Meditation under Mother Mary’s Auspices for Young Parents in Hamilton (again!) (photos + impressions)

Mother Mary and Baby Jesus
We found this beautiful statue of Mother Mary and baby Jesus in the room where our Inner Peace session was ready to start for the very young mothers at the Catholic centre for young parents and children in Hamilton. We loved it and we felt that it was no coincidence that the meditation and chakra workshop was offered under the auspices of this great symbol for pure maternal protective love and immense strength – same qualities as the energy Kundalini has and manifests from within.

Isabelle’s Feedback

(volunteer instructor with Halton- Sahaja Yoga Meditation group) 

“great to see that a centre such as this exists for young moms,  so important for them to support each other and to get support from the community, it will give these children a sense of belonging of a greater community . the moms coming to the sahaja meditation realization was wonderful to see.  this will give them the tools to take care of themselves and see their own true value, which is good, also to be the instruments to be able to strengthen it in their own children as well.
a young mother, so sweet,  was worried about her past experience and thought that that defined  her, which is a myth, experiences do effect us but we are not defined by them of who we are
some were hesitant at first but given the individual attention relaxed and enjoyed it; able to stay in meditation after a workshop and others stayed behind to ask where they can attend a class 
for me what was really important to convey to the young mothers is that we all need each other ….we are just designed that way :)”

Volunteers from Sahaja (free!) yoga meditation: Isabelle, Shulin, Ioana, Holly, Cherry and Emma

Family photo with the volunteers from Sahaja (free!) yoga meditation that participated on November 25th, 2014 to the 2nd   inner peace workshop offered to the Hamilton centre: Isabelle, Shulin, Ioana, Holly, Cherry and Emma 

Holly’s Feedback

(volunteer instructor for Barrie/Halton – Sahaja Yoga Meditation group) 

“This once again was a wonderful experience. Note: we’ve been other time, on September 30th, to Catholic Family Services of Hamilton at St Martin’s Manor’s to offer a de-stress/ inner peace session with sahaja yoga meditation.

 The young mothers really opened their hearts and opened up to us like we were all family! 

You can really see the difference in each one of them after the meditation. They all bloomed like flowers and felt more at peace within.
They felt the benefits not just for themselves but for their children. 
I feel so much joy that we get this opportunity to continue to go to this centre and be one instrument to spread this love and peace. This is needed everywhere! So many are wanting this, we just have to be the light wherever we go and spread this truth that’s within all of us.
We are family and this is felt only through love! Thank you for this opportunity to share! We’ll be back! “
team young moms centre hamilton

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  1. Tracy

    Dear Halton yogis, the program you share here fills me with joy. Also, much gratitude to our Beloved Mother for each of you. The precious gift you shared with the young mothers is symbolized in the exquisite statue of Mother Mary and Her Son. With prayers that these moms will one day feel this connection. Salutations to each of you ???? Jai Shri Mataji-! love, Tracy

    1. Ioana

      Dear Tracy, we miss you and we are looking fwd to your visiting our region .. at least next year! We hope that it doesn’t take for The Voice of France (Yoann Freget) to start touring Canada :-)Much love from all of us!

  2. Colleen Burgess

    Love what you shared in the article Isabelle, just beautiful. Thank you ladies for doing this for these young moms, they need all of the support they can get. The experience of inner peace and the knowledge on how to achieve it is so precious for themselves and their babies.

  3. Mohinder Sidana

    It is very good for young mom’s to give them courage and support
    May Mata ji bless you

  4. Kruti

    These stories are so motivating. I am thrilled to know that are such places available to young moms. Kudos to our SY team for introducing Sahaja Yoga to them which will be a tremendous help in dealing with day to day stress. Good job guys!

  5. anjali

    It’s a treat for these moms to be able to discover their own personal mother, kundalini as they become mothers to possibly realized children. So assuring it is for them as they step into their new role. What a great opportunity for the moms as well as us sahaja yogis.

  6. Rajinee

    Thank you for all the beautiful work you do as volunteers, connecting with these young moms is so important and thanking you for giving them the gift of meditation.

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