Yoann’s Joyful Visit at Niagara Falls – Sahaj Experiences & Photos with Vishnumaya Power & Chakras

Chandra: I never saw such a big rainbow in Niagara! It was such a beautiful view to see it stretching across the width of the falls, so that it touched the ground on Canadian side as well as on the US side. I never saw a rainbow touching the Mother Earth.

Anjali : On Wednesday October 13th, seven of us set out to pay homage to the sacred Niagara falls – swayambhu of Shri Vishnumaya (the subtle energy that governs the left aspect of the Vishuddhi energy center of the Mother Earth).  Personally, for me it was an experience of a lifetime.  As soon as we drove into Niagara Falls, I started to feel vibrations which woke up the snoozing Yoann too. We were already getting so excited by just the thought of being close to the falls. The weather was beautiful and we started to walk around and admire the beauty of the falls – absolutely breathtaking. And then our little Abi came up with the idea of taking a ride in the “Maid of the Mist” so that we can allow Shri Vishnumaya to drench us with her love and her holy vibrations.

Isabelle: At Niagara Falls we got a chance to experience and observe the falls at different angles. First we walked along the walkway then we took the ferry and finally we went down the tunnel and stood near the base of the falls. While observing the falls it became more beautiful. The more you appreciated it the more it showed itself. In the tunnel looking at the falls at first I saw just water, than I observed that the water was pouring down and up, it was twirling, sometimes splashing us, playing. I always knew that Native Indians respected Mother Earth however they were so much wiser than what I learned. They knew the power of this place and venerated this sacred place. It was such a beautiful day.The Falls were beautiful but so was the company. We went to the Falls because of Yoann and his joy was so contagious. So happy that I went with you all!!!!

Chandra: My experience of Niagara Falls trip? Yes, my mind, normally tense, was very relaxed all through our tour. We walked around like a bunch of free birds. I fell asleep on open lawn in the midst of traffic! I learned that a Sahaja Yogi can be in meditation anywhere, any time as Yoann was all through our trips to Webster Falls and Niagara Falls. These tours (and a short Oakville water front tour Yoann, Omar, Isabelle and me took after C.J. Cafe program) invoked the collective awareness in me as against ” I am in my own world” attitude. Yoann, as a living example, further showed me the Power of Innocence, the Power Shri Mataji often talked about while referring to Shri Ganesha Principle of the eternal child within us, the subtle ruler power governing the Root Chakra: Mooladhara. I also thought that our Halton sahaj family  should schedule regular meditation trips to Niagara falls as we are uniquely blessed to be so close to that Divine creation, be it in summer, in fall, winter or in spring.

Chandra: Oh ya, I forgot The Rainbow!! It was a Garland thrown across Yoann’s neck (while he was  in meditation behind the Falls) by the Divine Mother for his work in Canada.

Anjali: Once the boat started to approach the falls, Yoann pointed out a little rainbow and we were already bursting with joy.. some of us started to chant the mantra for Shri Vishnumaya while some of us just opened our palms and our hearts and let the love flow on us in form of heavy mist – some of us also got a nice foot soak out of the ride!  Yoann was glowing, totally charmed by the experience -so much that he didn’t want to leave the boat and finally the boat staff came and kicked us out of it. 🙂

Anjali: We really wanted to go for a second ride in the maid of the mist, but were running out of time, so instead we decided to do a little tour of behind the falls. Indu suggested it is very nice. Well “nice” is too small of a word, because we had some amazing experiences there. After having lunch…
Anjali: … we did a little meditation watching the falls from the walking area – there Jayanti aunty had a experience that I’m sure she will share with us  ..So there we were in a little cave/tunnel that took us on a journey behind the falls.  We first came to an open area where we were as close to the falls as possible. There the four of us (Indu, Yoann, Isabelle and I) meditated. We sang the mantra for Shri Vishnumaya and we asked that all negativities attacking the left vishuddhi of Canadian Sahaja yogis be destroyed and that we be blessed with the good qualities of the left Vishuddhi chakra (the throat energy centre) . Suddenly, we felt a strong wave of breeze from the falls come to us and drenched us. The falls became stronger.  Yoann pointed out and we observed the same that the top part of the falls where the water was falling down had so much force all of a sudden that there was a big water bump created from it. We had goosebumps.  We were convinced that Shri Vishnumaya was interacting with us. Indu felt as if Shri Vishnumaya was dancing, Yoann felt as if Shri Vishnumaya is very pleased to have us there. And Isabelle was totally silent, enjoying each moment. There was so much peace on her face and the silence was deep within – she was speechless and very joyous.  And in my case, I couldn’t believe it, but all the pain and heavy stiffness from my left shoulder was all of a sudden GONE! As we turned around we saw a very well defined Rainbow and it was a full rainbow..we saw a beginning as well as the end and it was getting stronger and stronger. It gets even better as Isabelle pointed out that there was another rainbow right above it! Anjali: … Yoann continued to meditate and Isabelle, Indu and I were just looking at each other completely astonished with the beauty and the miracles around us. Never before had we visited Niagara falls with such Gratitude. After meditation, we continued in the tunnel visiting two more wings. As we walked, we could hear the force of the falls above us (as the tunnel was right under the falls) as soon as we arrived at a wing where we were behind the falls , we could see the falls coming down in front of us..again we couldn’t help but to be meditative. And behold, once again as we sang the mantra, the force increased and Shri Vishnumaya started to dance and we felt chills and goosebumps. We were all glowing – there was so much light on our faces and absolute joy in our hearts and peace in our minds.  Yoann then gave self realization to a young gentleman (East Indian) who then later spoke to his wife who also held her hands open towards the falls. We then explained to her that this waterfall is a swayambhu representing Shri Vishnumaya – who was an incarnation of Shri Draupadi.  Things worked out so spontaneously that day…even the plan to go to Niagara falls was made very spontaneously just the night before, when Yoann was telling us about his strong desire to see Niagara during the day.  Then, we’ve checked the weather for the next day and the prognosis was Beautiful and as Yoann was “free” only during the day, we took it as a sign of “now or never”! It was a blessing to be able to venerate Shri Vishnumaya with Yoann (who for many of us, is a true representation of the qualities of Shri Ganesha – very childlike at times – chasing squirrels one moment, but saying very wise things the next, and doing many spontaneous things out of the blue, humble enough to give us his time, joy giving through his innocence and music and definitely very auspicious – and Anjali‘s experience ends with the following powerful phrases:

