What are Vibrations? (Oxygen, Sulphur, Tanpura)

What are Vibrations?

Find Answer#1 in Amazing Music Chemistry Lesson (Oxygen, Sulphur and Tanpura)

Captured on camera, the vibrations around Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – during a special “puja” event

1. What are Vibrations? LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, JOY

“Vibrations”, that is love, that is knowledge, that is joy. The first word is vibration, which you can call waves of Param (Absolute). When you touch a wire, the waves of music that are generated, you can call these “vibrations”. There is a big mess about languages. Anyway, you can call it anything, but you can see these in actuality.”

“No one has tried the power of love, and we talk of it. We take it lightly, even though its power is working in each molecule and in each pulsation of the human heart. Love is one Shakti (meaning power in Sanskrit) which does all work in planning, creation of the entire universe. This power of love is also called Divine. However you may call it, you have to understand it.”

In India, Shankaracharya (saint poet) has very clearly declared very clearly:

‘Getting these vibrations is the attainment of God Realization and with that man becomes an instrument of ParamAtma (God Almighty), he carries on all His work in a witness state‘.

2. What are Vibrations ? The Autonomous System or the Universal Unconsciousness

“But who reads Shankaracharya? The modern man is in a bizarre state. Until some Adharmic (inauspicious) matter is written in Dharmic (religious) books, no one reads it. How weird is it? Unless some sex is included, he will not read religious text. There is no connection between sex and religion. Whether it is today or whether it is in olden time, a man may not admit, he may not understand, whatever he may say, there is no connection between sex and religion. I can prove and show it to you if you come to any of our programs. The awakening of Kundalini is not at all related to sex. On the contrary, when Kundalini is awakened, a person becomes child-like. In this way, there is a strange confusion. Vibrations being seen at these times, at least point to the fact that however much a man may pretend, he knows very little. He could know very little. Very little! What he could not know, he gave big names to that. What I referred to as vibrations, man calls it the Autonomous System in some places and at some places, he calls it the Universal Unconsciousness.

3. What are Vibrations? Learn from Newton & Sulphur Dioxide Chemistry Lesson

“Recently when I was in London, they were showing photographs of molecules captured through Electro-microscope on the TV. There they showed one molecule of Sulphur dioxide, in which there was one Sulphur molecule and there were two Oxygen molecules and these were bonded together. It could be seen by the eyes, the picture was visible. About this, there was no question, or language issue or doubt. You are seeing with the eyes. In this way, some energy was flowing in the centre of the three points, like something is flowing from the two hands, as though Sulphur has two hands and it is throwing towards Oxygen with its hands and something is coming from Oxygen to Sulphur. You can see it with your eyes. It felt as if it was shaking. About this they said that there are three types of vibrations, three types of waves are present in the matter and science has discovered it now. And this was told by many in the world from time immemorial. These vibrations which are present, can be seen clearly in the matter, you cannot have doubt about them. What is known and what can be seen-these vibrations, what are they? In the sulphur dioxide molecule, which has infinite atoms, with what is it vibrated? What are vibrations in this? About this science has used just one word: Vibrations, nothing else. 

I told you earlier also that if you ask doctors, what is the Shakti (power in Sanskrit) behind the pulsation in the heart, they cannot give any details, except for saying it is done by ‘Autonomous Nervous System’. It does not mean that they did not do research on it, but the knowledge they have is incomplete and very little, only a small part. About this Newton had once said, ‘I am like a small child collecting pebbles on the shores of knowledge’. Even a great intellectual like Newton felt that he was quite ignorant. A man starts becoming knowledgeable when he starts thinking ‘ Oh God, remove all the ignorance of Surdas’– (quote from Surdas who was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and a poet).

You are not able to say anything about the vibrations, which are seen. Is the man’s knowledge so hollow that he is not able to say anything about the vibrations which are rising from every molecule and atom? That means that it is no knowledge. Vibrations, which are knowledge itself, which is knowledge and complete knowledge is stationed in each and every molecule and atom. Like my complete language and knowledge which is coming out of my mouth is contained in both but they both are unaware of the knowledge flowing through them. Inside us, the same knowledge is flowing, but just like the Sulphur and Oxygen molecules, we are also unaware of the knowledge that is flushed inside us and what we take to be the truth. And whenever someone comes to identify the truth, since we are standing on untruth (’asatya’ in Sanskrit language), we grudge. Even if someone comes to show us a glimpse of that truth, we put him on the cross or we murder him; we finish him so that the truth is not revealed. Can there be anything more childishness than this? The truth due to which, the Joy wants to blossom inside you, enter your heart and dwell there, you are closing that path due to your ignorance. “

5. What are Vibrations? Flowing towards & from us too

During an outdoors Chakra Workshop Seminar this November 2021 – we felt strong vibrations and felt to take only 2 photos with Mama Carmela because her inner beauty was shinning through. We think that the vibrations from above and from within were captured by camera 🙂

When these vibrations are released from inside you, when you point your hands towards others, you enjoy. You enjoy it, you see so much of it. People say, ‘this man is strange, he does not talk to anyone!’ No, no, look inside him, he is so beautiful. Between them, there is fragrance, music; it is worth watching, you get a lot of joy from humans! However, we keep running from each other from dawn to dusk, what a weird situation? An acquaintance may sometimes wonder whether he has walked into a strange lunatic asylum! Because of ignorance, human being is so ignorant of the bliss with which Paramatma (God Almighty) created it. Only Sahaja Yoga is such a thing, such a method, which is Paramatma’s own method, because of which vibrations flow out of your hand, flow from your feet.

