The Story of a 108 year old Guru and his Mother

The Story of a 108 year old Guru and his Mother (Loving Wise Lesson)

Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Chapter 1 – (Guru as a Woman and a a Mother) Intro Radio KFI Interview 1983

“Broadcaster: Well, you talk a lot about the Mother, and I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re getting at all the time, but usually, when people think of Gurus and such, they think of men. But from what you’re saying, it seems more natural even that it would be a woman than a man.

Shri Mataji: Yes, of course. You see, the gurus were there before and there are also today many gurus who are – who are good gurus in India, but they don’t want to go out anywhere, and they also call me Mother, you’ll be surprised. All of them; one of them is about hundred and eight years of age, he also calls me a Mother.

So, the Mother is the Representation of that Power within you which is waiting to nourish you, first of all, and then to take you to your second birth, by which you become the Spirit.”

Excerpts from Shri Mataji’s lecture in Houston, Unites States on October 7th, 1981

Chapter 2 – (Mother and Son) Intro Radio KFI Interview 1983

“There was a guru who was a realized soul and a very evolved personality and he lived in a cave up in the mountains. I wanted to go and see him. So all the sahaja yogis said, ‘Mother, you never like a guru.’

I said, ‘No, when did I say that? I don’t like gurus who are not (real) gurus. He’s a great man and I must go and see him. He is my son. He’s only 108 years of age.’

So they said, ‘Mother, how could you do it?’

I said, ‘I’ll do it. Don’t you worry about me. I’m going to climb up.’

So I said, ‘You see the vibrations. Before asking me questions, see the vibrations.

And the vibrations started coming.

This gentleman, poor man, he didn’t come to America. *he is in India* His hands and legs were broken and he was absolutely useless to do any good work because he thought he cannot even walk. But he has a tiger on which he sort of moves about and he lives in a cave. He also has a great power to control the elements as far as the rain is concerned.

When I went up it started raining very heavy and he got very angry and he said, ‘What is this rain? Why is it like this?‘ He was sitting on a stone seat [shaking his head back and forth] and he wouldn’t look at me. I sat as he had made nicely a place for me and everything.

He said, ‘Why did you keep the rain like that? I cannot even give you a clear day when you are coming to see me, that’s my Mother, after so many days…’ and all those things he said to me.

I said, ‘See now, don’t be angry with the rain.’

He said, ‘It must be my ego you wanted to correct.’

I said, ‘No, not at all. But I know you have got a sari for me and you are a sanyasi and I will not take a sari from a sanyasi son. So I must get drenched. Otherwise how can I take a sari from you?’

The whole, the sweet [drama] completely changed him. The tears started rolling.

He said, ‘Mother, how did you know I had bought a sari for you?

I said, ‘I know you had bought a sari for me.’

And so sweetly he went and brought the sari for me. Just look at that, a little thing.

You must learn the tricks of saying things that make others happy. Giving small little things, matter to make others happy. The greatest joy for your Mother is to see you all so very happy with each other, enjoying each other.

Only after realization you can enjoy others, this you must know. Before that you cannot enjoy each other. It’s all mental projection. You may say, ‘He’s my brother,’ or ‘She’s my sister.‘ Tomorrow you may murder.

But after [self-]realization you really enjoy that person. How? Because the vibrations are the fragrance of the personality. And then you feel, ‘Oh, what a life!’

Sometimes a very great soul comes to my feet ..

.. and I have seen ten people standing there. They are all taking vibrations from him and they would not allow him to get up. Whenever the poor fellow tries to get up, they said, ‘No, lie down there’ because they are enjoying it [his energy /vibrations] so much. One must understand that you have such a dimension of love which acts, which actualizes, which soothes and nourishes.

I hope all of you become great trees of love, of bounding love, of complete purity and joy!

Next year when I come I’m sure I’m going to see that here. May God bless you all!”

Lessons of Effortlessness, Oneness and Consciousness

Trees in Spring (Burlington, Halton region of Ontario, Canada)

“There is a very great saint who is more than hundred and eight years of age, and he asked me, ‘Mother, I have spent thousands of years to get these vibrations and these people have got it without doing anything.
I said, ‘What did you, who asked you to do it? You should have taken it easy, you would have got it.’

He’s a very sweet fellow, but because he’s got it through his effort, he has that feeling that, ‘I’ve got it through my effort.’

You’ll never get it through effort, I tell you. When you are finished with your effort you just get it.

Yes! When Buddha was tired, finished, then he got his Realization. When you stop your efforts then only you will get your realization.

‘So why to boast of your efforts?’ I told him. [the saint]

He’s a very powerful man because he’s done lots of things and he always goes on a very big tiger. He says that people have beaten him, so he’s hurt himself so he always uses a tiger. And he’s a man with the idea that he has these powers.

He told people that, ‘Mother has come, so you go and see Her

Excerpts from Shri Mataji’s lecture in Houston, Unites States on October 7th, 1981
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the Spiritual Mother and Guru for Sahaja Yogis

When I went to see him, we had to climb about three miles. When I reached there it was raining and I got completely drenched. And this fellow is supposed to have powers over the rain and he was so angry! When I went there he was sitting on a little seat of his, made of some stone. He was very angry. So I didn’t say anything, I went inside his cave and sat down there in that drenched condition.
So he came down and he said, ‘Mother, did you do this to kill my ego?’
I said, ‘What? I didn’t do anything. What did I do?’
He said, ‘This rain wouldn’t listen to me.’
I said, ‘Now, don’t be angry,’ I said, ‘Sit down. Haven’t you bought a sari for me, and you are a sanyasi, I won’t take a sari from a sanyasi, [ascetic saint]. You have got a sari for me, isn’t it? So I have to get drenched, otherwise I will not take sari from you.’ And his whole temper melted away. Then I said, ‘It was necessary the water to flow over my body so that all the plains around you become beautiful and vibrated with water.”
He is a very great soul I must say, because he doesn’t talk to me like ordinary human beings talk. His style is different because he recognizes, he knows who I am. It is a very different thing..

And a day will come when you will also rise, you will rise and grow and there will see the glory of this great new age, new generation… into the complete newness of the being.

Trees in Spring (Burlington, Halton region of Ontario, Canada)

Jungian, Christians, Hindus, Muslims

“Tomorrow I’ll be speaking, I must tell you beforehand, about something he spoke to me in the plane about universal consciousness and he said that we should not use the word collective consciousness. Sometimes people might think us to be Jungian. We are Jungian, we are Christians, we are Hindus, we are Muslims, we are everything aren’t we? Because we know all of them are One. So ALL truths are One.”

Jung and ‘Universal Consciousnessversus ‘Collective Consciousness’

Jung was a realized soul so whatever he said is the truth.

We should not brand ourselves or anything, we are everything. So about universal consciousness, the word ‘universal consciousness, I will explain to you why at this stage we cannot use ‘universal consciousness’ word. When you rise to that level, then I will use that also. Just now it is only collective consciousness.

Excerpts from Shri Mataji’s Interview at Radio KFI in Los Angeles, USA on September 25th, 1983

We bow to You Shri Mataji – Namaste beloved Mother and Guru

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