(16 min NOT-TO-BE-MISSED VIDEO) 10th Anniversary @ Burlington Art Centre: Mayor’s Speech, Music, Dance and Testimonials (July 11, 2015)

Gift offered to Mayor Rick Goldring of Burlington 
Gift to Mayor on July 11 2015 - 10 years celebration-web

There are few short videos, all worthy of your attention; each one unique. Also articles that reveal what are we all about “here” in Burlington, Halton.

(16 min Video) Youth “Life De-Stress with MeditationProject

Video’s Essential Content this not to be missed video was realized by Shulin, gr 12 student and sahaja yoga youth instructor  – :

Mayor Goldring’s opening speech with appreciation offered to sahaja yoga meditation group for community service and spiritual enlightenment in Burlington and Halton area.

–  Filmed Testimonial from Dr. Frank Hayden high-school’s principal (for morning meditation broadcast-ed to the entire school: 1,200 Huskies participated).

– Filmed Testimonial from Scotia Bank’s manager * Burlington downtown branch (for meditation workshop offered to employees @Scotia Bank ).

– Filmed Testimonial from Philip Taylor (engineer) and Brenda Telchak (artist) on benefits gained from practicing sahaja yoga meditation.

– 2 min “Breathe with Planet Earth – Meditation workshop” (audio).

– Video Excerpts from Artistic performances: Hema Kukreja (Kuchipudi fusion dance –full video is below), Nirananda band (bhajans and kawali music) and Mar’yana Svarnyk (music therapy workshop)

Check also SIA’s Guru Song and “You bring the Sun out” performed spontaneously with an international “band of yogis” in Burlington’s Civic Square during Canada Culture Days festival (September 25, 26, 27) -> as closure to this article.

(Shulin’s Not-To-Be-Missed VIDEO – See our message by the end!)

 Note: A family of sahaja yogis (2 adults and 1 child) moved to Burlington 10 years back; the 1st sahaja yoga meditation class in Halton area started on November 5th, 2005 at Brant Hills Community centre  in Burlington. We’ve found the handout from that very 1st class:

history - handout for Class 1 in Burlington on Nov 5 2010

10 Years July 11 2015

So grateful for our Sahaja Yoga Meditation family of volunteers we have here in Halton that is truly amazing (though so many are not in this photo) ; Grateful we are as well for our extended Ontario, and world-wide family/community of sahaja yogis meditators. We are One.

(join right in!) SIA’s Composition for “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day” in Burlington

 (watch & learn) Hema’s “Adi Shakti” Performance (-filmed by Shashank)

(feel the vibes) SIA’s “You Bring the Sun Out” in Civic Centre @ Canada Culture Days 2015

WHAT Did Sahaja Yoga Meditation Halton Do, JUST LAST MONTH ?!

(Find out Why Should We Meditate .. for 4 Days)  Outdoors with Appreciative Echoes from Conservation Halton (!)


(video + photos) FEEDBACK from Halton Families for Families @ The ROXY: “Restore Your Balance” with Sahaja Yoga Meditation- Halton


7 Responses to “(16 min NOT-TO-BE-MISSED VIDEO) 10th Anniversary @ Burlington Art Centre: Mayor’s Speech, Music, Dance and Testimonials (July 11, 2015)”

  1. Doina Mira - Romania says:

    All your actions in last month are Amazing Gift of a HIGH EFFICIENCY, offered with radiant joy, humility and innocence …
    We are always with you with all our heart!!!

  2. Jos Boven says:

    Thank you for sharing your joy and inner peace with us !

  3. Constantine says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Mohinder Sidana says:

    I loved it
    specially guru mantra from Sia and sahaja family was amazing
    performances from Tim and Marie were awesome and place was full of strong vibrations
    these artists have really vibrated the city

  5. paula says:

    It is a monumental movement towards achieving inner peace in our communities of Burlington, Halton and all surrounding areas….the ripple effect is extending blissfully all over ontario schools, corporate programs, everywhere everyone wants to feel more calm and peace so they can feel the joy of our soul and spirit.

    The video is a snapshot of the wonderful free programs and is itself layered in art, from music to paintings and painted rocks, the artfully constructed gazebo and the realized souls art gallery to dance to beautiful people that decorate this planet and reflect the beauty that nature offers us.

    Mayor Goldring attending our 10th anniversary and look how Sahaja Yoga has grown over the years and appeals to everyone with a mainstream goal…to ignite the hearts and unite everyone on a higher plane…one where we can see and feel the beauty of life and feel a shift in our consciousness. It is as Tagore the poet has inked,” a world without fear.” Thank you to all and Shulin for this wonderful video.

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