of this candle by lighting another one.

The home-made play dough was so collective and most everyone participated with enthusiasm. Each cup even had its own set of glittery beads to make the play dough vases and a wonderful picture. I wanted to share that the picture of Shri Mataji on the beach was so powerful, making my kundalini rise again and again with joy.
Vibrations at the whole of Saturday were through the roof for me!

The food spread was diverse and made and organized with love. I drank the wonderful massala mint tea and enjoyed other people eating all the food! It was at the end of the night that I realized that my nabhi chakra was so satisfied in my spirit, that just watching everyone enjoy the food was enough for me. I really appreciated the gifts given to us from the collective from their hearts. We all enjoyed mingling with everyone.  I always feel that new ones pour in so many vibrations, and refresh us all! I was happy because they were happy to give and to receive vibrations. I saw so many smiling faces and I think that the approach was a sweet, mild way to introduce new people to larger collectives. The rhythm of the evening was tailored to the new ones who wanted to do right by sahaja yoga in a natural way. I felt that nothing was missing, in fact, I felt so much love from every direction.

I loved the talk of Shri Mataji which was humourous and amplified the friendly atmosphere. It was a perfect evening for many of us, light, sweet and somehow brought out the quality of innocence in everyone. The singing was great too, with makeshift candles being passed on. When I was up at the front with the choir, I was so surprised to see how halton, niagara and milton have grown. Coming into the large collective more and more, I feel that no matter where we get together, there are always wonderful sahaj brothers and sisters to greet you.

Such a wonderful sahaj family, thanks to everyone we enjoyed being with all of you!  Paula

Erwan‘s VIDEO (Pass It On!)

(click!) We @ 6 Years of Existence in Halton!

Please, drop a comment – and add an impression to the article if you had been ‘there’ or felt as like being ‘here with us’ – We are ALL One Family!

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  1. Colleen

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Just beautiful. This night was amazing!! You can see the love coming from all of the wonderful smiling faces. I felt so much joy there. The food was so good and the idea of the candle holders (thank you Cathleen) was so fitting. The colours and the creativity of the finished product was amazing. Everyone had such a wonderful time, me included. Thank you, thank you. Love to all!!!

  2. Elsie Kuly

    the enthusiastic, energetic African children singing and dancing felt like their joy was coming through the screen and making me a part of it. Although I wish I had been there this was a terrific video. Thanks for posting it.

    7 Years in Halton – Congratulations. It seems the years flew by

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