ALL ABOUT “Art & Spirituality ” YOANN’s TOUR in Canada, Fall 2010 – 20 Programs so far!!

Yoann Freget – coming from France – will be touring Canada from September 16 until October 31, 2010

Note to Universities, Schools, Places of worship, Associations, Businesses and Corporations: Yoann is ready to meet Canadians that Love to Live  the Music!  Do not miss such an opportunity! Actually Yoann’s 2 Months of travel across Canada are almost fully booked with events – he will perform almost daily, sometimes even twice same day!

NOW is the time for you (or your organization) to send us as soon as possible an invitation in case you are interested to benefit from the presence of Yoann Freget in Canada.

Enjoy (CLICK!!)  the Promotional Video Clip for the Tour (turn the speakers ON!) – 6 Minutes on Yoann’s TOUR and BIO

Enjoy 2 Videos that show how Yoann is a great Solo Artist as well a respected Gospel Choir leader. In the recent years Yoann was touring Europe (UK, Germany, Italy, France) to conduct Gospel workshops  as well to perform on stage with a variety of Soul, Gospel, Fusion and Jazz artists. In 2010 Yoann had visited India for five months where he studied the Indian Classical Music with  two famous artists and well respected gurus in their area of music expertise: Mr. Pandit B. Subramanian and Mr. P. Dhakde Guru Ji.

All the Special Events with artistic performances that are part of Yoann’s Art & Spirituality Tour in Canada 2010 will be gladly offered for Free where the inviting party is supporting the costs for: location, (eventual) promotion of the event, sound system (where necessary) and if there are no further material gains involved. For any other format suggestion, please contact us and provide the details.

Talented Canadian musicians, skilled in a variety of musical genres and musical instruments are keen to join Yoann for performances across our country. Together they are ready to offer an exquisite Fusion of Afro-American music (Gospel, Rhythm’ an’ Blues ..) with Indian Music (Bhajans, Ragaas, Kawali, folk) and beautiful inter-active experiences of Spontaneous Yoga Meditation. This format is flexible and can be tailored at specific request as well it will be adapted to the location where the actual performances will take place. Introductory workshop sessions in sahaja yoga meditation can be included where the main support is the Enlightened Sound (with Bhija Mantras in Sanskrit as well with melodies that have the power to activate specific energy centres -chakras – within our Subtle energy system that is at the base of any yoga meditation system.

Enjoy the Next 2 Videos!

Video 1 – Sweet Low Chariot

Video #2 with Yoann Freget singing -“Natural Blues” (Oh Lordy!) – Yoann Freget singing on the street of Montpellier (France – 2007) – simply for sharing his art with everyone.

You can find more about Yoann Freget on his page.

The Calendar with Booked events from Yoann’s Canadian Tour 2010 – is almost FULL! He will perform at University of Toronto, University of Calgary, in community  & senior centers, Hope United Church, York Theatre, Paradiso Cafe in Ottawa, Highschools & Schools, and practically everywhere he was invited so far.

Yoann has a strong desire to perform in Hospitals & Jails – so contact us at [email protected] if you have any proposal and we will see what (if any!!) date is still available.. So aren’t you keen to meet with him ?! 🙂

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  1. Debbie

    Looking forward to this opportunity to bathe in the rythmn of Yoann’s music and spirituality.

    Lots of love always.

  2. Shivangi Mankad

    Kingston is eagarly waiting for him 🙂

  3. Rukmini Singh

    T’as vraiment le rythme dans la peau t’es beau en plus je pense que t’as toutes les chances devant toi pour devenir riche et célèbre!Biz.

  4. Emmanuelle FREGET

    Very nice photos, videos and vibrations… Enjoy… 🙂
    Love from Mama in France

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