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Sign at BICL Wellness Day - April 28 2014

Boehringer Ingleheim located in Burlington took us up on our offer to hold free meditation classes for their employees during a health and wellness fair this past April, 2014. Our  team of 8 yogi volunteers (Shulin and two of her friends – all 3 from our Youth De-Stress program; also Stephen that helps at Oakville class with Isabelle from Milton, together with Gratiela, Paula and Ioana from Burlington class) delivered the goods to employees who had signed up to learn how to meditate with guided, Sahaja Yoga meditation. Stephen held the fort at the wellness fair, informing employees about all our free programs in Burlington, Oakville (and beyond) as well as our Youth De-Stress programs. Gratiela was delighted to participate in spreading vibrations on her day off from work and brought two pretty, pink miniature potted flowers which we “decorated” with our set-up consisting of large charts of the subtle system of chakras (energy centres in the body) and a Yoga stand directing employees to a boardroom for their 30 minute de-stress consecutive sessions on company time.
Halton Team for INNER PEACE workshops at BICL - Wellness Day - April 28 1014
Isabelle guided the first group with an introduction to the benefits of the meditation practice. After the collective meditation exercise, the observations and questions were quite interesting, as employees had understood that they had to “watch their thoughts go by” and “think about them later.” One lady realized while watching her thoughts, she kept jumping ahead to her 1:00 meeting. But when the Q & A with Isabelle started post meditation, she was no longer in a hurry to leave. She asked, “is there an ideal time to meditate during the day?” Isabelle answered that any time is a great time to practice “thoughtless awareness,” however, before the computers get turned on, and people start waking up, there is less “noise” travelling through the ether. So early in the morning, before anyone wakes up, can be easier to achieve mental silence for some. This is because we are all connected by a collective consciousness, first revealed by Dr. Carl Gustav Jung. When the mind is still, we can actually feel more in tune with the world and our connection to everyone and everything.
Paula’s “one on one chakra workshop” experience:
‘I talked to another lady who was speaking about her true findings and her belief that this type of mediation does actually work. As she shared her enlightened thoughts, I told her that  I felt rushes of pure, kundalini energy rising through my subtle body system as she spoke. I explained that I could feel the truth of what she was saying. So that is the beauty of this type of meditation, that you can feel the absolute truth in words, acts and deeds. Opinion, ego and the mind get surpassed, for it is not the absolute source of discerning truth. Although the first group was smaller, there was a real chance to mutually share experiences with employees. Participants shared their emails to receive support information. One lady could not stop coughing at the beginning of the introduction and did not want to disturb the class. We had encouraged her to stay since the meditation would clear her cough if she stayed. I went to get her a glass of water and she decided to test this theory. Her comments were that the length of the class was “just right, excellent,” and…”Thanks for the water…cough is gone.”  Other written comments included “calming,” and “relaxing.”
meditation at corporate world - in Burlington - sahaja yoga meditation invited to Wellness Day at Boehringer Ingelheim Canada
 The second session coinciding with a lunch hour was a full meeting room of 20-30 participants sitting comfortably in chairs. Paula gave a brief introduction and explanation of the subtle system of chakras. Everyone sat with theirs hands open on their laps and shoes off to connect to mother earth. Vibrations of positive energy were flowing strong while this special knowledge about the the chakras was shared during the guided meditation. We asked for the ideal qualities of the energy centres to be awakened within everyone in the room. Like a ripple created by skipping stones in a still lake, the vibrations permeated easily as Sahaja Yogi meditators were also present to reveal the reality of our true, higher selves. The thirty minute session went by very fast, and Boehringer Ingelheim employees shared written impressions on their way back to their work stations. We want to thank them for inviting us to share enlightening and healing meditation sessions with them and look forward to future invites focused on health, wellness, inner peace, world peace, de-stressing and human evolution.
How did Beohringer Ingleheim employees find the length of the class? 
Sign at BICL Event“Just right”
“Too short”
Overall, how would you rate this meditation class?
“Very Good.”
“A little longer class would be nice…really enjoyed it.”
“I think performing a class is a great idea!”
Our volunteers, some from the youth de-stress program, others that took time off from their busy office hours – are shining examples of what it means to be fully connected to that joy inside and enjoy the present moments as they happen, “as is.”
No wonder that they received the following Appreciation letter for their volunteer services, especially that this was the 2nd time when Sahaja Yoga Meditation was invited to the Burlington location of this pharmaceutical company – Boehringer Ingleheim Canada -, that represents a leader in the treatment of respiratory diseases. We are very grateful for the opportunity of offering our skills and volunteer services and very thankful for the appreciation that we’ve received.
 The ability to absorb joy is an expanding benefit to practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation just a few minutes a day. They can feel the cool breeze, how about you? Do you want to try it? Come to our classes, or we can come to you!

Appreciation letter to Sahaja Yoga Meditation (Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Educational Societyregistered Canadian charity) from BICL

Appreciation Letter from BICL

 (click /story /photos) Free Meditation @ Tech Data Corporation *Wellness Fair (Mississauga )


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