What is the Power of Meditation? From Depth to Essences, Chakras and Elements to .. Heavenly Experiences

Reach your Essences through Chakras

“Reach your own essences. Our chakras are made of these Essences.”

Develop your Depth

“I am happy that you all were meditating here, and were trying to develop your depth. You all have depth, a very deep personality within yourself. But we have to touch that, that’s very important, because you see, we sing, have music, that’s a very good thing. We enjoy each other’s company, also is very good and that’s a nice thing, but we have to enjoy our own company also, by meditating, going within yourself.

‘Now, what is the use?’ one may ask. ‘Mother, now we have got Realization, we have a nice life, we are enjoying ourselves, and we are doing so well.’

Through your Depth, Touch the Essences of Everything

Through your Depth, Feel All the Elements

“The deeper you go, the deeper you touch the essences of all the things, like all the elements. When you had finished your Meditation you saw how the rain fell down, how the rain came suddenly.

So the Rain has felt your Depth, or you have felt the Depth of Rain. Now you know that if you light one little candle and put your finger towards it, with my photograph there, it acts.

It reacts and it gives you a flame which burns, sometimes gives you smoke, sometimes it gallops, so you have noticed that there’s a reaction even in the fire.

So all elements have an effect, if a saint wants to have an effect, but first of all you must reach your own essences. Once you reach your own essences, then you reach the essences of all the elements, and then you can handle all the elements as you like, or you can order them as you like. First they will act, expressing that they have been touched. Like today, the rain came pouring down. Then later on you can command, and you can ask the rain to come.

The Subtle Movement of our Depth – We move horizontally

To work out many things of that kind we have to be deep people, we have to go much deeper within ourselves to touch our essences; at least, you know very well that all our chakras are made out of these essences, and when we go deep into ourselves what we find, that we can touch the elements very well. But while doing so, actually we move horizontally.

When we start moving horizontally, at the core of it we find that there are these essences placed, and these essences then start exciting the essences across.

Like in the radio you have seen, there’s ether. Now when you speak on one side of the radio, it gets completely manifested in the essence of the ether, and then everybody can hear it. Now when you people just give a bandhan sometimes, you find that you have communicated with another person, but that’s only the essence of the ether; we can say, the subtler of the subtlest. People have only gone on to the subtler side, we can say, by science; but you go to the subtler side, and that subtler side gives you all these effects.

The Power is in the Depth of your Meditation as “ the Horizontal Movement”

But my horizontal movement is quite large and is very subtle, and I do it quietly. But you must also understand that you can do a lot by your horizontal movement. By horizontal movement what happens, that you start meditating on a particular subject which is a very bothersome subject, and which is for the destruction of humanity. Anything. You just put your attention to it and meditate. If you are that deep, that means if your caliber has improved to that extent, you will immediately put an (positive) effect on that. Immediately you will see, there will be a change. There will be something happening in that direction.

This is your power, which you have to actually develop.”

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    We have to become subtler and subtler and reach that depth which Shri Mataji has always wanted!



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