Roselyn de Curacao

Roselyn Jobse – my sister sahaja yogini born, raised and proud of Mother Rock – Curacao. She left us today on Aug 31, 2022. This article is for her.

Bon Bini Curacao

This is how Roselyn addressed me with a text message in her beloved native language, the moment she knew that we landed: ” Bon Bini Curacao“. It was December 2018 and we were to spend the Christmas in Curacao.

I love her in this photo: first time we met in person. She was wearing the earrings I’ve offered her as a gift from Canada, hand crafted by indigenous artists. Symbolically, they materialized vibrations carried from “home” as well it was a way to bind us as sisters with this present she would ornament her Vishuddhi Chakra — the subtle energy center that connects, relates, communicates, unites and offers responsible protection to others. Later on I’ve realized that she absolutely loved Mother Earth – specifically her own “Mother Rock” and her Vishuddhi chakra qualities were exceptional!

Roselyn took us to the beach where unbearable suffering was brought to this magical place via the far too many vessels that carried slaves – broken and dilapidated humanity – for far too long! She told us right then also about the heroic collective efforts in the name of basic freedom and human dignity that were made in the past. Unfortunately those desperate efforts ended in even more individual suffering and collective trauma. On that beach, we meditated together and prayed for the souls that suffered, to find peace and for the seekers of today to find and receive their true liberation through their Self-Realization.

Tonight on Aug 31, 2022 – the same day that Roselyn departed from this material existence – we offered an online meditation class in Romanian. Instinctively I’ve felt to use this image for the meditation altar, because of the roses. They all together represented Roselyn for me, her bhakti, her devotion, her sincerity in loving Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Later that night Roselyn wrote: ” Thank you for the meditation to heal Curacao especially the beautiful people of Curacao. Looking forward to our spontaneous next meeting. Sleep well.”

Sharing another example of Roselyn’s beautifully elevated thoughts and pure desire: “Our intensity and desire will do a lot already for Curacao and its people and us and the world. Thank you. JSM. Wonderful.”

Roselyn was using her Vishuddhi chakra to honor the land, the language (Papiamentu) and the people she felt deeply responsible for, deeply grateful for, deeply in love with.

Roselyn and her beloved husband Paul when they dropped us to our hotel. One would sense there is innocence, playfulness and kindness in the marriage. Interestingly enough, I noticed how a head of an elephant shaped cloud was hanging above their heads. This was a hint to the blessings of Shri Ganesha.

The Amazing Eye Shaped Sun of Curacao around Christmas

There is no photo manipulation! That entire day we were exploring (as tourists do) the beauty of Curacao. However, my attention was driven from inside towards uttering prayers for Curacao’s seekers, and for Forgiveness and Peace to find their place together “here for all”. In the evening, the “reward” materialized into this amazing sunset. It felt as a grand answer from the above that the prayers came directly from my Spirit, they were heard by the Universal Spirit – they were not in vain.

Subtle Connections found in Sahaja Yoga Knowledge

When I shared the photos of this divine gift and good omen with Roselyn, I chose to accompany them with the following wisdom quote from Shri Mataji, as it was the one making all the connections leading to Lord Jesus being ‘the Sun’ and ‘the Eye’: 

‘Niti’ or the Purity and Morality of Life

“And if Surya (Sun) Chakra at the Agnya level (known as the Third Eye energy centre) is occupied by Lord Jesus Christ then it is even more essential that the purity of life, what you call ‘Niti’, is the Morality of Life. Now morality itself has become very much sort of an argument in the West. People don’t have any sense of absolute morality. On vibrations of course you know. But they have all gone against it. Those who are worshippers of Lord Jesus, those who are the worshippers of the Surya (the Sun), of the Saraswati (the Goddess of Creativity and arts) have all gone against the powers of Surya, just disobeying it. Because “.. 🌟👇 it continues here.

Roselyn loved this photo I took of the sunset; it was around Christmas and all day I had my attention on Lord Jesus that is venerated in Sahaja Yoga as the Son of God as well the guardian of our eyes and represented by the Sun as a celestial being. We both loved the symbolism and the good omen of this gift “from above.”

