Anandita & ‘Chello Sahaji’ Bhajan Band in Newspapers – “Burlington Post” writes in “The Arts” section

“Art & Spirituality:  When Rhythm Becomes Meditation” – makes 1st Page of “The Arts” section of the Daily Newspaper in Burlington


Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Halton had sponsored this Free Community Event with a beautiful and successful program of “Art & Spirituality”. The Canadian Tour of Anandita Basu had its Debut with “When Rhythm Becomes Meditation” in Burlington, on Tuesday November 24 at Brant Hills Community Centre.

There were around 100 persons present and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This was the largest program of Anandita Basu’s Tour in Canada, 2009.

Enjoy Kathak & Indian Folk Videos & Stories from that Program here.

Enjoy more Music Videos with Chello Sahaji & Anandita  here.

Enjoy Colombian Music blended with Canadian Joy here.

Enjoy Special Meditation on Song to Kundalini here.

We are truly very much thankful to the  Burlington Post newspaper  for kindly accepting our invitation to come to the “Art & Spirituality”  program that night and for choosing  these truly inspired and representative photos for their  Art section of November 27. One can feel the grace of pure Art and the spiritual joyful light in the above 2  images that captured live moments of that Special Evening.

In the present there is a very strong support to have another, more extended Canadian tour with Anandita Basu, most probably in 2011  in an enriched format.. Stay tuned..

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  1. Chandra Sekhar

    Anandita Basu, Atheetha Ananda.

  2. anita

    simply wonderful and joyous!

  3. Anjali

    Dear Anandita,

    I wish I was able to enjoy all of your performances live and hang out more with you. Thank you for getting us on the first page of Burlington Post’s Art section and for all the pearls of joy and beauty. Through you, I was able to feel how much Shri Mataji loves us that She sent you to Canada for us to enjoy Her divine art and creativity and be connected and become a stronger family/collectivity.

    Loads of Love, Anjali

  4. ene garva

    when the public become participant,that is the transformation. Impresion and expresion.

  5. paula erskine

    It was an incredible night of entertainment but not just that. We could enjoy the art from our insides out, the performance and group meditation was beautiful! Thank you Anandita for gracing Canada with your talents. Your voice still resonates with me, it was a magical night!

  6. Maxim Pashnin

    Simply Amazing! This is the power of Divine Love.

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