Beautiful Kannada Poetry in Story of Three Coincidences

Beautiful Kannada Poetry in Story of Three Coincidences   “Watch the earth turn into paradise as you sing to the glory of  love and friendship…  

 Soar into the sky as a bird flies, pave the way with your smiles…  

 See the sky burst into myriad butterflies,  night and day in tune…  

 Forget the day that is to be, revel in the sweetness of today …  

 May each word you say be poetry, every breath you take, a new life …  

 May your mind wander without fear, in lands and hearts, far and wide…   

No envy, no jealousy, not now, not ever, no hatred in this world, love forever …  

 Watch the earth turn into paradise as you sing to the glory of  love and friendship…”  

Photo from the Seminar in Burlington. Jayanthi and Chandra are sitting in the front, explaining the Kannada song.

 The above are the translated verses in English from a beautiful song in the Kannada language that was prepared by Swedish sahaja yogis for the artistic program at one recent International Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminar in Italy.The very same song was introduced to us by Jayanthi and Chandra from Oakville, for our recent Summer Seminar ” A Feast of  Cool Vibes with Meditation, Music, Dance and Food” that was opened with a Meditation conducted by one of our teenagers participants (Ana Bianca – 15 years old) and continued with the mesmerizing Tabla rhythms played by Ahilan (sahaja yogi from Halton) that made vibrations to drop as rain all over our Sahasrara (crown) chakras; then Jayanthi and Chandra opened the artistic inter-active part of the evening with the Kannadian song! The beauty was that we were all invited to join them in singing and we could feel the sweet refreshing vibrations accompanying the melody. Beautiful experience indeed especially that Kannada is a local language from India we’ve neever heard about ever before. By the end of the Seminar we played the tunes of a Romanian fold dance and everyone joined into dancing “Hora” girdles full of rhythm and collective joy.  Let’s make sure you’ll check the Story of three coincidences shared by our dear friend Chandra by the end of this article. In fact, this article is including the feedback received from Halton Summer Yoga Seminar 2010 hosted by the Burlington Class. 

 Feedback from Mano – Mississauga visitor to the Seminar

Ana-Bianca is playing with the kite above the newly built Lakeshore promenade in Burlington. Many years back ..

“I felt full of joy and peace, and nothing else.

It seemed that I was floating, like a kite in the air my body felt very light. In my chest I felt a warm glow and a deeper commitment to my divine power. I have never felt an experience like that before.   I am not a dancer to feel the rhythm and dance, it seemed to happen by itself. Perhaps, I had gone back to my childhood then. 

My Sahaja sisters told me that they got some joy by just looking at how I felt. ”  

– Mano (sahaja yogini and friend coming from an Indian background sharing about her sahaj experience of dancing on Romanian folk music that she never had heard before!)  

Feedback from Rajani, Oakville

“I had a wonderful time at the Seminar. From the time I woke up next morning I’ve been feeling so happy, so calm.  I never felt like this before.  My mom would always ask me, “doesn’t it feel nice after being with the collective?” and I would say yes, because it is nice, but today its different, its a much happier feeling 🙂 ” – Rajani 

 Feedback from Chandra with Three Coincidences Stories connecting to Romania and Cabella

“I  was always surprised by “Coincidences” and a recent posting on the Halton website was itself another coincidence.  At the time of myself surprising about two coincidences that happened to us in Cabella, Shri Mataji, through this recent  article on ‘coincidences’, clarified that ‘coincidences are nothing but well-organized events at subtler level.  Recently we (wife and husband) went to Cabella to attend an international sahaja yoga seminar for the first time. Two coincidences happened, one at the airport upon arrival and one at the Cabella location immediately we arrived.

  First one:

A friend from Burlington gave us an envelope with money to deliver it to Romanian group that comes to Cabella for the seminar (as donation for an Ashram – yoga center in Romania). Also, another friend from Burlington had asked us to buy some beautiful art work from same Romanian group.

At the airport in Italy, the organizer in charge of local transportation, asked us whether we want to wait for a couple of hours when more sahaja yogis from overseas arrive so that he can arrange a big bus to take us all to Cabella or we prefer to go immediately by a smaller vehicle.

To save that extra, we said we will wait a couple of hours and go with the larger group by bigger bus. A couple of hours passed and a large group of  people assembled at the airport. After a while, all got into the bus and left for Cabella. All in the bus except my wife and me were very excited and talking amongst themselves and we could make nothing of it. Ultimately, out of curiosity, I asked them where are they from. No one could reply and finally one man answered in broken English that they are from  ….guess what…….ROMANIA!!! All in the bus except we two were from Romania!! Now imagine that for this kind of seminar people are coming mostly from western countries, so we were very surprised.

All excited, I pulled out the envelope with the money and read the (Romanian) name on it aloud. Be hold! ….. the man who was sitting just in front of me all the time, raised his hand and said “ME”!!

