I am a Kundalini addict

I am a Kundalini addict and can Prove it!

Photo of Kyla’s outfit . Kyla is a yogini from Burlington and one day we met by chance by Burlington’s Ontario Lakeshore. I loved her outfit so I took this photo with Kyla’s Shri Mataji brooch and T-shirt that resembles so closely our logo for Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network. Cool!

This article was inspired by the following words of Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, discovered a while back in a talk in which She was advising Her followers, the Sahaja Yogis to be upfront about their profound dedication to their inner transformation; representing the outcome of their own Kundalini energy being awakened within their subtle energy system. I found it fascinating! That’s how this “I am a Kundalini addict” article was born. So, check it out!

Personal disclosure on the ‘Kundalini addiction’ and being addicted to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Somebody who joined recently our Online “Lunch – Recharge” Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes and started loving the sessions and becoming “Kundalini and Sahaja Yoga addicted” shared with us How they found out about our free sessions. Interestingly enough, there was a posting on Burlington media, yet the Seeker is located in Brampton and invited us to offer in-person classes in her own community in 2024. Nice!

While working on this article, I was reminded by my beginning with Sahaja Yoga Meditation. I realized that without anyone’s ‘push’ and without knowing much at that time about Shri Mataji’s teachings, I was in fact addicted to Sahaja Yoga Meditation due to such an intense pure desire to grow spiritually and be transformed from within by my own Kundalini energy. My connection to Kundalini became an omnipresent reality, because I could feel such a thirst for meditation and for Sahaja Yoga’s subtle knowledge. I would wake up so joyfully before 4AM every morning, eager to meditate. While walking towards my job, at every step, I could find God’s signs of watchful presence and within myself I would converse silently with Kundalini. Somehow, I would always find beautiful flowers on my walks to the subway station, even when I changed my daily routine!

I could acknowledge that Mother Earth, the Sky, and all Mother Nature’s emissaries were sending me messages, keen to support my Inner Seeker. My daily schedule was so busy, as I was attending University courses while being married, taking care of our little household and maintaining as well a full-time job. However, every day, once I arrived at home, I could not wait to meditate! Just now I realized that at that time I could definitely say ‘I am a Kundalini addict’ and ‘I am addicted to Sahaja Yoga Meditation’. :-). Not much has changed in that aspect even though three decades have since passed.

Group photo from The Festival of Inner Lights celebrated on Dec 10, 2023 in Burlington for 100th Birth day Anniversary of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

For a long time I wanted to share the following quotes, but I was waiting for the right time. As I am firm believer in Spontaneity and Serendipity, it seems that now is the time. Make sure to check how this article ends, because that quote somehow came my way only today and it completes the full circle of this Article’s Theme and timing, as we just started a New Year. Enjoy!!

Shri Mataji is simply advocating for our Inner Peace and Inner Joy:

Image showing a Sahaja Yogi that after meditation is checking how far above his head his Kundalini energy rose up; also there is a quote from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

How bold Shri Mataji is recommending our Inner Seeker to be, in Her own words:

‘I am a Kundalini addict’ you can say in modern terminology. You can say that :-).

I don’t know what other words you use, I’m not so modern. 🙂

But the whole attention in [about] a person I have is of [his/her] Kundalini [energy].

I don’t know a person otherwise. Facewise, I don’t recognize people so much as I know [them] from their Kundalini.

So, it’s a different play into which we just go! After Kundalini [energy] awakening takes place, then your attention also becomes so subtle that you can see Kundalini around. You can!

If there’s a clear sky, you can see Kundalinis around. You can!

And you start seeing the Kundalini of people and feeling it.

I mean not with the eyes, but you start really feeling them, all around, you just go about like that.” 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Public Program, Hampstead Meeting House, London (UK), 4 June 1981)

Can You Recognize Burlington’s Kundalini in the Sky?

Follow the next excerpt from Shri Mataji’s Teachings about our connection to Kundalini and God’s Power of Love that can be felt within and all around us:

Shri Mataji – the Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, spreadung her hands to feel the Cool Breeze of the Divine Power of Love; next is a quote from Her speeches, below too. Enjoy!

