Marathon of Wellness – Sowing Joy in Two Cities on Children’s Day

Let’s review How this year’s Children’s Day was celebrated by the the volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network with a Marathon of Wellness and JOY Sowing in Two Ontario Cities

Our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network of Halton volunteers continue to grow their 100 Seeds of Joy Community initiative!

On Sunday of June 1st that was marking the International Children’s Day, as we always celebrate this special day by offering Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshops, our team offered a Marathon of Wellness, sowing joy in two Ontario cities. We started in the morning and early afternoon with a freeRock Painting and Meditation” public seminar in Burlington, then drove across the GTA to get on time to serve another beautiful community located in Brampton.

Let’s follow our team of volunteers through this article, enjoy some photos and videos that we hope to bring joy to you too!

100 Seeds of Joy celebrated the Children’s Day in Burlington with their popular “Rock Painting and Meditation” workshop (join the Next one if you missed it!)

Rock painted by Paula – our yogini friend – after the first meditation round; it seems that besides the meditative state, her own blouse inspired her 🙂

Multiple meditations and set of ad-hoc artists joined the 100 Seeds of Joy seminar on June 1, 2024

Our Burlington wellness event seemed to have a highly placed Coordinator, one that “knows it all!”. Why? Because the Orchard Hub is lovely but could not have served everyone that was interested to join at the same time.

Therefore, spontaneously (and wisely), there were several waves of participants, that joined at different points in time; we ended up having three (or more) meditative workshops before or after the three (or more) groups of children (of all ages) that wanted to try our creative wellness program celebrating the International Children’s Day.

The last rounds of keen meditators and ad-hoc creators (photo by Ioana)

Feedback collected from a few participants that came with the ‘last wave’

From Kyla:

I loved seeing all the different colourful creations on the rocks.

During the meditation I felt an explansion inside of me.

From Jasmine who also brought her 14 year old son:

A great place to connect to the community and learn about meditation.

From Philip:

I had a busy mind during the meditation. The event was very fun.

Photos by Ioana and Paula (June 1st, 2024 – 100 Seeds of Joy free creative wellness sessions for Children’s Day celebrated in Burlington)

Burlington’s Orchard Hub continues to offer more than 100 Seeds of Joy shared with a variety of Creative Meditation workshops provided by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network of volunteers

We have to share with you a few more photos so your heart will take in all the joy and peace that was experienced on this special weekend. Children actually meditated nicely and we also offered an ad-hoc kundalini energy workshop especially for the adult participants (older children!) .

Feedback’s Keywords: Joy, creativity, Inner Flow of Energy, Stress release, peace, Collectivity

Our Conclusion:

Children of All Ages (kids, teenagers, parents, young and more seasoned adults) LOVED to Meditate and Be creative with this FREE 100 Seeds of Joy wellness workshop offered on Children’s Day in Burlington

What about the Marathon? What happened after this lovely event in Burlington?

Some of us are obviously obsessed with Mother Nature. We had noticed this amazing cloud formation when we were on the highway. Pretty interesting!

We hit the road! Some of us (Ioana and Kathleen) while others (Paula and Kyla) continued with the Burlington wellness seminar and wrapped it up.

On Children’s Day the 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative traveled from Burlington to Brampton and it was well received indeed!

The hosting MGSOC team (extreme left, the MGSOC President) and the 100 Seeds of Joy team (Ioana and Kathleen next to the MGSOC President) and Kruti on the other side, among the other MGSOC Board commitee members. Thank you!

Enjoy the following glimpses from our 100 Seeds of Joy Wellness Presentation and Workshop

Photo from Amita: capturing the “Kundalini energy rise up” flow, rightt aftert the Guided Meditation with the community.
photos provided by Amita (MGSOC community board member who initiated this event our of her love for her community)

How it started? Why Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network?

As with any project, its beginnings are important. We are sharing how this event – the first one of this kind for the MGSOC community – came to life. It is commendable the love and effort that was poured into it by the leaders from the Social Community Board, as well the love, respect and dedication invested by the 100 Seeds of Joy team (Burlington volunteers).

Some background: back in December 2023, around the Festival of Inner Lights, when we celebrated for the second time that year the 100th Birthday Anniversary of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder on Sahaja Yoga Meditation we were contacted by the MGSOC Social Commitee. More precvisely, it was right after one of our online FREE “30 minutes Lunch Recharge Meditation” sessions, when Ioana from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team was contacted by Amita – a representative of the MGSOC community group.

