(watch) The Common Tree SPEECH Meditation: Yogis and SUFI Azeemis’ TOGETHERNESS @ Adam’s Day 2015

SNAP Mississauga - Kathleen - Ioana and Jawaid

(watch short VIDEO) #1 Speaker was from Sahaja Yoga Meditation -> Inspired Meditation on The Common Tree

South Mississauga SNAP Magazine about Adam’s Day 

SNAP magazine about Adams Day

Appreciation Letter from Sufi Azeemi Canada

Appreciaton Letter -2015 from Azeemi Sufi Canada

 Feedback from Chandra (Oakville)

I was there at Adams program, enjoyed the program and astonished to see the openness of all there.
Ioana, you presented Sahaja yoga there as Universal faith. You balanced your talk well, presented the Universal truth as learned from our Ma.
You were also very alert to the diver faiths and beliefs present in the hall and made it clear the SAHAJA yoga embraces every good from every faiths of the World.
I was a bit concerned how “some others” would take Sahaja Yoga but your presentation took care of that aspect very carefully and effectively. I see you spoke from your heart and so it was but natural and sincere talk. Your talk was just like a casual, intimate conversation with each and every individual present.
The audience was very open to your talk and there was appreciation in them. I did watch the audience around me while you were talking and saw  keen interest in them.
Thanks for the opportunity. Love. -Chandra
Adams Day 2014 -Photos 1


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(VIDEO MUSIC + PHOTOS) Ultimate SUFI YOGI Namaz-Ruah Experience @ Adam Day 2014 

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Ioana-Adams Day 1- speaker

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Sufi dance at Adam's Day

Thank you Azeemi Sufi Order Canada – We are looking forward to our participation next year! We are still in the process of collecting feedback from our sahaja yoga team that came this year at Adam’s Day: Shivangi, Nehit, Elizabeth, Arvind, Mamta, Chandra, Jayanthi, Isabelle, Kathleen, Mohinder, Amrit, George ,Daiana and Ioana. We all had a great time and we felt @ home with the Azeemi Sufi Family!

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  1. Mohinder Sidana

    It was my first time attending this event
    I really had a great time
    vibrations were amazing
    There were tremendous vibrations from ioana meditation and sufi music was beyond any words
    together we can create a beautiful world full of love peace and harmony

  2. Antoinette Wells


    I remember Shri Mataji praising the Sufis and especially a great Saint in Nizamudin mosque in Delhi which was near the camp erected for Shri Mataji’s birthday: we were all sent to bring some red rose petals to the shrine and the yogis went in whilst yoginis were staying outside in the courtyard prayina and saying Allah u Akbar: the next day the head of the Mosque went to bring a Shawl to Shri Mataji to express his gratitude: he got his Sel-realization there and then! It was such a significant event; might have been March 1996?

  3. Kruti

    This is truly remarkable. Sufis are known to be spiritual and if they getting their self realization through Sahaja Yoga, it’s just incredible.

  4. Delia

    How beautiful! Indeed, we’re all ONE and it’s so nice to feel this inside & share the love, joy and peace 🙂

  5. Tara

    So nice vibrations from your talk. Thank you

  6. Constantine

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Stella

    Wow this looks like it was a great event. Beautiful!

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