Christmas Puja – Meditation for Lord Jesus and Mother Mary in Curacao

Roselyn welcomed us with much love to all Christmas celebrations that she was part of in Curacao.

First, I had the joy of joining the Christmas Puja with the local sahaja yogis. It seemed to me that Roselyn was lovingly nurturing our spiritual togetherness as well in deep meditation, the collective closeness to Shri Mataji – our beloved teacher.

The meditation altar during Christmas Puja. It felt like Mother Mary was there with us bestowing her love and blessings upon us and all Curacao.

In the same time her alertness was making sure that everyone will be back on time to enjoy Christmas holidays with their respective families. Her caring nature was so genuine, and “family” to her was sacred. It meant love, sacrifice, understanding and patience catered towards every member of the family, hers or others.

She showed so much empathy towards my family members and they took it to their hearts. In just a few meetings, the bond of genuine friendship / family feeling grew naturally strong among all of us.

Later, she invited my family to join her family for their Christmas get-together!

We received the following text message from Roselyn:

” How is my new found family doing? It feel as we known each other for years and this is a seeing each other again. Life is perfect, life is surprisingly unique and good. How is Razvan doing? How was your day? You are cordially and humbly invited to celebrate and have X-mas Lunch with our family at 13:00 o’clock. With your permission we will pick you up at 12:30 o’clock. God makes us get to know each other for a reason. We are on earth being one big happy family.

If it is OK with you and if you accept our invitation and honour us, the whole J… J .. family with your presence. Thank you for trusting us. Bon Pasku. It means Merry Christmas“.

Such an honor and such a joy to meet them all, enjoy the traditional food in their beautiful garden! The greatest surprise and gift was to listen to Roselyn reciting her most beloved poems. Luckily, I’ve recorded her. We were adamant to listen to the poem in the original Papiamentu language, then have it translated for us in English, Enjoy the two video-clips below:

Roselyn reciting her “Mama Baranka” poem in Papiamentu – her native language

Roselyn is reciting “Mother Rock” poem in English and shares her Love for Curacao

‘Mama Baranka’ is Papiamento (the language of the Caribbean islands Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire) for ‘Mother Rock’, in the Antillean culture the symbol of strength and perseverance.

Curacao seen though our Sahaj Eyes

Indeed, Curacao has so much (inner) beauty and the meditations in the hotel room were at times very light and beautiful which is a rare experience in itself.

We loved the flowers in Curacao. Especially there were a few that looked like small colorful stars. Of course, they were delicate and we expected for them to die in a few hours.

Photos from our meditation altar placed in our hotel room. There was such a nice atmosphere because of the altar!

 These flowers lasted for 7 days in a sub desert country. In fact, Roselyn told us later on how quickly they fade but if they stay in vibrations they resist longer. Not even specially cultivated  roses resist so perfectly for so long .. these are tiny and delicate. Not even one has fallen or died!! 

Photos from our meditation altar placed in our hotel room. There was such a nice atmosphere because of the altar!

Wherever we go as sahaja yogis we remain connected and we make sure to meditate. In order to create a “meditation place” in our hotel room, we took a folded card received in the USA at an international seminar with Shri Mataji. On one side it says “Love We Are” on the other one “Peace we are”. We also took a small booklet with Shri Mataji’s quotes received from India . During those days in Curacao, while wondering at these flowers’ vitality, I came across the following words of divine wisdom from Shri Mataji:

Love is a source of energy that makes things to grow in a loving manner. Love does not mean that you hug somebody . It is a living energy that understands , that makes you. “

The Joy is not that you laugh aloud. The joy is not that you are always smiling . No . It is the stillness, the quietude within your self , the peace of your being , of your spirit. ” 

Your lives should be absolutely transparent. Transparency is the essence of Sahaja  Yoga.”

