Days 11, 12 & 13 – Calgary warmed up by Anandita’s Tour with “Art & Spirituality” – VIDEOs & Stories

Letter from Krasi, Calgary – where Santa had arrived already with Gifts for the Heart & Spirit

Dear Ioana,
My language is pretty simple. It is going to be difficult to try to express the wonderful experience with words. Anandita arrived in Calgary on Friday Dec.4. There was a big snow storm that day. The airport was closed shortly after her arrival. We had a nice evening at the ashram with long sahaj chat and collective meditation..

Anandita has the quality to make our Beauty from within to shine stronger.

Anandita brought the First Snow to Calgary - and Smiling.. It was stormy all night and on the next day there was a snow cover thick about 39 cm at places. The road conditions were pretty poor,but that wasn’t an obstacle for the yogis to gather earlier and decorate the hall. Everything was working out beautifully. The concert started shortly after seven o clock. Anandita opened with katak dance about the life of Shri Krishna. After that she performed sufi kawalis and gave self-realization. Everything was done in such a gentle and loving way. Anandita kept asking those that came to Sahaja Yoga for the 1st time:  “Do you feel the vibrations now?” The vibrations were increasing after each song she sang.  Also she gave a chance to the audience to choose what she should perform.  Among the new people there was a couple from Colombia, so there was a special Colombian folk song performed for them.

At the end of the concert everyone was invited to dance at the stage to the rhythm of Colombian and modern Indian music. It was such a joy!

The hearts of everyone were open, even those that never participated before to a Sahaja Yoga Meditation program felt same with us and we enjoyed the collectivity. The greatest quality of a realised artist is to open the hearts, unite all the cultures, and bring the audience to spirituality and closer to the Supreme. We are so thankful to Anandita for being such a good instrument of the Divine and helping us to deepen our connection to the Divine.
On the next day there were even more wonderful surprises and gifts that the Divine Plan had reserved for us. The program was going to start at 2:00 pm.We went to prepare the hall and found out that the hall was double booked. We had to share the hall with a group of Chinese Christians. We made arrangement to use the hall up to 3:30 PM  and invited this group  to also come and enjoy the concert.
Anandita started the concert with a dance of the story of Shri Rama. From her dance we could feel the expression of the love, compassion, and humility of Shri Rama. After that she sang Sufi music. The vibrations were so strong, that we felt blissed out. The performance brought us to a new higher state of our awareness. Some of the people from the Chinese group got their realisation and enjoyed the concert. In my heart I wished that there were more people present at the concert, to experience the self realization and the vast talent of our performer. In the evening our brothers and sisters arranged for all of us to go to Indian restaurant. Anandita made anyone of us a star and helped us to enjoy the collective.

We thank Shri Mataji from the bottom of our hearts for guiding Anandita to visit and tour Canada for the first time.

Also we thank all the sahaja yogi brothers and sisters around Canada involved in these wonderful events.

With love, Calgary Collective

Anandita  at the Calgary Sahaja Yoga Ashram – “It’s ALL about LOVE

Anandita - Loving Calgary back

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