Musical (!!) Invite to Halton’s FREE MEDITATION Anniversary: 6 Years of Existence in Halton region!

Happy 6 YEARS

Anniversary !!

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Halton

Come & Celebrate !

When: on Wednesday, Nov 9, 2011

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Where: Brant Hills Comm. Centre

Address: 2255 Brant Str, Burlington (Dundas and Brant Street)

Special Guests & Agenda (Lots of Music!):

  • Challo Sahaji – professional Music Band (Brampton)
  • Aarti – Music group (Halton!)
  • Aarti Drums – (Halton!)
  • Potluck Dinner

  • Sahaj Guru Game (NEW!)

  • Meditation

  • Surprises

Our Halton Sahaj Family is Welcoming You & Yours !

And is Singing to You : `Let Us Shine!`Click the VIDEO below

(click!) What is Kundalini? Answer with Miracle Photos & Numerology Info

(click!) What is a Sahaj Guru & Yogi ? Who was Socrates – Human Awareness Evolution & Connections: Abraham, Moses, Sharia Law, Mohammed & Chakras

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  1. Nira

    Jai Shri Mataji Halton!!!!

    Great to see you all happy and singing..
    Miss you all and Happy birthday!


    Nirmal love,
    Nira (Rania)

  2. Elsie Kuly

    The Halton Sahaj family is comprised of kind caring individuals who welcome the newcomer with loving hearts.

    I have been so blessed to be the recipient of bandhans that were sent to me at times when I needed the strength of the group to enter my heart.
    Especially the one that was sent when my daughter, a high risk pregnant mom was having her second daughter.
    As she had lost one baby we had concerns. My faith was strongly restored by an e-mail from which I felt strong vibrations and peace. I knew then I could handle my situation with a calm spirit.

    A healthy baby girl was born and is now a 3 year old blonde haired blue-eyed angel name Zoe. I give my love and thanks to you all.
    Congratulations on the 6 year anniversary

  3. Ayesha

    I love to say happy 6th anniversary for Halton Sahaj yoga and my heart filled with so much joy that i am also part of it.It is not only a complete on-going learning institute,also a big open hearted loving& welcome to all family,and i am so thankful to Allah,Shri Mataji& Ioana+All Halton Sahaj yogis who provide us this amazing knowledge with love and pure attention.thanks& best wishes

  4. ann

    Big Happy 6th Anniversary Wishes to my wonderful Halton family.

    Love always,

  5. Gratiela

    Tonight I am definitely with you all,but only in my heart and mind…because I have to be with my daughter Raluca that has a show.
    Happy 6th Aniversary !
    Love Gratiela

  6. armaity

    Happy 6th Anniversay to Sahaja Yoga Halton. I have the privilege to know many of you during my visits here from India. I am presently in Milton and hope to attend today’s celebrations.
    Ioana and the Halton Yogis are doing a great job in spreading the message and pure knowledge of Sahaja Yoga in this wonderful land of Shri Vishnumaya and I wish them all many many more fruitful years of service.
    Socrates’ wisdom is eternal and all the more needed to be shared and made known in today’s tribulent world. When it is included in Sahaj Yoga Pure Knowledge and imbibed through vibratory awareness , it will certainly yield fruit in bringing about a change in the consciousnes of people , which is the need of the day !

  7. medi

    “To be or not to be, I have always been and will be in all hearts that desire just love.”

    SHE told me where and when
    SHE would show me HER face
    In vain I was there and then
    Waiting and waiting for HER

    SHE couldn’t have done that
    Maybe SHE was there
    Then “I” wasn’t there

    Last night in my dream
    She came back to me
    To tell me that “I”
    Is no one other than HER

    I told HER face to face
    “I” , HER or anyone else
    I need to see the face

    SHE replied to me
    “Then there will be no one and no face
    To be seen or to see that face”

    That night I couldn’t see HER face
    But I heared HER voice
    Telling that “I” is HER
    No need for anything else.

  8. anaic

    Lend me your angel’s wings and I ‘ll be there with you tomorow….

  9. Cythare

    Happy 6th Birthday!

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