Vibrant Metis Dance with Incredible Adoption Story including Similarities between Native Americans and Turks

Enjoy the Article offering a Vibrant Metis Dance with Ozlem’s Incredible Adoption Story

Ozlem presents Incredible Similarities between the Turks and Native Americans

This article offers beautiful connections between special people that share the same living space – Canada – while their roots appear to be very different and apart. One of them – Ozlem from Montreal – recently came to Burlington’s one and only Festival of Inner Lights, as a special guest and yogini sister. During our team’s preparations to celebrate with this community event the 100th Birthday of the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirnala Devi, as well the 150th aniversary of the City of Burlington, we uncovered that Ozlem has a very special extended family and an amazing adoption story to tell. Here there is!

Enjoy Ozlem’s special adoption story that is shared further below, as well in a video with details directly from the Chief of the Metis of Canada

“When you look at it, two nations are far from each other.

What similarities can there be between these two different nations? I can hear you say.

According to the compilation made from various sources, the similarities between the legends between the Turks and the Indians (Native Americans), as well as the similarities between handicraft motifs and words, the use of the 12 animal calendar in ancient times attract the attention of researchers as to whether the two communities are related or not.

Extract from this source

In the panel titled “Common Ties Between Turks and Indians” held in New York, USA, interesting similarities between the two nations are revealed once again, and the books and scientific studies on this subject also reveal common points.

Extract from this source

In the thesis, which states that the concept of “respect for nature” among the Indians is also seen in the ancient Turkish belief, it is pointed out that the communities that migrated from Central Asia and Siberia to the American continent through the Bering Strait brought shamanism to this region through various scientific researches.

Altaic language family ( Turkish and American Indian )”

Extract from this source

Ozlem’s Story about her Personal Connections to the Native Americans

Photo from the local Burlington Today newspaper that covered the Festival of Inner Lights 2023 in which Ozlem offered her Metis Circle Dance.

“One of my biggest desires arriving in Canada was to know the Natives.Since my childhood I had a profound interest in Native Culture, listening music,watching movies and feeling like I was Native.

Later on I even read an article published by Harvard University that the DNA of Natives and Turcotte had identical results.

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“Years after arriving to Canada, in fact about three years ago my desire was granted. I was introduced by a Lebanese Comedian that was one of my clients that was keen on my Jewelry collections that I was doing at art shows that introduced me with the Métis group of Quebec,whose mission and greatest desire is to make the aliance between Natives that got hurt by the white people and White people in Quebec Canada and Valourise them again.They recognized in me and Diana the great desire of making a change in others’ lives through our meditation practice and our personal desire and sensitivity towards our community and helped us in a moment of our business where we we’re stuck with construction of moving our store, which is a boutique focus on naturel environmental and holistic healing products without demanding anything from us.

They appeared like angels from the sky helping us our new location during Covid when construction was stopped and we were stuck in an unfinished space.”

From Ozlem’s message to Ioana

Ozlem explains: “In the left photo there is Richard (Inukalok) with Inuit background, next to him is Alain Alain (Padongi) mixed Abenak.” They themselves have many stories to tell, and you can listen to them in the video below.

Let’s continue with Ozlem’s story:

They worked like Divine channels constructing everything. We just provided material.

They asked us nothing in return, adopted us saying ‘You work and help everyone with your heart and we are here for you‘.

It brought tears in our eyes when THEY came with a Thank you letter for letting them help us.”

From Ozlem’s message to Ioana

We placed above two quotes to accompany Ozlem’s tribute to the “Metis de Kebec”, knowing that she would appreciate them both :-): one is from Rumi the Poet, the other one is from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and Ozlem’s motherly spiritual teacher.

Ozlem‘s message ends here:

So grateful for this beautiful experience and being part of such a beautiful group that is also internationally recognized for their generous contributions to the society.

From Ozlem’s message to Ioana

Watch and Feel the Vibrant Metis Dance (Circle Native Dance) offered by Ozlem

Video-clip from The Festival of Inner Lightsn Burlington on Dec 10th, 2023

Watch this video to Feel the Connection between Ozlem and The Metis of Canada

Get a chance to meet in person Les Griffons de Kebec and understand their connection with Ozlem and Diana!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and you’ve found this story inspiring. We will share below few more video-clips and images related to Ozlem and her connections to us, the volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Miedtation Network (rooted in the City of Burlington, in the Halton region, Ontario, Canada). It is always such a joy to have Ozlem and her other yogi friends from Montreal joining us “here” for our special events, and sharing their talents for the benefit of our community.

Ozlem did another Full Circle this Year – the Spiritual Circle of Honouring Shri Matajis’ 100th Birthaday Annniversary both in March with The Festival of New Beginnings as well in December, by participating to our Festival of Inner Lights.

Posters and images related to the Public Program offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network to celebrate “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi DAY”

Videos with Ozlem here in Burlington during the Two annual Festivals offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network in 2023

Mother – Traditional Turkish Song interpreted by Ozlem and Ekaterina from Montreal

Ozlem and Ekaterina are singing SHIVA KIRTAM (devotional Hindu song)

Video with Ozlem’s Traditional Turkish Dance at the Festival of New Beginnings 2023

Ozlem sings a beautiful English song for Mama Carmela and her Burlington Family

You might want to explore also “The Full Circle” that Ozlem participated in this year with us in Burlington

(click!) Surprise with VIDEOS too! The Burlington Post Newspaper wrote about The Festival of New Beginnings Community Event offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network in March, 2023

(click!) 1st Collection of Joys from Inner Lights Festival 2023

Ioana: photo from her neighbourhood with Burlington sunset in December 2023.

Drop a comment if you wish., don’t be shy. We are here for you! We offer this article from our inner light to yours! 🙂

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  1. Kruti

    Ozlem’s Metis dance and her speeches/video opened many hearts that day. For me personally, I felt such a strong connection with our Native brothers and sisters and their beliefs. Vibrations were flowing beautifully. Felt very lucky to watch this performance and many more live. Loved the article.

  2. Paula

    Every moment of the event and this gem filled article of wisdom and connection from the ages to the present is an absolute gift to humanity. I want to savour every feeling that it wakes up in me that is good, that is comforting, that is joyful. Ozlem is such a beautiful inspiration and we can learn and take away many messages from this beautiful compilation of history, art, geography, events and real hope for inner peace and peace in the world.

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