Shri Mataji says:

Now raise both your hand towards the sky and ask,

Mother, is this God’s Brahma Shakti?

Is this His Power of Love?

Is this the Power through which the entire Universe works?

Don’t doubt. It is not to be doubted. Bring both your hands down. You are feeling COOL on the hands. This is the beginning.

In a very subtle way, like a strand of hair, Kundalini [energy] awakens on the Brahma Nadi [the channel of God] and slowly rises, opening the chakras.

When the permeability of chakras is increased, when they start opening up; the Kundalini which is made of many strands, will rise. Many strands will rise up. There just has to be a beginning.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Talk in Hindi, offered during the second Public Program in Jaipur, India on Feb 18th, 1986.
Burlington’s sky in October 2022 looks like a serpernt that starts drawing the AUM sign on the Sky (photos by Ioana P.)

Shri Mataji explains that Kundalini energy is acting as a Protective and Guiding Motherly Power

Shri Mataji explains more about the Kundalini energy that is found within:

“As the Kundalini is your mother and She is one like Mother Earth, like the Aquarius, like the Aquarian Age.

This is the Age of Kundalini. It’s called as ‘Kumbha’ in Sanskrit language. She represents that and the Kundalini when She comes up, she nourishes you and, in that nourishment, she looks after your attention. She fills up the attention with Her energy which gets ignited by the entry of the Spirit into your attention.

Photo capturing the Spring in Burlington 2022 (provided by Ioana P.)

Discover When the Spririt starts guiding us and How we become Collectively Conscious

“So far, your Attention is not in your central nervous system. It is there, it is the One who is the Witness (the Spirit).

He [the Spirit] is looking at you all the time and he knows what you are doing but it doesn’t say, doesn’t interfere, it’s just there watching.

But after self-realization [when Kundalini energy is awakened] this Spirit enters into your Attention and starts guiding you. Only through vibrations this new dimension that you achieve of Cool Breeze, you understand what is right and what is wrong.

So far you live in the relative world but after getting the self-realization the Spirit guides you clearly what is to be done, whether to do this or not and your priorities change so nicely that you know where not to waste your energy and where to use your energy.

You just start understanding the complete picture of you being the part and parcel of the whole and that’s how you become Collectively conscious.”

Tree in Burlington (September 2022, photo by Ioana P.)

Analogy to the Seeker of Truth with the Bird spreading its Wings to Fly out

“The egg has become a bird. All that was an egg is finished. Now you are the bird. So, you become a bird which has to fly out. Strengthen your wings and you have to fly out and know for yourself what is the sky, what is the kingdom of God and how you have to enjoy it.”

Connections between Attention, Sustenance and the Spiral movement to our Biological Qualities

“The best thing that happens to your attention is, because attention is your sustenance.

People think the “religion” word is very dangerous because religion has been organized and it means some sort of a mythical stuff. But what happens to sustenance? We have got within us a sustenance; means you can see a spring has got its own sustenance to remain like a spring. But when it loses its biological qualities, then it becomes linear. In the same way we, because of mistakes, have become a little linear by temperament so our biological sustenance has gone down, that power has gone down. Like peptones, in the form that exists in the human beings, have this tremendous spiral sustenance within them. They can remain spiral, but you put together all the amino acids of the world and try to create one like that, only 5% you can achieve. So, you can imagine what a tremendous body is created. 

Now you have the sustenance to be spirally sustaining your qualities and these are 10 sustenances within us.

The Self-Chakra Knowledge provided by Kundalini is leading us to Helping others!

“Now when you start understanding that your attention has enlightened, you can see within yourself what’s happening within your chakras. How are they, whether they have built up these centers or not, whether your Kundalini is up there or not, whether your chakras are alright or not, you can see for yourself.

Then you can also help others. Once you get your vibrations absolutely established and you are established well, you can give realization to others. You can give them the awakening and the knowledge and everything about it. 