Amita attended a few of the SYMN’s 100 Seeds of Joy online sessions and confessed to Ioana that she was impressed how effective they were as she never tried meditation before; she also researched the 100 Seeds of Joy website as well our blog and again, was impressed with our numerous and successful events offered in our community as well across the Ontario province.

How was the June 1st Event in Brampton? Enjoy the First Feedback received this early morning from the hosting Board as well some of the photos

Let’s meet the hosting Brampton MGSOC Team and Burlington’s 100 Seeds of Joy team

From left to right: Hemant G. (MGSOC President), Ioana P. (SYMN volunteer instructor, invited as a guest speaker and wellness program facilitator), Kathleen M. (SYMN/100SOJ volunteer), Bhaumik M. (MGSOC Board member), Kruti G. (SYMN/100SOJ volunteer), Amita M. (MGSOC Board member and initiator of the wellness event) and Parixit G. (MGSOC Board member). Thank You.

The “origin story” continues: Sometime in January 2024 Amita and Ioana were discussing the details for an opportunity to bring in 2024 a 100 Seeds of Joy wellness workshop to Amita’s community, especially that MGSOC members never tried a wellness workshop before as a group (nor meditation or yoga). Therefore, our collaboration in providing such an introduction to Sahaja Yoga Meditation was greatly appreciated and in fact represented a New Idea and New Beginnings for them.

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Let’s continue with the last event from our Marathon of Wellness done on Children’s Day:

Kruti and Ioana (both from the SYMN team) addressed the audience in Gujarati, respectively in English.
We paid our respects:the Land Acknowledgement, to Mother Earth as Shri Adi Bhoomi Devi and Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Many senior members within the community were not perfectly comfortable with English, therefore Kruti was the ideal team member, able to translate to Gujarati (and complete) Ioana’s introduction in English to the wellness benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation as well the steps and affirmations used by Ioana during her Guided meditation.

Kathleen (100 Seeds of Joy | SYMN team) helped taking most of the photos and videos from this event)

Read the Screenshot with feedback on the Zoom chat received during one of our FREE SYMN online meditation sessions

The Youtube Playlist with 100+ free recorded meditation sessions of various length and format is available

Last photos from yesterday’s event — We will share more feedback once we received it

Enjoy the Surprise departing Gift from the 100 Seeds of Joy team: ‘Kundalini Rise Up’ song!

After the Wellness Awareness and Guided Meditation session offered by Ioana and Kruti, we realized that we still had a few minuted to “fill in”. Quite spontaneously, but definitely inspired by June 1st being the International Children’s Day and the Protection Day for Children, our 100 Seeds of Joy team decided to teach everyone a song we use for our popular “Cool Kids and Parents” Meditation sessions. We call the song “Kundalini rise up high, up to the Sky”, it is very helpful for everyone to remember to invite their inner energy through their own tree of life – their own subtle energy system – to be purified and nourished with positive, uplifthing energy. Check the following video:

Thank you Amita and MGSOC organizers of this Wellness Event for the invite! We hope to meet with you all again!

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Let’s remember: this Marathon of Wellness happened on the International Children’s Day!

We did not forget and we actually were able to celebrate with Kruti’s children, Kush and Karan who also love to meditate and even join our 100 Seeds of Joy wellness events whenever possible. Our SYMN Burlington team was invited to their home to most delicious dinner, and a party of table tennis, therefore a yummy cake was in order for this wonderful family,

We had such a beautiful day, we felt like the time dilated, with so many things happening! In fact, before we left Brampton we meditated together again, with love for the entire world and wishing Peace around the globe. We were pleasantly surprised to observe the wisdom of the teenagers, how appreciative they were for the gift of meditation in their life. They know it helps them to stay rooted and balanced. For us was very fulfiling to have such a rich day; it;s confirmed: giving is receiving!

Drop a nice sincere comment if you wish. Contact us to book a 100 Seeds of Joy event.

For you: two departing video-gifts from ‘here’ and from this weekend:

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Important video to understand the self-realization concept and the subtle energy system known as the “chakra diagram” or the “tree of life”.

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  1. Paula

    This heartfelt chronicle of self realization meditation programs and activities all in one day is a true tale of pure love ❤️ for community being spread in two cities.

    Meeting and greeting, meditating and coming together as one to create beyond our egos was an unlimited creative experience as we were one with the cosmos in thoughtless awareness. We live-streamed divine creativity and enjoyed and laughed and laughed with delight.

