(video!) About Nabhi Chakra from Yogi and Yogini – Adrian & Anjali (2012)

Sahaj Guru Game continues! This time we have Adrian and Anjali who spontaneously ‘teamed up’ at this Burlington class, as both of them had the theme “Nabhi Chakra” (the energy centre that is physically reflected as the solar plexus), to meditate on it and cleanse it for the past several weeks. Enjoy their sincere sharing, that came so “balanced” and “generous” and focused on “evolution” -> all of these are main qualities of the Nabhi Chakra. Enjoy till the end, there will be interesting surprises .. one can see how even this sharing has its own evolution.. it was such a joy to watch them ‘live’. Join us@ Burlington classes.. we will continue with the Heart and Vishuddhi chakras..

(VIDEO) Sahaj Guru Game 2012Adrian & Anjali

Please, drop a comment if you like! Let’s continue sharing..:-) Ah! below there are few “connections” you might want to explore.

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  1. paula

    Very enlightening introspections from both Anjalie and Adrian…I also have a tendency towards sinus problems (like Anjalie’s brother) so I will definately be focusing more on my nabhi chakra, foot soaking,and using the techniques freely shared in SY to clear specific health issues that stem from the state of the chakras and are nourished and energized by the kundalini energy which everyone is born with.I really enjoyed when each of the participants shared their personal journeys through the chakras…this is what this discovery game of the spiritual self is all about! You don’t realize till you try it…it is a real growing experience into becoming the spirit.Documenting these light, fun, educational experiences helps us to realize that we are all one and can relate so much to each journey!I can relate to so many of the stories told from both perspectives and I am probably not the only one. Lots of “AHA” moments. The stories help us to understand the chakras (energy centers in the body.)

    We each have the same subtle system and have individual journeys of our lives unfolding to reveal the root causes and effects of our life’s journeys.Everything that I have experienced has lead me to this moment, this master class on being your own guru. It started with a philosophy class I took when I was 19…and learned that there was something known as the collective consciousness by studying Carl Jung…and I finally have found the proof and all the answers to my philosphical ponderings right here.

    Adrian was meditating beside me once and hovered his hand just above mine and suddenly I felt kundalini energy rush up towards and beyond my head as we shared the energy flow! So simple,and and available so easily in our lifetime thanks to Sahaja Yoga. And it is even more powerful to meditate in the classes or in nature with sahaja yogis, our families, our friends…because the more of us that have kundalini awakened in this way, the stronger the vibrations. And it is an amazing, wonderful feeling, pleasant, like being directly connected to the divine mains and then gaining a sixth sense. This vibrational sense brings out the beauty in everything and everyone. It makes me enjoy nature as if it was created for my enjoyment and all other human beings.

    Congratulations to you both and thank you for being so candid and real as you always are. I was riveted throughout the whole video, and it was full of sahaja yoga knowledge, honesty and most importantly, vibrations (the knowledge that does not come from books.) We can feel the truth through our sixth sense!

    1. adrian kraayeveld

      Thankyou for sharing your thoughts Paula.

  2. Mary Majedi

    I have a very powerful experience in Nabi when I was sitting very close to Shri Mataji in a yogis house.as Shri Mataji looking lovingly at me and smiling. I suddenly felt this amazing rush of love which started from my nabi to the infinite and Shiri Mataji knew what was going on with me, I understood that there is no love but love to divine. I felt so much love to mother that I knew that this love was for ever and I could not compare it with any love. This is one of quality of Nabi. We seek God from Nabi.

    1. adrian kraayeveld

      Nice… that you allowed yourself to experience that love…

  3. Debbie

    Thanks very much Anjali & Adrian for sharing with us. The one word that was mentioned several times is “balance” and this is something that stood out for me. It is a word that I use very often when communicating with my friends and family…life is about maintaining balance.

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