I truly believe then and now that everything is connected and messages are passed on to us. Roselyn adored Shri Mataji’s light shinning upon us, for all mankind. Roselyn was filled with “that” Love and Joy and lived her life transparently, sharing herself with us all in so many ways!!

Roselyn sent me this photo, so I can see that she participated in the International Caribbean Festival for Inner Peace. She hoped that we can join it too! Plus she was wearing the “super-earrings” as she called her that small gift from Canada. She felt the love and she sent it back plenty more!

We just mentioned the flowers of Curacao. Always one could find a spiritual likening or connection with some of them, But the most stunning ones we discovered so unexpectedly in our very last day that was also the last day when Roselyn and I met and meditated in silence. Where?! We met by the Aquarium and simply entered in a hotel nearby. We walked in its interior garden looking for a quieter place. It should have been “mission impossible” but in our “movie” (divine leela / play), also everything worked out. That meeting place was not planned. We were guided by an invisible Hand.

This is the blue pond with delicate pale blue lotuses that seemed to be like floating stars, yet from above they looked like daisies too.

What is the Power of Meditation? From Depth to Essences, Chakras and Elements to .. Heavenly Experiences

The interior garden was so beautiful, I had to stop to take photos of the guarding lions, then there was a basin with light blue lotuses that resembled daisies and stars in the same time. Across that basin we found a perfectly private space, in cozy shadow of the palm trees and the gentle breeze was blowing while the waves of the ocean were also provide their rhythmic ambiance. Literally there was a wall between us and the beach packed with people. Yet we experienced Serenity, the Sahasrara chakra was growing so tall in our meditation. The expressed desire was to pray again for Curacao and its seekers, yet I am not sure that we really said anything. We concluded with whispered Sahasrara mantras and maybe we felt a star-dust magic added to it because of the Lotus Heaven proximity. Not many lotuses, but so beautiful. The photos we took do not do them any justice. I carry that last divine gift from Curacao in my heart.

Meditate on Emotional Intelligence with Lotuses & Essential Definitions – Answers

Then, Roselyn gave me gifts for my family including for our daughter who was not there with us. She wrote cards for us on her knees, with full loving attention. That was the last time I’ve seen Roselyn.

After our meditation, Roselyn took a few minutes to write a card to our daughter (that she never met).

Let’s share some photos from Curacao with places that we visited because Roselyn recommended those to us. Yogis visiting this page can feel the vibrations and spend some bandhans for this beautiful land and its people; everyone else, maybe can enjoy and when they’ll visit Curacao remember that a most beautiful soul lived there (with roots since 1500) and loved it with every cell of her being. Her name is Roselyn.

(click for knowledge) Power of Discretion Flows through Mouthpieces of God – A HAMSA Chakra Compilation & Introspection

The oldest tree in Curacao (800 years old kapok tree)

800 years old kapok tree

Such an old tree definitely is embedding a vast experience and it creates its own vibratory landscape around it. We could feel that a Living Being, like a commanding presence was there, not just a tree. It was a very unusual and somewhat heavy experience. Definitely the past of Curacao was not a light one and its soil absorbed a plethora of extreme negative emotions and blood during the period of slavery. The Mother Rock endured and its Earthlings did the same.

It was hard to capture everything (all of “it”) in one photo as it was more like a Tree-Citadel.

it was hard to capture everything in one photo as it was more like a Tree-Citadel.
I loved this leaf .. it is like life itself arteries flowing .. like landscapes from another planet
Actually I chose the “right moment” for this photo – it was fascinating to see how these flamingos were like 3D Japanese exquisite paintings coming to life in front of our eyes. Their beaks would create perfect circles; there was such an augmented visual reality but through its poignant smoothness.

Also from our last day, these flamingos had such a poetry in them, and the way their touch in the water created that reverberation. Perfect yet wild elegance that served no purpose other than pleasing the eye of the beholder.

