“Vibrations” Online Seminar VIDEO

VibrationsFREE Online Seminar (Open to All) on Sat, Dec 11 @10AM EST

The interactive session “Vibrations Online Seminar with Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network” will be 60 to 90 minutes long. It is open to people of all ages and levels, beginner or advanced in yoga / chakra / meditation experience, who are willing to experience and learn more. During the “Vibrations Online Seminar” you will learn about .. vibrations.

There will be practical “Know How” tips for You to incorporate the use of Vibrations in your daily life.

Also you will get to meet Yogis from our Online team (including some from the Youth accomplished class, as well from our Cool Kids & Parents classes) who will share and “demonstrate” various practical useful ways of developing the Vibratory Awareness. Of course we will have a guided collective meditation and spiritual (subtle chakra energy) wisdom will be shared. Just come with an open heart or with the desire to become more open and alert!

Bouquet of flowers from our meditation room

The recorded video of the “VIBRATIONS” Seminar is now available! Watch it here or below:

How to prepare for our Seminar: Ideally, wash your hands also with soft salt mixed with oil or butter. Thus, your hands will increase their readiness, becoming more “open to feeling” the subtle energies.

No worries — we will remind everyone on the call and give a few minutes before starting the “actual session”. 🙂

Saturday, December 11 @ 10AM (EST Toronto / New York time)

Free and Open to All

ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83483726699

Three “sahaj items” for You to explore & enjoy until we “see you” at the Dec 11 Seminar :

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Feedback on the chat provided by the participants to 1 of our weekly online classes 🙂 “Proof” that you will be in “good hands” at the Seminar!

Please drop a comment if you want. Feel free to share the news and link to anyone interested. Contact us anytime!

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