They flow from your entire body, like the sun’s rays and peep inside others and awaken love in them and give a push so that it starts to flow in them also and start a sort of chain reaction.

6. What are Vibrations? Find out from Tanpura music lesson

“If you want to understand it in another way, then let me tell you about the tanpura (a long-necked plucked string instrument, originating from India). It is made of wood and has a bottom chamber where the sound resonates and there are strings on the top. Until the fingers pluck the strings, no music will be made or no music will be heard. But our fingers aren’t on the strings. Our attention is not on the strings, which give us joy; our attention is on that tanpura, which is our body, our mind, our intelligence, our ego, etc. Until your fingers pluck the strings, you will not get joy from anything. You may look for anything in this world, and despite all the searches you have carried on since ages, you do it you will get joy only in when you pluck the strings spontaneously and the music is generated. The search for the strings is being carried out only from a distance. Like I told you the vibrations in the molecule of Sulphur dioxide- they are the strings I am talking about, the same vibrations can flow through you and split and complete the task for which you have come into this world in human form duly decorated with ego, etc.   

In the end, you become the enjoyer of that music.

Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – playing another musical instrument

Grand arrangements were made for this music and the great effort made to create the color to carefully decorate the human being – this color cannot be found easily. If there is no one to pluck the strings, how can the music be generated? That is why, I have not seen the joy anywhere in the world, where there are rich people, strong people, where there are powerful people. You also will not notice any joy in them. The reason for this is only one; you could not lay your hands on the strings which give you joy, because it is not physical and it does not have any particular shape. It does not have any shape. It is like energy; if you can hold electricity, you can hold it also. But you cannot hold electricity and you cannot hold this as well, though it is inside you, it pulsates in your heart and it does all your autonomous activities of mental, physical and intellectual functions. And that is pulling you towards it. “

Knowing it is not only necessary but is also The Aim of the Supreme life.

Until the world thinks about it and puts its full attention on it, no problem in this world can be solved.”

All quotes above are from 1974-03-27 Shri Mataji’s talk in Hindi during Public Program in Mumbai, India

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Let us know your impressions about this article. We welcome also your personal experiences with vibrations 🙂

Musical program during a Sahaja Yoga Meditation program with Shri Mataji – special guest artist is playing Tanpura

How to Check your own Vibrations above the Head ? (1 min video)

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  1. Rabi

    As usual beautifully articulated subject matter. So aptly composed.
    The science of God – The creator is the greatest magician who planted all these designs. The bonding. The cool breeze. The vibrations. The chemistry. The biology to enjoy.
    Though ultimately He is the Enjoyer and She as a Primordial Mother is the creator.

    That God we are in a stage with consciousness to realize and aware at this time of our evolution when we are born.

    We have to thank God million of times at every pause and rhythm of breath. Because it is She who breathed life into us to realize this vibrations and understand the meaning of this nature around us.

    We are maturing with our awareness and do is all petals of secrets of nature is unfolding.

    Thank You Shri Mataji again and again for all the knowledge that we weren’t aware of until You revealed so precisely and at ease to the humanity to understand and enjoy the seeking.

  2. isabelle

    I see it. Really nice pictures. when I hear let there be peace on earth. it is this.

  3. Jolanta

    Thank you Shri Mataji for explaining all this, and Ioana for sharing and illustrating with the beautiful photo of Mama Carmela. The experience of vibrations on top of my head when reading the article proves that it is the truth.

  4. Kruti

    Amazing in-depth article on vibrations. Shri Mataji’s explanation on Tanpura was very interesting. So much to learn… so much to absorb. Photos with light captured around Mama Carmela were so amazing. She looks so radiant with joy. What a wonderful reminder for every Sahaj Yogis about the power of vibrations we have around us! Even nature becomes one with us. Wonderful article dear Ioana. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Paula

    This article fills me up with awe and amazement…every question I have ever had answered and the best is feeling the positive vibrations travelling like a rocket through my autonomous nervous system… as I read this article…there is a recognition happening inside of me…saying this is the truth, this is the path, this the way, and this is the life…full awakened, fully aware, open hearted and plugged in to the universal self. Feeling the peace and energy rising…and seeing my mom “ mama Carmela “ emitting divine energy is just heart warming. I love her and share her all with all of you. I am so blessed that my mom recognized the truth that sahaja yoga carries in Shri Mataji’s words…when I first started listen to the lectures or talks…I was wondering, how does she know all that? Then I listened and absorbed and felt the knowledge showing me time and again in this modern, materialistic life…that there is a depth and meaning to our lives we can understand only when we expand through self realization. After that, it grows and the vibrations that you can see photographed grow stronger…it is a blissful feeling…the expansion and ascent. Just a few seconds at a time, the life force wants us to know it is supporting our life and all of nature. We can feel it inside and out. Adored this article thank you!!

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