Again this fascination of contrasts, tiny star flowers next to the unending palm trees, I enjoyed to create a “bouquet” of them together, in this photo, showing that small and large, tiny and tall, they all aspire to the Infinite Sky and in a way that one is actually accessible to all.
Always felt the palm trees’ coronas resemble Crown (Sahasrara) chakras.
This one is starting above Roselyn’s own Sahasrara (crown chakra). I could not resist not to take it , knowing Roselyn’s identity has been actually rooted in this land and its Nature.
This is obviously a moved image .. but isn’t a successful visual representation of the Wheel of Life ?!

This is obviously a moved image but it was so beautiful and significant, definitely talking about the vibrations we are all made of .. we are all together participating in the fabric of Life that is evolving continuously.

Then, the last image of Rosalyn leaving our last meeting

I can say today “Farewell Sweet Rosalyn of Curacao” in Papamiento:

Ayo Dushi Roselyn de Curacao!

That seemed to be the over stretched Sahasrara of Curacao, with the divine ether filling in, protecting my dear sister Roselyn, who was always its most devoted and untiring flute.

(video) Last Day’s Experience with the Water element in Curacao (and Dolphins)

Talk of Shri Mataji with pictures from Curacao

Dear Roselyn thank you for participating in our online meditations, you contributed with your wisdom and sincere impressions. I know it happened during your hardest time and we are glad that you were able to find some relief. We will ask every sahaja yogi that is visiting this page to say Good Bye and send their loving vibrations in the form of bandhans for Curacao and its people, for spiritual evolution, and collective wellness in their society – including the “Niti”. Jai Shri Mataji!

Your other family from within the Vishuddhi Lands of continental Americas

Today is again Shri Ganesha’s birthday. Right after Shri Vishnumaya puja. I remain your sister, forever honored by our bond of sisterhood created by our Mother – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. May we all find Love and Peace here and after (this) life.

Such Sisterhood – Ask for it!

Keep together. Love each other. Understand them. Love not of mesmerism, but of freedom. In freedom you must love each other. I never take away your freedom, that’s one thing, whether you fall or rise. First thing is for your freedom. That is the thing on which you are going to move. So today is the day where you all have to promise and pray that, this brotherhood and sisterhood will be established. Ask for it, in this soil of ..” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Diwali Puja, 1980/11/09)

Here we can say: “Americas“. :-)

There is such a beautiful brotherhood and sisterhood among them. Without any effort, it has been achieved – automatically. They have become so beautiful because there is between ourselves and the reality a very little distance. If we can cover that distance and if we could absorb the reality, then you’ll be amazed how you are so fantastic, so glorious, so wonderful.

If we see the World, we have problems – ecological problems, political problems, economic problems, family problems, all kinds of problems – but the center point of all these problems is one: that’s the human being.

And IF, somehow, we can transform this human being into a new awareness of universality, then all these problems can be solved.” Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Birthday Felicitations, 1992/03/22)

After we reached back home in Canada, we’ve received this Quintessential Message from Roselyn:

“I feel good. I am not sad. I feel that with you it was Shri Mataji who has been here. How lucky I am. I am so glad and happy how Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi blessed me being so near. I just got that feeling and thought. That is why I feel good, I feel blessed, I feel complete. That is why I do not miss you because I feel: you never left.

Physically but not spiritually. We are everywhere in the universe that is our playing room, our space, we will never be apart. I think you understand me.

We are one. Each having his/her own task.

I am so grateful for this miracle and for this sign for this level reached to communicate and going on doing Her work. Incredible but joyful and beautiful.

I hear the birds chanting outside. Communicating.

Are you aware of the awesome job Shri Mataji entrusted you / me with?!

I am honored how for Shri Mataji I seemed to be and was ready and worthy in Her eyes, really, for This beautiful experience we had. From December 16 until December 28th, 2018.”

** Roselyn must be shared with the world. Her words resonate so harmoniously with Shri Mataji’s quotes on sisterhood. Most importantly one can feel her soul being such a warm transmitter of Light.

Jai Shri Mataji!

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Such oneness – photo taken in Curacao during a stroll with Roselyn and our other halves.

