Free Online Meditations & Yoga Classes (MARCH 15 – 22 Schedule for Mornings & Evenings)

Due to Corona virus our weekly Sahaja Yoga classes offered in Halton, Niagara and Simcoe areas are interrupted at least until beginning of April.

SYMN team of volunteer instructors mobilized themselves to come with the following alternative: we are offering online classes3 per week -, as well “going deeper” online meetings.

Even more, our regular and keen participants have the opportunity of joining our Daily morning and evening meditation ** when we don’t have the “regular classes”.

Sun, Mar 15 @ 8:45 pm “Detachment & Importance of DAILY Meditation”

– video talk (to be provided)

Mon, Mar 16 @ 6:30 am ” Silent meditation with 3 ascent prayers for Crown chakra

– article link (to be provided)

Mon, Mar 16 @ 8:45 pm “Monday is for Sahasrara – the Crown chakra”

Tue, Mar 17 @ 6:30 am ” Mooladhara – Root chakra meditation”

Tue, Mar 17 @ 7:00pm ” SYMN CLASS – replacing Barrie Class – ROOT Chakra TALK + Clearing”

– article link (to be provided)

Wed, Mar 18 @ 6:30 am ” Mooladhara – Root chakra meditation”
Wed, Mar 18 @ 7:00pm ” SYMN CLASS – replacing BURLINGTON Class – Going Deeper with Mantras”

Thu, Mar 19 @ 6:30 am ” Mooladhara – Root chakra meditation”
Thu, Mar 19 @ 8:45 pmYOGIS – MEETING

Fri, Mar 20 @ 6:30 am ” Mooladhara – Root chakra meditation”
Fri, Mar 20 @ 7:00 pm ” SYMN CLASS – replacing OAKVILLE Class – Going Deeper (TBD Theme)”

Sat, Mar 21 @ 7:00 am ” Mooladhara – Root chakra meditation”
Sat, Mar 21 @ 5:00 pmYOGIS MEETING – Bhakti for Shri Mataji’s Birthday & Nawroz Persian New Year”

Sun, Mar 22 @ 8:00 am ” Mooladhara – Root chakra meditation”
Sun, Mar 22 @ 5:00 pmSpecial Meeting

If you have missed the Invite sent via email / what’s-up and you are part of our regional SYMN family & friends group please send an email to [email protected]

** check the 2 article compilations shared below to go deeper **

** check the feedback from participants by the end of the article and if you are one of them :-), we’re always happy to have yours ***

Morning Meditation with A Murmur of Starlings & Sea Rose: Contemplate & Listen!

How to Meditate in the Evening? Evening Meditation Exercise & Experience with Planet Earth

“After this comes the Evening Meditation. It is for the Surrender. Then comes the question that how you are surrendered.. means what have you done for Sahaja Yoga. ‘What have I done today for Sahaj Yoga ?!’ By body, mind and intellect…” “There is one blind singer who is very famous. He is very
Read the article!

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  1. Anjali Gandhi

    I love these online mediations esp when we’re trying to limit socializing. I attended two of them at 9 pm with my family and we all really enjoyed being in sahasrara. Thank you so much for organizing these.

    1. Ashley from Oakville Friday nights

      Hi Anjali,
      It’s Ashley, how can I join the online meditations?

      1. Ioana

        Hello Ashley — this week was for “testing” ; we are about to send via our Newsletter to classes the Invite, please reply via the Google form invite. This way we will know if you want to join 1, 2 or all 3 weekly evening classes .. We hope to send out the invite either tomorrow or the latest by Sat.. We are almost there;;; see the feedback we’ve received from our “testing group” that comprised representatives from Burlington, Oakvillle, Barrie and St Catharines classes .. and others.

        So happy you want to join us!!! Soon we will be “reunited”! With Sahaj Love —

      2. Ashley

        Amazing ok thank you Ioana! Can’t wait to share in the experience!

  2. Rebecca Amyotte

    I am very grateful for the opportunity to do these online meditations lead by Ioana. I joined for the Sunday evening and Monday morning meditations and hope to be able to continue as the week goes on. Thank you so much for finding ways to bring us together during these challenging times. I sincerely appreciate these opportunities to raise our vibrations together. I feel that we can all make a positive difference in each other’s lives and beyond. I’m setting my alarm right now for tomorrow morning’s meditation.

  3. Ioana

    — From K – Burlington Class —

    Thank you so much for having this meditation.
    I’ll admit my attention was fluctuating, but at times it would be really deep. I really felt Vishudhi chakra on my finger while Ioana was working on it, and I still felt it strongly but she moved on to left Agnya chakra- which I did not feel at all.
    However, the affirmations for left Agnya / Third Eye chakra really spoke to my spirit, it was really clear how another part of me started listening and felt so awake with those words.
    I also felt really connected during the affirmations for left Anahat heart chakra, and at the end I felt nice coolness for Sahastrara /Crown chakra.

    I liked how we spent more time on each chakra that was worked on, it seemed full attention was really given to clear them out and nourish them fully.

    I hope to make the 6:30 meditation in the morning.

    Emoji Thank you Emoji


  4. Ioana

    — feedback from S , Oakville class —

    Thank you for being in my life. The meditation yesterday was a life saver.

    Thank you.