    When a third round of eager seekers entered the meditation and painting sessions, we spontaneously made a third opportunity to give budding artists their self realization (yoga-connection) and their smiles after and curiosity about the sensations they felt on their hands indicated that an ignition of the life force had indeed been triggered in less than 10 minutes of meditating and even a little song helped the energy to rise up high!

    But can you imagine that our teams split with some going to Brampton as we finished our meditation session in Burlington? The creativity was flowing and we became instruments of the divine creativity. In the final minutes when I opened my eyes, newcomers Katie and her daughter were quietly packing up the painting supplies, washing the brushes, clearing up the tables and putting back furniture. I was so delighted and we laughed because we had just met yet they felt that since of rightful duty (Shri Rama comes to mind) to help and give back to our little yet might group. We were all part and parcel of the universe, there was no other!

    I am very amazed to have met everyone, created a rose like my blouse (having never done that before!)

    Then I was also very moved that Ioana, Kruti and her family and Kathleen hopped over to Brampton to give a deep beautiful program to seniors and some teens in the mix. Who knows where such seeds of joy planted can grow and fflow?

    Good energy, good deeds, good actions were spread by all of us and we can’t wait to see you and catch that wave of inner peace so we can all surf into a positive and loving existence for all to live in harmony. The love ❤️ is felt as is the joy.

  2. Anjali

    I am amazed at how beautifully this day turned out. While I couldnt make it to any of the 2 events and the afterparty (with cake and pingpong), I felt like I was with you in spirit and this article fulfills my desire to be there. The pictures are vibrant, captivating and so so meditative. At the end, I melted when i clicked on the link with Shri Mataji’s talk, There is so much love poured into this article and seeing Ioana’s graceful photo leading the meditation itself can inspire one to meditate and also enjoy that beautiful state of inner peace. Thank you for this wonderful sharing.

  3. Kruti

    The article captures all the beautiful moments of last Saturday. I had missed the first event in the morning as I was going to attend the second one in Brampton. However the photos and the stories summarized all precious memories, really enjoyed them. Very happy to see the rock painting classes with meditation going to the next level! The second event was in fact in my home town and I was amazed how well it was received by different age groups. They were all in tuned into meditation and followed the guided meditation with love and respect. I could see the joy on their faces by the end of it. After the event, we had a little get together with our team and all of us simply enjoyed the collectivity as a family. Truly a blessed day!

  4. Helen

    What a joy to be reading and seeing all you are sharing. Such a blessing to have this expanse of a family!

    The happiness, joy and fun are vbrating very strongly! And the smiles in the pictures are rippling through me too!!

    Thank you so much for all you are doing!!

  5. Ajay Nargas

    Thanks for sharing wonderful experience on rock painting followed by community meditation at Brampton. Amazing marathon fun filled day with divine energy , its totally Mataji blessings. Your article made us feel part of this exciting journey bringing all of us of different age groups and communities together as family blessed with love, compassion, creativity and inner peace. Jai shree Mataji

  6. Carmen Pavel

    Beautiful and heartwarming initiative! I love the way our Sahaj family is expanding into different communities, celebrating the children and seniors as well Amazing feedback! Great idea to translate for the seniors (I’m going to steal this one ). Obviously everyone had a good time!
    Great team, great effort, great results! Outstanding, as always! All my love and respect ❤️

  7. Rabi

    Such a dedicated and devoted sister and her team working for bring the light of joy and happiness in people around who needs it.

    Ioana had as always been exceptional in presentation and spreading her wings of love unconditionally to people who needed it.
    This reminds me of great saying of William Blake who lived in England. He said prophets of today will beget prophets of tomorrow. What a reality.

    The experience at Rock painting and community meditation. What an unquie experience must it had been. While reading I felt nothing less than tangible feeling the joy in heart. Thank you Ioana for bring the community together by the binding force of divine love.

    Ioana has tirelessly striving stretching her arms to earn the blessings of God to be shared by hundred whoever she comes across. Thank you Ioana and team for such beautiful report.

    Heart is filled when through you we understand the love you spread and they accept becoming tomorrow’s Prophet. Truly loved the people and seekers of truth who sprang alive with joy in community and love.

    Truly an inspiring and motivating article. But once the beautiful audience accepts and imbibes. The work is done.

    I see it as a song sung for th he joy of self more than attracting anything of today’s media status. Joy in article is exposes the fact. I am so very happy to read the testimonials of beautiful flowers in the garden of God. Everyone is an angel who understands the love of God as we accept the unconditional terms. Joy for all.

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