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  1. Adriana Veress

    Asa o poezie dulce e intregul articol!… vibratii, ca un susur linistit de izvor limpede, racoros si cristalin…pozele, cuvintele, emotiile, natura, toate se impletesc intr- un poem de iubire si lumina… sunt convinsa ca Roselyn, e recunoscatoare pentru aceasta nestemata, rezultat al iubirii ei, al iubirii tale, al iubirii lui Dumnezeu. Dumnezeu e in tot si totul e in Dumnezeu! Jai Shri Mataji!❤️

  2. Rajinee

    Such a beautiful person. After reading this article, my heart knows our dear sister Roselyn. Thank you for spreading your light in the world.

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    I didn’t know her, but when I read her daughter’s request for the bandhan I was, and still am, flooded with vibrations and peace
    Jai Shree Mataji

  4. Anisoara

    She has such a gentle and bright face!!!!!

  5. Ajay Nargas

    Thanks Ioana for sharing your memorable divine moments with sister Yogini Roselyn and well explained excerpts of Shri Mataji on Sisterhood.
    She left us on very auspicious Ganesha Chaturthi day. Amazingly- it is divine blessings. Surprisingly.. Ganeshas blessing you captured many years back in photo with her husband Paul.
    Nature around Roselyn especially tree in back yard blossoming as Sahasrara is very heart warming. Jai Shree Mataji.

  6. Helen

    So beautiful, such love and passion and commitment.
    Such deep truth–WE are one. My heart is resonating so peacefully after reading the experiences. .

  7. Helen

    So beautiful, such love and passion and commitment.
    Such deep truth–WE are one. My heart is resonating so peacefully after reading the experiences. .
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Celia T

    A beautiful tribute to our sister Roselyn. She is indeed a Sahaja yogini, very vibrant. Gratitude and salutations to our Mother Shri Mataji for the gift of sisterhood. Thank you sister Ioana, you are a blessed gift to the Sahaja family.

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    Bhavia (France) :Dear Ioana, I just read your email and it was so elevating. Thank you for sharing that shared love and understanding. thanks yo you Roselyn gave us so much Today.

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    Diane (Canada): Dear Ioana,
    Your tribute to Roselyn is touching. You were blessed to have met such a joyful and deep soul. May Roselyn rest in peace and pure joy at the lotus Feet of the Adi Shakti
    Thank you for sharing with us. I was so elevated by your tribute. I feel I know Roselyn in my heart now

  11. Ioana

    Oana (Colombia): A truly special article about a special human being and yogini. I would have loved to get to know Roselyn!
    Please, let us know if any sahaja yoga event is organized in Curacao. We definitely would join with an open heart! Thank you.

  12. Ioana

    T. (USA): Dearest Ioana, it was a great delight to meet such a precious sister in your tribute to Roselyn, even if I never had the pleasure to meet her in person.You were most certainly sisters in a past life as well. It was a very beautifully written article. We definitely felt her beauty and soul through your enchanting storytelling of her country, her generosity and her spiritual sensitivity.She must have been (and no doubt continues to be 🙂 deeply satisfied to have found your sisterhood, her Divine Mother, her spiritual fulfillment and her sahaj family.I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article and felt gratified to learn how Mother’s Love is spreading in new places and reaching such deserving seekers of joy and truth.

  13. Ioana

    From France (received via email): Merci beaucoup Ioana pour cet hommage à notre magnifique soeur des Caraïbes.
    Je n’ai pas connu Roselyn, mais on ne peut pas s’empêcher de l’aimer ! Et j’ai fait le bandhan pour Curaçao que je ne connaissais pas non plus.
    Si j’ai bien compris, Curaçao signifie le rocher de la Mère ?
    J’invite tous nos frères et soeurs qui n’y sont pas allés à visiter cette page pleine d’amour en cliquant sur ce lien.
    Très belle journée à vous tous !

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    The tribute and shrdhanjali given to this divine soul Roselyn is really i felt inside my heart, Thanks Ioana
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    In the collective,The bond she had with mother earth
    Is amazing.May she lives forever in every one’s heart.

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