  5. Jolanta

    It is truly amazing that we can be together (in ether) in Sahaja Yoga meditation in this unusual time of “social distancing”.
    Thank you everyone, and I look forward to continuing these on-line meditation meetings until the authorities lift the restrictions on organizing social gatherings.

  6. Sigal Matasaro

    … you are a true healer.
    The foot sock meditations at this time are truly a life saver for me.
    I am so blessed and so grateful to meditate with such an amazing group of people and such an amazing gifted instructor like Ioana.
    Thank you.

  7. Jolanta

    Thank you Ioana, Shivangna and everyone else for another opportunity tonight to connect on-line, and experience deep meditation with excerpts of Shri Mataji’s talks and beautiful music.

  8. Helen

    Such a wonderful blessing to be part of this group. The explanations, knowledge, caring and
    wisdom that is shared is remarkable!
    The social distancing is bringing us together more and more in ether. And in our hearts.
    Thanks very very much

  9. Kruti Gandhi

    Much needed this online session today, specially after getting a sad news of an elderly relative passing away. The beautiful meditation on Swadhisthan chakra helped me release the sadness and emptiness I was feeling before that. Thank you so much.

  10. Anjali

    Last night’s meditation helped me clear out deep catches. we gave attention to each centre that we worked on felt them being nourished. It was much needed for me after a tough day. Thank you Ioana. So grateful for these online meditations. I just had to log in for this morning meditation too..Shivangana led a wonderful meditation And now I am ready to face the day!

  11. Ioana

    Beautiful cooling meditation with Shivangna –it was lovely to honor few primordial Gurus and with them the oneness that exists between various faiths … Thank you for taking us “there” .. we’re surrounded by coolness after this morning collective meditation. So true what Anjali said above — after such cool peaceful beginning we can face the day.
    “See” you all tonight!

  12. Elizabeth

    Thank you very much for running these classes. I have had some hard news today and I know I will be relying on Sahaja yoga to see me through these tough times. Meditation yesterday was fantastic.
    I am most grateful that classes are going successfully online.

  13. Jolanta

    Thank you Shri Mataji for creating the circumstances leading to becoming part of this on-line meditation, which is so intelligently and eloquently guided by Ioana, Shivangna, attended by true see(k)ers, and (usually) results in experiencing the yoga.

  14. Ioana

    From Cathy, Barrie:

    Thank you for the extra special vibrations and prayers we as a group, sent out for all of humanity. It is such an amazing way to stay collective while things feel upside down. Being a part of Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a true, pure, loving gift.

  15. Ioana

    From Sue – Burlington:

    I was so pleased to finally be able to connect with the on line meditation. And by that I mean it was my schedule not a technical glitch. I really enjoyed it. What a wonderful way to have a group meditation. All the goodness of a class without even having to leave the house. I could get addicted!

  16. Rebecca Amyotte

    Bless you for leading us in such a powerful meditation tonight Ioana. You really helped me realize that we have to remain detached from the many challenges we face, knowing that the divine power is looking after us. The power of our meditation tonight was very healing. I wish that it had been recorded so that I could listen to it again and again. Thank you to all who have the skills to connect us in this powerful way and for the divine light that shines in all who were able to share this Thursday meditation experience.

  17. Kruti Gandhi

    It was a blissful, peaceful meditation this morning. I am all ready to start my day with this! Thank you for taking us in thoughtless awareness.

  18. Paula

    I have attended 2 morning sessions online, and 3 evening sessions online. It is amazing because I am not a techy person, but it was so easy to join in.

    It feels so good to be part and parcel of the universe with others as we meditate and evolve not only ourselves, but the world together.

    Vibrations are really incredible, we feel some personal and collective blockages, but we clear them together.

    I really also enjoyed not only the guided meditation, YoYo Ma playing Bach, but also the ever wise words of Shri Mataji, who gifted Sahaja Yoga to the world.

    In this time which limits physical social distancing due to a health pandemic, it feels so good to gather online, spirits aligned, peace within, soldiers of love and peace, wishing and influencing the collective consciousess to put more wisdom and love and benevolent ideas into the global decisions being made.

    Let’s continue to grow together, and respect mother earth and it’s people. Together we raise the consciousness.

  19. Helen

    The on line sessions are amazing. Very helpful to feel more balanced and together with others, especially now in these very difficult times.
    Such an important reminder that we have all we need within, the Divine, the love and healing within.

  20. Jolanta

    Thank you all for another beautiful collective meditation tonight.

  21. Carmen Pavel

    My beloved family, I am just grateful and filled with joy. Grateful for your efforts to make our profound connection possible and filled with joy for the deep “revolution “ within. The outcome of this collective challenge must be a collective awakening.
    All my love, Carmen

  22. Rebecca Amyotte

    8:45 pm works better for me as I am helping with my grandchildren a great deal. This time will ensure that I am more able to join. Thanks so much for thinking of people with responsibilities with little ones. They are greatly in need of time to centre themselves during this tumultuous time.

  23. Helen

    Amazing experiences, to share together, such wonderful, bright vibrations. So much needed always and especially now in theses challenging times of uncertainty and some isolation.
    So needed to help center ourselves, am feeling better now.
    Blessings to all,
    Love and joy

  24. Amrit

    Beautiful meditations. Easy to follow and get into thoughtlessness.

  25. Sigal Matasaro

    Thank you Ioana for the online meditations. Brilliant, easy to follow meditations and the benefits to my menthal well being are priceless.

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