Powers of Silence – Meditate on Cosmic Silence (2 video clips)

Genesis in Silence

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Powers of Silence – Meditate on Cosmic Silence

“Now, let’s see who is this God and what am I talking about. In the beginning, it was just a Silence, complete Silence. And out of the Silence, when ‘it’ awakened, the Silence was awakened. That Silence is called as “Parama-Brahma” in Sanskrit language. I have to use Sanskrit language, it doesn’t mean that ‘it is something Hindu‘. These ideas you must get rid of. Because in India, people have meditated much more. The atmosphere (there in India) is so nice and warm, people can live even under a tree.

They had lot of time, they didn’t have to fight the Nature so much, so they had lot of time to meditate. And in their meditations they have found out certain things, for which they have used Sanskrit language.

So, this Parama-Brahma or you can call it this Silence, the Absolute Silence, was awakened, got awakened because ‘it’ itself got awakened, like we sleep and we get awakened. And then this Silence became what you call “Sadashiva” [God as the Supreme Being] .. and when was awakened and when this Sadashiva started breaking, in the sense that He wanted, desired to Create.

As we say, that the morning Sun is breaking through the dawn…

in the same way, when His desire (Sadashiva’s desire) started manifesting, His Desire became His Power and It got separated from Him. Now, whatever I say is just a story for you, you need not believe it, but I will reach up to a point where you will see something which you can believe into and then gradually, step by step, you can believe into this theory. This is just a hypothesis for you.”

(1979-11-15 1 Brighton Public Program – Shri Mataji)

Protection in Silence

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“They all the time want to talk. That, if you have to ascend the best thing is for you to stop talking. “Maunam sarvatha sadhanam.” ‘Maun’ means to keep quiet. It gives you all kinds of facilities, just keep quiet. If somebody’s talking too much, just keep quiet. If somebody’s trying to criticize, keep quiet.

That’s your silence, that’s your right, that’s your domain that you can keep silent. Just watch that person. If it comes then to answer, then, you can answer better. But if somebody’s trying to attack, you just keep silent. This silence has to be established and one should only establish by not talking too much. You must learn the silence.”

Gravity and Magnetism from Silence

That kind of a silence has to be there and that kind of understanding, that depth, that awe has to be there.

If we had developed it (the Guru Principle within) then immediately it will work out.

You will see your Gravity will show in your behavior.”

1990-07-08 Guru Puja Talk – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“Gravity is within yourself.”

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“In the second state, we should say, of “guru pada”, is your gravity [which] must manifest.

As you become the Witness your Gravity starts expressing itself.

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It will not show as temper or seriousness or anything like that. But it will manifest in a way that the whole thing will become extremely dignified and majestic. It will just manifest by itself. So the state in which you rise, now, becomes effective. Before this, it was not. You had to all the time manipulate, say this, say that. But in your silence you can manifest your gravity, and this gravity is extremely [magnetic]… it acts like a magnet.”


“So this is for our attention not to be wasted. To discuss somebody, to discuss about others’ characters, we have no business. Do we discuss the character of one hand to another hand!?”

VIDEO #1 – Shri Mataji about the Powers of Attention

Dignity from Silence

“So this dignity and this understanding comes only through silence. But if you are chirping all the time, talking, it can never make you a deeper person. You’ll be just flying in the air with all that. … best is to take to ‘mauna’, is to keep quiet, just keep quiet. ” 1990-07-08 Guru Puja Talk

Silence as Self-Esteem in Connection to the Divine From Guru’s Silence to the Cosmic Silence

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“So what is needed for a Guru is self-esteem. This is a very important point [which] people don’t realize: the self-esteem. To achieve the self-esteem we have to introspect and know that, ‘Today I am not what I was before. I am a realized soul. I have got powers. Of course I have powers. Powers of love, powers of compassion, powers of grasping things, powers of creativity, powers of giving realizations to others.‘ Nobody had these powers! But somehow or other in Sahaja Yoga we are not self-conscious.