But knowledge is what they feel. Once the energy starts flowing in then you have to tell now this is the energy flowing from your hand. Now see for yourself how to work it out and then once you work it out, you can do it, you can tell him, ask him to work it out. At first, he may not believe! But because you have gone through it, you have patience, and you understand because you are a Seeker.

So, you understand that ‘I have suffered it, so this person has also the same problem through which I have gone.

You have tremendous patience and love for that person, and you try to explain to him how it is to be done and that’s how you can create thousands of people who are realized souls.

Mastering the Will Power and Solving the many problems that are facing human beings

“So, you solve many problems that are facing human beings. Your sustenance is awakened. You give up all your habits, you’re no more a slave of any habit, just they drop out. So many people who have been tremendous alcoholics and all kinds of problems they had. They just dropped out all their [bad] habits. It’s amazing to see the people how they dropped out their habits overnight; but not always if the person doesn’t have so much will power. Young people do it much faster, but I have seen even old people doing it. In case the will power is less, then we know how to even enlighten your will power, how to bring your will power into play or your heart’s power into play. 

These powers are within us which are to be given balance, now when the attention is enlightened.

You also know through your attention that all these people who are fighting differently, that ‘Christ is ours’, somebody says; ‘Mohammed is ours’, then another says; ‘this is ours’ and all that, are all stupid people. Because these are all the flowers born on a living tree and when people remove those flowers, the flowers have died and the ugly flowers, they are sticking onto themselves and saying this is mine and this is mine.”

They all belong to the same Tree of Life that is here, and all these chakras have these deities on them and as deities they are there, and they are the milestones of our evolution and our consciousness!

Let’s Make this New Year Promise to yourself starting from Today:

“One must understand that these are symbolic things which express your temperament, your nature.

When you are taking drugs you are spending so much money for drugs because you are addicted to it.

Why not get addicted to Sahaja Yoga?!

How many of you are addicted to Sahaja Yoga? Raise your hands.

At least promise me from today you are all going to be Sahaja Yoga addicted. 🙂

Come along, raise your hands, all of you. So this is the good news [laughter].

So, New Year has started and it’s a beautiful thing, this year has to be something special. 

So every year one has to jump out on to a better life, a life of magnanimity, of sublimity, of spirituality.

May God bless you all!”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Talk offered to Sahaja Yogis during the Bonfire Night on Diwali Celebration at Surbiton (UK), On November 5th, 1983
We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and you might be closer to make a promise to yourself that you will get closer in touch to your Kundalini energy and if not “addicted” to it or to Sahaja Yoga, atl least, let’s try to meditate daily and promise to make this year a special spiritual one. Drop a comment if you wish!

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  1. Anjali

    I love this promise to grow spiritually by connecting to the kundalini energy using sahaja yoga meditation practice. Dear Ioana I so enjoyed reading about how your journey started and I felt your eagerness to get into meditationat evey opprotunity. I experonved the same today after our lunch meditation. I felt to not let go and be more with you all online in this state of calmness and strength. We spoke about this promise to make to ourselves to grow spiritually. Indeed a promise we owe to ourselves to make. Thank you for this cooling sahasrara article and Shri Mataji s addictive pearls of pure knowledge and love.

  2. Antoinette Wells

    What a beautiful joyous post to start the New Year!
    Thank you Ioana!

  3. Niti

    What a joy giving article.I love all the analogy,given in this article, why to addict to mother Kundalini,because she nourishes us emotionally mentally and physically,I really enjoyed this article,and I felt lots of joy through each and every word and also from all the amazing pictures. Thanks Ioana for all your efforts to bring Shri Mataji divine advice through this article as a New year resolutions.

  4. Isabelle

    Very nice. A beautiful promise. My first class I said to myself what is this feeling? I was right away addicted to it. I wanted it every day that feeling which I did not recognise but it felt familiar. A surrendered peace. I checked when is the next class where can I get more. I was sitting in the parking lot for hours waiting for the class to begin.

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