Response from Student Council about “Inner Peace Workshop” offered during “Stressbuster Campaign” (University of Guelph )

Response from Student Council about “Inner Peace Workshop” offered during “Stressbuster Campaign” (University of Guelph ) and provided by Volunteer Team from Sahaja Yoga MeditationPoster Event - realized by StudentsMeditation Circle - Self Realization

Thank you Letter from Student Council

Thank you Letter from University of Guelph -2014

Photos and Experiences

Nicoles Feedback (Student Council member)
Hi Ioana, Thanks again for coming!
It was a real eye opener that we need to take care of ourselves, physically and spiritually. My friends and I were really amazed. Hoping you are having a nice holiday! Best regards, Nicole
Shulin’s Impression from Guelph 
The workshop was during their exam time when every minute was so precious and people stay up all nights to study. But these students spent their time organize this event and stayed with us from beginning to the end very concentrated and attentive.
I was really surprised by their thoughtful planing and overwhelmed by their welcomeness. It’s really inspiring to see freshman university students who care about the inner beings of themselves and their fellow school mates. And more even for the world and humanity. I’d love to go back again! It was such a joy!
Sam‘s Impression from Guelph 
I have to say this was probably one of my favourite realization programs that I have attended. Despite there being only a few students involved, they were true seekers, honestly interested in learning about the meditation and about themselves and the vibrations during the meditation were beautiful and strong. The fact that the one student organized the program despite all of the exams and stress was an amazing thing, she was so interested and they were all very attentive and involved in learning about Sahaja Yoga. They were all very kind and welcoming and by the time we were leaving, it just felt like we were all good friends, there was no longer any barrier of “them” and “us”.
Family Yogi photo from Inner peace - exam destress session

More Photos

Students  - First time meditators :-)

Students  – First time meditators, but during/after sahaja yoga meditation session and ‘one on one’ chakra workshops they had great experiences of Kundalini energy flow, relaxation and energy recharging. Kudos go to Nicole from Student Council that initiated and organized this event! Thank you also for the lovely tea-bag present, we are enjoying it during our weekly meditation get-together sessions in Burlington

Kundalini Energy check - Vibratory awareness experiment

Ioana - Intro to SY

meditation in circle of life

Jon - Intro to Subtle System

Chakra Workshop for Students

Chakra Workshop 1

General chakra workshop

(photos + Thank you letter) Sahaja Yoga Meditation contributes to 2014 Empowering Youth Conference

(click!) Meditation for Young Parents in Hamilton (photos + impressions)

 (click!) Appreciation Letter from “Teen’s Day” Event @ West Oak Secondary School

Thank you Letter - Guelph

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  1. Mohinder Sidana

    So nice that we are conducting these programs to help students
    May Mata ji bless these seekers

  2. Sam

    Wonderful day and amazing vibrations. I really hope they continue to meditate and become yuvas, and that we are able to return someday, I would love to see them all again!

  3. Colleen

    Sounds like it was an amazing session!! Hope to have many more like this.

  4. paula

    This momentous volunteer team is spreading stress-busting meditation techniques that one can feel like a minty refreshment within the body…clearing any negative thoughts, and making space between the thoughts to show how the brain gets enlightened.That’s when our mind is no longer limited…we become connected to the infinite power…so being unlimited now, is certainly helpful during exams and combatting stress through inner peace…I wish I had discovered it during my school days, but I can say that, it is a beautiful, peaceful feeling…it makes us all smile so wide when we see others smiling back at us that they felt the great peace inside. Amazing team! I can feel the great vibes from the photos…once one get’s their self-realization, one gets that extra awareness that can detect the truth of an experience, one can “feel” a photo emitting great vibrations…it makes life even more enjoyable when you feel joy pouring out of every pore… to see these great programs being utilized in schools and corporations for the benevolence and evolution of all.

  5. Nitin

    It was a wonderful experience. I was happy to see the interest and dedication of the yuva students. Great to know that some of them joined Sahaj team at the University.

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