We should not be self-conscious because that can give you ego, but we should have self-esteem.

I am a Guru. I am not an ordinary person. I am not on the street. I am something special. I am on the shores of Truth. I have to salvage the people who are blind, who are mad

In the most chaotic conditions this world is today.

So at that time a kind of a Silence will come within you.

When there will be any such crisis, immediately you will become extremely silent.

But this is again a state I am telling you [about]. So now, if there is something that makes you upset or makes you unhappy, try to reach that point, that axis, which is just Silence. And this silence will make you really powerful because this Silence is not only yours.

When you are in that silence you are in the Silence of the Cosmos, and the silence of the cosmos works for you. You are in connection with that Cosmic Power we can call it. But it’s more than that, is Divine Power I should say: Divine power which is working all the Cosmos.

Becoming Silent Within – Becoming a King – Sitting in the Kingdom of God

So, if you just become silent within yourself, know that you are sitting in the Kingdom of God.

So, if you just become silent within yourself, know that you are sitting in the Kingdom of God.

It’s like this: when, say, you get the great honor of becoming a king then you walk up to your throne and you sit down and look around and you feel the silence of the state that, now, you are the king.

Silence as a Sign of Being in Contact with the All Pervading Power of Love

This Silence is the sign that you are definitely now in contact with the Divine.

You are silent because the Divine is going to look after everything. You don’t have to do anything: just keep silent. But not forcibly. It’s, again, a state.

You see, if any turmoil takes place, any problem takes place, suddenly your attention will jump on to that silence and once you jump onto that silence you [are] being in contact with this whole All-pervading Power. And when I talk about All-pervading Power we still don’t understand what it is, what it means, this All-pervading Power of Love.

Jump into That Silence – Complete Totality of Reality

Is it some sort of an energy floating around? Or is it some sort of a river? Or some sort of a ether? It is the complete, the totality of Reality. Complete totality of Reality, is this All-pervading Power. Other things are unreal.”

1992-07-19 Guru Puja Talk: Gravity, Cabella, Italy

Video#2 -Meditation on Cosmic Silence

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  1. Jane

    This was amazing. I usually don’t talk but that doesn’t mean I am silent. My mind is not silent. I used to escape bad and uncomfortable experiences through isolating myself and divulging into my thoughts. They were my friends. But “those” friends” became monkeys and I could not control them. I heard of mental silence before but I was afraid and scared of it for I “thought ” 🙂 i would get lost and be lonely in the empty space of silence. It so beautiful the way Shri Mataji explains what silence really is. Lovely. Amazing article. wow. The pictures gives peace and silence and really appreciate Confusius statement. Excellent videos.

  2. Jolanta

    Thank you for this post. Especially hearing Shri Mataji’s voice with eyes closed and open hands allowed me to experience that state of silence….magic!

  3. Anjali

    I so enjoyed and needed this getaway! to be silent. Amazing videos, pictures and excerpts. I will surely revisit this beautiful page. thank you!

  4. Kavita

    Excellent post about Mataji explaining silence. It calms as we hear and realize it is the nature of a yogi to become silent as they grow. Mothers love protects us guides us and empty’s the noise within leading to the serenity that is to be experienced.

  5. Gentiana

    Beautiful! Silence is powerful beyond words. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. Neo

    So awesome. So beautiful.

  7. Paula

    Deep thoughtless silence and being one with the cosmos…indescribable bliss…

  8. Kruti

    Excerpts from Shri Mataji on who is God and how we can reach him is simply amazing. Just reading this article and putting my attention on cosmos, took me to that silence and peace we often look outside. Thank you so much for posting.

  9. Ioana

    From Vani: Such bliss .. reading Shree Mataji’s beautiful talk .. listening to Mother’s voice amidst all the running around today.. yet dissolving into the Silence … thank you dear Ioana ..

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