Volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation RECEIVE Appreciation letter from Juravinski Cancer Centre at Hamilton Health Sciences for Conducting “Inner Peace” FREE Yoga Meditation Workshops

Appreciation Letter from Sahaja Yoga meditation from Juravinski Cancer Centre at Hamilton Sciences - 2013

Self-Realization at the Life After Breast Cancer Event -ss

Presentation  at Life After Breast Cancer

Sahaja Yoga meditation -chakra workshopPaula and Brenda and Life After Breast Cancer conference

THANK YOU Michele, for inviting us to this important event in the community of Hamilton and for recognizing the services of our team of volunteers. That is one of the best gifts for us that we’ve received around Christmas 2014′ time 🙂 To all the readers, let’s be grateful for every moment in our life when we are healthy and let’s make good choices to preserve that state. Practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation is definitely one of the best ‘life insurance‘ options one can get. So, come to our free sahaja yoga meditation classes and events. There, besides inner peace you also can find your 2nd best family :-).

Paula’s Full Story about our volunteer’s participation is in the article below!

(click!) Sahaja Yoga Meditation Gives Life After Breast Cancer @ 7th Biennial Convention – Hamilton Convention Centre

(video-lecture) What is the Mechanism within Ourselves that was built as The Pathway of Ascent for Pure Energy ?

Heart of roses created by Sahaja Yogis -photo by Sophia
Heart of roses created by Sahaja Yogis during an International Sahaja Yoga meditation Seminar on March 21 –  now considered to be the International Inner Peace Day

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  1. Helen

    This is so warming to read and to know that so many people benefit and enjoy is so wonderful! Thanks very much for sharing.
    G-d Bless, Helen

  2. Mohinder Sidana

    It is so nice to hear that lot of people are feeling inner peace within themselves

  3. paula

    Both the original venue for cancer support and later the registered participants who signed up for the meditation seminars were very receptive. So many people had come to the booth to get their “self-realization” experience there was almost a line up! But we turned no one away, giving everyone the time to feel the subtle shift in awareness that happens from the inside.

    In fact, participants got their self-realization very fast and very easily at our booth. It is just the best feeling in the world when they open their eyes after a chakra workshop and that sense of wonder and recognition is in their eyes! Over and over, we ask them how they feel, and they were so grateful, amazed, feeling amazing vibrations, the cool breeze one after another. It is so rewarding to see that look of “knowing” that there is a scientific truth, and proof in their experience, and immediately we get connected to a joyful state which is our birthright…and share it with pure joy!

    It was all a very rewarding experience, and Slava came all the way from Kitchener to help out, Isabelle, Brenda and myself had more and more help as Kavita joined us after her speech and each person that got their realization came back with more people saying “you have to try this!”

  4. payal

    Stay blessed and keep up the good work!!

  5. Sandra


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