Still excited, I immediately handed over the envelope to him and told him it was from his friend in Canada. He was all happy and explained it to his group and everyone was happy. I also arranged (reserved) with them in the bus for those beautiful art work for the other friend from Burlington. I immediately knew it was a great coincidence but, after reading recent posting about ‘Coincidences’, I know now it was  like a divine plan at subtler level.

  Second one:

As we entered the main hanger (there are several huge tents and few buildings)  in Cabella, there were a group of singers on the stage practicing a song for next day’s artistic program. They repeated the song several times and I could recognize the first line of it. I just mentioned it to my wife it must be a song in Kannada and went to the singers to explore it.  (Kannada is our regional language in India and it is not of any national or International stature).

When I checked with the singing group, they are all from Sweden (One of the seminar’s hosting countries). When I read the song, again behold!….. it is a song in my Kannada language!!! Then and there I said myself  ‘Shri Mataji has accepted us for this Seminar with her open arms, blessing heart and with a Kannada song!’ (Later I checked, there were only two of us, Kannada people even though many other Indian people came from around the world). I felt that our journey to Cabella is already fulfilled that our beloved yoga teacher and guru had accepted us for this grand spiritual event. Further on,  this group of sahaja yoga practitioners coming from Sweden, that had chosen and preferred – in such a  sahaj way! – to sing a song in Kannada (a language they never heard of) became our new friends and had insisted for us to join their group on the stage, representing .. Sweden’s contribution to the artistic program of the evening :-).  My wife indeed became part of the singing team, helped them with the pronunciation and the meaning of the song (it is a beautiful song) and next day, she participated in the singing program. What more do we need to see the subtle power, param chaitanya, at work through our Kundalini awakening?! None of these things are ‘coincidence’; it is Mother’s way of blessing and her divine plan in subtler way. ** Chandra calls Shri Mataji, our beloved guru as Mother. Below is Her photo from the  Seminar in Burlington during which he told us this story and taught us the Kannada song.”

  Chandra’s feedback has more to do with his participation to an International Sahaja Yoga Seminar rather than with his experience to our Halton Seminar 🙂 but in a subtle way they are truly related. Here in Canada we are blessed to have the entire world in our own yard and this is a very nice “day to day” experience;  the recent Halton seminar had that specific multicultural feeling that had started much before getting closer to our very yummy potluck … the Indian, Romanian, Native Indian and Jewish rhythms and words had shown us that we can all understand and feel the universal language of the Spirit, facilitated within us by our Kundalini energy through this new sense of vibrations, that integrates all senses, elevates them and connects us to everything from everywhere – like the World becomes our Family.  On the spot, everyone was eager to tell their experiences, confirming the joy of the Spirit and the clear feeling of “cool vibes” but it was harder to collect the feedback in written .. and as we had promised to come out promptly with Impressions & Photos, here we are. Please, for you who had participated to this seminar, it’s not too late, we are eager to know how was it for you .. place it as a comment below .. Thank you all! 
Beautiful memory from our get together to prepare for a puja, when new yoginis from Burlington, Oakville, Milton and Mississauga enjoyed dressing in Saris and preparing gifts/souvenirs for yogis from everywhere in Ontario province.

Experience the Divine Feminine in Romania through Art and Spirituality

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  1. Shashidhar

    There is quite a lot of excellent literary work in Kannada. Happy that some of it can be enjoyed by many…

  2. Kusum Chandok

    I enjoyed the seminar very much, along with many others yogies. We all shared a beautiful experience and I got the chance to meet and talk to a great amount of unique people. I thank Mataji for bringing me to Burlington to enjoy and take part in this seminar, and local sahaja yogis for their effort and time. Also I had a wonderful time at Crawford Lake today, for which I thank again. It was truly beautiful and the vibrations were amazing! it was a very peaceful experience…I advise everyone to visit this Lake! After coming home from the Lake my family and even the dog who I brought along are much more relaxed! Again, I thank Shri Mataji and the yogies who helped make this happen..

  3. shilpa

    Kannada’s spiritual literature is very rich. Very happy to know that kannada was sung in an International Sahaj program….

    Hope we can sing some more…..

  4. Debbie

    I was unable to make it for this seminar and to share in the joy and collectivity of such wonderful people. From this posting, I can see that everyone had a great time which is not surprising – why wouldn’t they!
    I myself believe that there are no coincidences – these are signs and intervention from the divine.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Ioana and Chandra.

    Lots of love always.

  5. Basavaraju K R

    Kannada Litreture Is Very much And Rich To The Kannada’S People All Are To Very Nice In Others People Also Kannada Seminer Is There From This Posting. I LIke You So Mucgh Thanking To All Kannadigaas. I LOve You India And Karnataka.

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