Sahaja Yoga Meditation

We welcome everyone to our weekly free meditation classes and special events that we offer currently in Halton in 2 locations: Burlington and Oakville, as well in Niagara region (in St Catharines).

Other events include evening programs, day seminars, music and art intertwined with meditation, and have workshop presentation booths at multicultural, environmental and health fairs in the region.

Upon request and availability we offer free classes /courses to other locations and facilities (corporations, various organizations and groups).

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At our classes you’ll meet wonderful people that have some beautiful and quite emotional stories to share about their transformation and overall quality life improvement with Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Few of these friends of our classes that have started this practice in Halton few years back, are now involved in the community and are ready to teach others about the techniques and benefits that they’ve seen working so well in their own lives.

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