I mean Shri Vishnumaya talked to us that day!

I’m still in an awe!

Jayanthi, Indu, Abi,  Yoann (centre), Anjali, Isabelle and Chandra  – Seven Happy Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners from Canada  (Halton region: Burlington, Oakville and Milton towns)  and France.  Many thanks to Anjali, Chandra and Isabelle who had shared with us all their beautiful experiences. The photos were provided by Isabelle and Abi.  Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a a not for profit organization that is offering free classes and free special events related to the Self Realization (spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and even artistically!)  in the communities from all across Canada and around the world. This year the Canadian sahaja yogis have sponsored the “Enlightened Gospels” Canadian  tour of Yoann Freget, talented musician visiting from France, who agreed to come over and share his music and life with all of us interested to know and enjoy him.

Yoann’s Canadian Tour 2010:

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  1. Shashidhar

    There are so many Swayambhus to discover… Thank you for the lovely report!

    Does anyone have photos of the swayambhus on Mount Kailasha in the himalayas? Re: Mahashivaratri Puja talk 22nd February 1982

  2. Perviz

    Truly what a wonderful experience you guys had. Very well described! It actually gave an yearning in my heart to be there and regrets to miss out such a wonderful opportunity. At some points, I felt the same experience as you all had. The peace, the serenity and calmness. Yes, I totally agree with Chandra that we should have such trips to Niagara falls to experience the power of Shri Vishnumaya.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. Mohini

    Beautiful and blissful experience of shower of divine vibrations on the day of Sakshat Navaratri puja…..
    I really felt the shower and cool breeze blowing on me and felt completely cool…..
    The silence, peace and emptiness was felt seeing the photographs……
    Thanks a lot for sharing the divine vibrations and joy….
    Wish you a very happy Navaratri puja…
    With Nirmal love

  4. ann

    Wow the vibrations were jumping off all of you and the Falls, it is a gift that keeps on giving.

    Love Ann



  6. Dhiraj

    Thanks a lot for sharing……….
    Really, We all should experience the real power of Vishnumaya by visiting to all such beautiful and divine places……

  7. Debbie

    What beautiful experiences you were able to witness and share with each other.

    Lots of love always.

  8. Liz

    WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!!
    I love it!!

  9. Pradeep Agrawal

    Just wonderful. Vibrations are flowing when I am going through this lovely article and amazing photographs as if Shri Vishnumaya is blessing me right here at my desktop.

  10. freget yoann

    whoaaa… all this comments are very touching.

    yes it was really a divine journey for all of us! …

    We are so blessed to live on this Mother Earth and to have the possibility to share Her divine Love so easily and sponaneously as brothers and sisters though Sahaja Yoga!…

    This was on Thanks giving day!

    We all felt the gratitude towards Life from deep within our hearts and this very Collective energy between all of us, and though our prayers directed toward the whole Sahaj Shanga and the whole world!…

  11. Priti

    Thank-you for sharing your wonderful experiences. I felt absolute joy and learning. Wow! What a learning “paying homage to Swayambhu of Shri
    Vishnumaya(Nigarafalls)Thank-you so much. Mother Nature’s (Shri Vishnumaya) expression of love and protection in the form of rainbow (Bandhan) is really cool and astonishing. Words cannot express this absolute joy. Once again thanks for sharing.

  12. Kusum Chandok

    I hope Yoann had a great time visiting Canada! Thank you for sharing your photos of the beautiful Shri Vishnumaya. The vibrations while reading your experiences are very strong and cool. I have ended 4,5 sessions of meditation with Yoann and when I get home the vibrations I feel are amazing! He is really an inspiration.

  13. Elsie

    thanks Anjali for your beautifully written article on the trip to Niagara Falls. When written in such a manner it paints a picture and touches whoever reads it. It touched me because when I can’t visit a place having it described is next best to being there The double rainbow which is so rare was a sight to behold.

    What a memorable trip for Yoann.

  14. ornella

    Vibrations with colors and amazing natural power, thanks to share this graceful beauty…

  15. Francoise

    Such vibrations reading this, I had the goose bumps. I am born in Quebec and did not know Niagara was Shri Vishnumaya and I totally am sure now! I hope to visit some time soon. Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Colleen

    I absolutely love these experiences, and the pictures are so beautiful. It all brought tears to my eyes and vibrations all over me. Thank you for sharing your amazing spontaneous day with us. I could feel the love and joy emitting from all of you!!

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